August Newsletter

From the Office

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to our August newsletter and to all of our new families that have started with us recently. We hope you are all settling in well and enjoying being a part of our Cannon Hill family.

There has been a lot happening over the past month and many centre events that we have all participated in.

Our centre disco was a wonderful night full of music and colour. Thankyou to everyone who attended and for the special effort put into all the awesome costumes A special thankyou goes out to Miss Bec from Happy Feet who came along to dance with the children and talk to parents.

Our second dress up day for the month was our Book Week parade. This was a great opportunity to test out our stage and the children were all very proud and excited to show of their character outfits. 

We had a swim safety talk from Rackley swim school. This is a very important topic, especially living in Queensland and around the water. Our older children learnt about how to be safe and look out for each other when near water.

Sustainable Practices  

Have you seen our back gardens lately? 

Our daisies are blooming.

Our vegetables are growing beautifully and the children have been very involved in caring for the gardens. We have already harvested a lot of snow peas and our zucchinis are looking fabulous.  

Our children also actively caring for our worm farm which produces fertilizer for the garden beds. The children have learned how to feed and clean out the worm farm and make sure the environment is healthy for the worms to survive.

Upcoming Events 

Date Event
​Friday 30th August-2.45pm Fathers Day Activity afternoon
​Wednesday 4th SeptemberEarly Childhood Educators Day
​Monday 9th September-6pmPreschool 2020 Information night 
Thursday 19th September​​Talk like a Pirate Day

 Vacancies and waiting lists 

Just a friendly reminder that we are unable to hold positions in rooms if the children are not booked in. It is difficult to tell what vacancies will be available way in advance. We try our utmost best to place children and siblings however we can never guarantee a position until a child is officially enrolled. It is for this reason that we encourage people to hold off on reducing days unless absolutely necessary as we cannot ensure that your days will still be available down the track. We need two weeks notice to reduce days or change your session bookings.

Extra days are available if we have the vacancies within the centre. This can change at any time with incoming enrolments.

Our re-enrolment forms for 2020 will be out soon. All families are encouraged to complete these and return them as soon as you receive them to help secure your childrens placements for next year.

Assessment and Rating.

In  July our centre went through the Assessment and Rating process and we are pleased to announce that our centre achieved Meeting the National Quality Standard. Your parental support throughout this process was absolutely invaluable to us. Thankyou!

Until next month


From the Nursery  

 Hi everyone, 

We have been very busy extending on the babies interests and development. Our babies have been quite determined to get up and go so we have been planning a lot of outdoor time for them to build on their gross motor skills and balance.

Congratulations to Titus, Otillia and Sienna who are officially walking confidently.

We would like to welcome Levi, Inara and Alexander to the nursery room. We cant wait to get to know you.

It is time for some of our older babies to move up to the Toddler room. We would like to farewell our friends Tyler, Pia, Isabelle and Titus. we will miss them all very much in the room but will still see them out in the yard.

Just a reminder to all parents to please label all of your babies bottles and containers with their names. We also require all bottles to have lids or caps to prevent cross contamination.


Miss Gabby and Miss Deep

From the Toddler Room  

​Hello everyone

Last month we welcomed Isabella, Spencer and Thomas to our room. They are all doing great and have adjusted well to the room. This month we are welcoming Tyler, Pia, Isabella and Titus in joining our group as well. Rishav, Gautham and Margot will be advancing to the Junior Kindy room and we wish them all the best in their new adventures.

Lately our Toddlers have been busy involving themselves in sustainability through caring for our worm farm and feeding the worms and planting in the garden and watering the vegetables and flowers. These experiences embed early ideas about taking care of our environment.

The children have begn to show an interest in different types of transport so we will continue to further this interest into the next month.

We are also noticing vocabulary expansion in many of the children. Some of the older children are starting to use sentences with three or more words. The younger children are starting to understand directions as well.

With Miss Allisons departure last month we have welcomed Miss Diana and Miss Kalpana to our room as assistants.

Friendly reminders- please label all of your child's belongings. Please ensure all bottles have lids or caps on them. Dont forget to check your child's pocket every day.

Until next time

Miss Bithi, Kalpana and Diana

 From the Junior Kindy room

​Hello again, 

We have been very busy here in the Junior Kindy. Since last time a few of our friends have moved on to the Senior Kindy room. We wish them all the best and would like to welcome Roland, Rishav, Margot and Gautham and their families to our room.

Some of our children will be hitting a new milestone in the coming months. We are so close to the big 3. Already we have celebrated birthdays for Emma and Katina. Happy Birthday!

We have been learning a lot about science lately. Science week was a hive of activity in our room as we experimented with the different properties of substances and noted the reactions they made when mixed together.

We have become active gardeners in our new yard. we have planted seedlings of broccoli, carrot and lettuce and we are keeping an eye on these and taking care of them as they grow.

Dramatic play has been very popular and this has seen the children exploring aspects of imagination and communication with each other.

Friendly reminders:

Please remember to bring a hat for your child each day they attend .

Labelling: Please write your childs name on all of their belongings(including sheets, underwear, clothes, hat and water bottle). This helps us identify who items belong to.

Until next time,

Miss Kat and Miss Kan

 From the Senior Kindy room

​In senior kindy we have been busy and happily exploring through our play based learning environment and focussing on becoming confident an dincreasingly independant little people.

Each day we are practicing our social and pearsonal learning and becoming more efficient in all the important things like:

. Being able to play nicely with others and show considerate behaviour

. Self regulating and coping with different situations

. Communicating effectively

. Eating nicely at the table and being open to new foods

.Self Care-learning to blow our own nose, wash our hands really well, toileting and dressing ourselves successfully and looking after and being responsible for our own belongings

Each and every one of our children is happily making progress with these things in their own individual way

We have welcomed Roman, Grace and Thomas who have all moved up from Junior Kindy recently and have settled in realy well and have made new friends in no time.

Over the coming months we will be doing lots of group time learning about safety-Water, Fire and Road, Areas in the home like the kitchen, laundry, garage and about personal safety.

As always we welcome any input from our families and have an open door policy if any of you would like to participate in our day or have grandparents that would like to visit.


Miss Gordana and Miss Ai​

From the Preschool room 

​Hello families, 

well the Preschoolers have had a busy few weeks. We are slowly learning about the correlation of sounds to our letters, especially those in our names. Learning to recognise our names and some of the letters in our names is an important part of children discovering whoe they are and where they fit in society. We have also begun to use concrete materials such as our fingers and counters to do simple number sentences

During the past few weeks we have explored topics such as the Yugera language which we will continue with throughout the year. The Yugera people are the people of the land on which our centre stands. 

WE have also looked at oral health, healthy eating, emergency services and how to call 000 in an emergency. we have recently begun to investigate water safety and we will follow on to fire safety.

Our rest times have been enlightened by the tales of Beatrix Potter and May Gibbs as Miss Odette has been reading these to us over this period. These books have introduced the children to new words and language in a relaxing way.

During science week the children explored colour through various experiments which enhanced their investigative skills and cognitive thinking. They also explored how to use their bodies to explore music through different mediums.

Throught the next few weeks the children will continue to explore the following:

Music from various cultures

Transport around the world

Fine motor and hand eye coordination leading to pre-writing skills.

Letter sounds and the relationship between text and illustrations.

Please feel free to pop in at any time to spend time in the room while your children continue to grow an develop in all areas of their learning journey.

Miss Odette and Miss Jonabeth