September Newsletter

September has been a remarkably busy month here at Little Darlings. With the arrival of spring, we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending many beautiful mornings enjoying the glorious mornings.

We loved having Henny Penny Hatching program visit our centre. The aim of the program was to educate the children about the life cycle of a chicken. The children loved watching the eggs kept warm and safe in the incubator and then thrilled to see the baby chicks hatch out of their shells. The children enjoyed many craft activities and shared many stories. This led to exciting learning experiences and discussions. The children were all able to hold the chicks as they grew bigger over the two weeks and it also an opportunity for conversations describing how soft they felt. It was also a great opportunity for the children to learn a sense of responsibility of looking after the animals with fresh water and food daily, and also teaching them kindness.

Some of the children from Little Darlings, went on an excursion to the nursing home close by. We walked to the nursing home very excitedly with anticipation. We met many residents, and we performed a concert for them. We sang many songs which they loved. The residents joined in and clapped along to the songs we sang which was very special. The experience was incredible and the children as well the residents of the nursing home loved our visit. Due to the success of the first visit, we will try to visit them again soon.

September was Fathers' Day and all the children loved being  creative, busily making special gifts for their dad's. 

The preschool teachers have begun preparing the children's transition statements in preparation for their school. If you have not already chosen where you would like to send your child to school, please see your teachers or myself and we can help to guide you. There are many schools at the moment who are having Pre-prep orientation mornings which may help you to make your decision.

Winter has gone, but there are still some germs in the air. Please remember to monitor your child's health and remember not to bring your child to day care when they are unwell. Green noses, temperatures, vomiting, or diarrhea are symptoms which have exclusion periods from the centre. Please be considerate to the staff, the other children and all families by not bringing your child when they are unwell. It is important to also think about how your child is feeling when you bring them to kindy, feeling ill and miserable. Please do not dose up your child with Panadol in the mornings, as it is very evident when this happens and not fair to everyone else who is infected with your child's illness. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

October is the month of the Diwali festival of lights, and we are planning a celebration on Friday 21st October. Please keep this free as we would love for you to join us to celebrate this cultural event.

Monday 3rd October is a public holiday to celebrate the queen's birthday. The centre will be closed on this day.

Please don't forget to send your child's water bottle and hat daily, along with spare clothes.