October Newsletter 2020

It is the end of October already and we are starting to think of our Christmas celebrations and graduation.

October was a busy month. The most significant celebration was Mymy's 60th birthday celebration. What a wonderful time we all had dancing at our party and especially sharing cake.

Our November calendar is filling up very quickly.


On Tuesday 10th of November, we will be celebrating Little Darlings 15th year of being open.

The children and staff will enjoy a fun day of celebrations and of course we will cut a big cake for all to share.


Please add to your calendar that our photo day will be on Wednesday 11th November. Further details will come. Please be aware that if your child does not attend on this day, you are very welcome to bring them in, to be included in the class photo.

Little Images are coming to capture the smiles and personalities of our children and our amazing staff. Please see the attached flyer with the details.

Answers to some common questions include:-

How do I order – The flyer has all of the details. Essentially you go to www.littleimages.com.au and enter the Order ID – vw3mg

What if it is not my child's day at the centre – We would love for them to come in for their photo. The Class Photo schedule is included in the flyer and is displayed around the centre.

Can my children have their photograph taken together - They can. This can also include siblings that do not attend the centre. There is a section on the Ordering page dedicated to Sibling Photos.

Why a Pre-Paid System – A pre-paid system is offered to keep the photo prices as low as possible. Whilst we will endeavour to take photos of all children, the priority will be for those children that have ordered photos. Photos ordered after photo day may incur a Postage and Handling Fee.

What if I don't like my photos – Little Images provide a full refund/reshoot if you are unhappy with the photos.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Re-enrolment forms have been emailed out to each family last week.

Please ensure that you let us know as soon as possible what you are planning in relation to wanting your same days, adding extra or staying the same.

This information as soon as possible, helps us to plan for the year ahead.

Also please let us know if you are planning to have holidays over the Christmas and New Year period, as this will help us to plan for staff accordingly.


At this time of year, many of the schools are requesting transition statements for the Preschool class.

Parents of our preschool class, we ask you kindly to return all permission forms as soon as possible.

Our Preschool Graduation will be held in January. Even if your child finishes early, they will definitely be welcome to celebrate the graduation with their friends. 

We will be planning a Covid-19 safe event, so please be patient while we plan this special day.


Please ensure that each day, your child has a hat and water bottle. The weather is heating up and it is very important to get your children into these routines.

Please also don't forget your sheets and also some spare clothes each day.