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September Newsletter 2020

 September is just about coming to a close and we are creeping closer to Christmas!!

We have had a fun and exciting month. Our month began with the new menu change. Thank you to everyone who imputed ideas. The children are loving the different flavours and exciting menu items. Today they have enjoyed apple and cinnamon damper for afternoon tea. This has definitely been a hit with all the children and even the teachers.

This month we have been very lucky to have Henny Penny's egg laying program. We have been lucky enough to watch our little chicks hatch out of their eggs. I have uploaded a video on ento for everyone to see. This fantastic program has taught the children about life cycles, as well as encourage social interaction, as well as promoting care and nurturing skills. This has been such a valuable learning experience across many different aspects of our program, including, science, numeracy and of course vocabulary. The children have enjoyed this immensely.

We have been busily preparing our decorations and planned activities to celebrate the Moon Festival. We will celebrate this on Wednesday 30th September 2020. The moon festival is celebrated in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. It is a festival of rejoicing, dancing, singing, eating and bringing the family together. The festival is to give thanks for the harvest and harmonious reunions. We are having a double celebrating on this day as it is a significant birthday celebration for Mymy. We will all be sharing a very special cake for Mymy on this day.

As many of you were aware, our photo day was cancelled during the lockdown, and we have finally secured a date. Our photo day will be on Wednesday 11th November. More details will follow in the coming month, but please lock it into your calendar. If your child does not attend on that Wednesday, you are very welcome to book a time in the morning and the photographer will take your child's photo and will also have their class photo.

With the beginning of Spring came many exciting painting activities for everyone. Some children created some beautiful flower paintings and even marble painting. All the children loved doing spray painting as well as easel painting outside, as well as all classes have been busy creating master pieces.

Please be vigilant with ensuring that your child always has a hat and a water bottle daily. These are essential EVERYDAY, especially now that the weather is warming up.

Thank you again also to our parents who do not send their children when they are unwell. We are keeping the germs at bay when everyone does the right thing and keeps their child home when they are unwell.

Don't forget that Monday the 5th of October is a public Holiday and our centre will be closed. 



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