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November Newsletter

A huge thank you to everybody who supported us with our family fun day. Thank you to everyone who volunteered with set up and helping out on the day. It was a huge success and the children and families all had a great day. Johnny the Jester was a big hit with all the children and families. Thank you very much Johnny for such an awesome show. The children absolutely loved it.

We are having our family end of year celebration on Tuesday 12th December from 3:30 till 6:00pm. We will be having a performance from Magic Mike and look forward to his special magic show. All families and siblings are welcome to join us for this special afternoon of fun and laughter.

Dear families,

If you have not already met me or read my initial introduction letter, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Hannah and I am the new lead educator within the Nursery room. I have had the pleasure over the last few weeks to get to know your children and have focused my time on building strong and secure relationships with each individual child. If you have not met me already, please feel free to give the centre a call and have a chat!

Our focus as your child's educators is to be their support and carer. As Bowlby's theory goes – 'Children who have strong positive attachments to familiar caregivers use them as a secure base from which to explore the environments'. When children have a safety network within a childcare setting with key educators, it gives them the confidence to openly express their feelings, engage with social and physical environments and establish relationships with other children. For Jothi and myself to be able to support your child, it is important that we are able to collaborate with families to provide the best care which is why we have created the communication boards. Each morning if you could please fill out the parents side and have a check in the afternoon to learn about your child's day. By filling out this information in the morning, it supports Jothi and I to have a better understanding about your child's temperament and how we can better support their needs throughout the day.

Which brings us to our current learning journey! Over the last few weeks the children have been going on an exciting journey which engages their senses and challenges their capabilities. We have been intentionally planning experiences in which children utilise their senses while using play to investigate and explore. This learning can be linked to Piaget's theories who believes that children need to be able to see, touch, taste, smell, move and hear the things they are learning about. This is called 'concrete learning'. Some of the experiences we have explored so far are sensory bottles, sand play, dirt play, musical instruments, water play, bubbles and listening to different forms of music! We are still on our current journey and welcome you to check out our daily reflection on the board to see what experiences we have explored that day!

Until next time,

Miss Jothi and Miss Hannah


We have welcomed so many new faces in our room over the past few weeks. we look forward to getting to know you all and being of this next journey in our life and a big happy 2nd birthday to Anna and Scarlett.

Last month we worked on seasons we did a lots of art work about the different season and the weather also at group time, we talked about what activity's we do in summer and winter

This month we have been focusing on allowing the children to have agency in making decisions during their day. we have introduced progressive meal time, where children get to choose when they come to have meal and when they are ready to go back to play rather having to sit for long periods of time

Also we have been focusing on 5 senses and dental hygiene, we did lots of activity about brushing teeth and songs also group time with discussions about our dental hygiene

Self help skills have also been somethings we are encouraging at the moment. Taking off and putting our own jumper and shoes , socks, putting our hats away after play and apply own sunscreen are all things we are currently assisting the children to gain further skills in. They are gaining more confidence with this every week.

We have been doing lots of chasing games. The children loved to pretend to be different animals while chasing their friends around we have been very busy.

Reminder- can parents please ensure that they are bringing enough nappies for the day. Your are welcome to bring in a sleeve of nappies that can be put in your locker. If your are bringing them every day, please bring 6 to7 nappies. if there are any left at the end off the day they will be put in your child's locker for their next attendance.


Miss Kelly and miss Bailee.


Time for our last newsletter for the year. We welcome Philo, Mya, Izaan and Sonny to our room. Our birthday children this month are Benjamin, Cullen and Miss Jaz and in December Thomas, Samuel, Ryan, Miss Sam, Krystal and Izaan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We have been working on building resilience with the children, allowing them to grow with confidence. Knowing these steps are building blocks for their future. The areas we hav ebeen  focusing on are having a sense of worth , understanding others, developing patience (turn taking), being creative problem solvers, hopeful thinkers, trying new things, feeling confident and having a sense of belonging. Looking forward to seeing you all at the end of year celebration. We enjoyed this year watching each child grow into the beautiful people they are, hoping the families have a merry xmas. Thankyou Miss Sam, Miss Anu and Miss Jaz.

Hello to all our Senior Kindy families, I cannot believe it is November already. Firstly, I would love to welcome our new friends Lily, Sahith to our room, as well as Luca, Jorge, Lewis, Benjamin, Aleksa who has transitioned up, they have settled in well and beginning to make great friendships.

At the moment , we have been focusing on mixing different colors, counting numbers with English and Chinese, greeting each child in their home languages at every morning group time. Our children have also been doing lots of cutting with scissors to develop their fine motor and eye hand coordination skills.

This past month we have seen our children show increasing respect for their environment and world around them, by sweeping the back yard, cleaning up our classroom. One of the parent asked about their child's writing skill, we practiced writing and tracing our names and alphabet, some of children are beginning to write their own names very well.

Reminder, the weather is getting hot, we will having water activities for each day, could you please pack some changing clothes for your child, that would be great. 

As we are coming into Christmas, we will start to incorporate arts & crafts, songs into our program. as well as following on the interests of the children with marble run, farming experiences .

Thanks for a great month.

Miss Casey and Miss Cecilia

Hello Families,

We are almost at the end of the year and I would like to thank everyone for the amazing time we have had this year. We have continued to have new friends join us at preschool and we would like to welcome them into the room.

Just a reminder to always ensure your child has a hat and water bottle every day, especially now that it is warming up. Hats are a must as we are promoting sun safety and setting the children up for a positive future in their health and safety. Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child every day before they head outside in the morning. Also regarding lunchboxes, can we please ask that no chips, chocolate or lollies be sent in as they are not promoting healthy eating options for the children.

We have been continuing with the ELLA apps and have just downloaded app 4, which explores healthy foods and animals at the zoo. The children are learning statements such as 'Tengo hambre' which means 'I'm hungry' and 'Tengo sed' which means 'I'm thirsty', they also continue to explore greetings, numbers and colours in their adventures with the other 3 apps.

As the year comes to an end, I have been completing transition statements and finalising portfolios ready to take home. The children have been enjoying some free time to play. We are continuing to learn our alphabet and practising writing our names as this is very important for school next year. The children continue to explore fantasy and role play with the addition of our new toys donated by Sophie's mum (Carla). The children love having picnic's and dressing up as their favourite superheros.

Thanks for a wonderful year. Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday.

Miss Savannah



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