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July Newsletter

From the Office

Welcome to our July Newsletter.

Winter is in full swing and we are seeing some very cold mornings and evenings now. We are also having some lovely sunny winter days which have enticed our children outdoors to enjoy their curriculum in the sunshine. Upon walking through the centre I have encountered the children and educators participating in some interesting and educational experiences outdoors.

Speaking of our outdoor environment..... we have acquired some free plants courtesy of Brisbane City Council and we will be re-creating our garden area with them. The plants are all native and we have a variety of flowering ground covers and shrubs . We would greatly appreciate any donations of planters and large pots to plant them in.

Fire Truck Visit

Our children were very excited about the fire truck visit on Thursday. The Cannon Hill Fire Brigade came out and watched us perform a regular fire drill before showing us how the hoses and sirens work on the fire engine. This was a wonderful community experience for the children.

Centre Disco

Thank you to everyone who came along to our centre disco. We had a wonderful turn out and the Disney costumes were amazing!! It was fantastic to see both parents and children dancing the night away with staff.

Pyjama Day

Last Friday 21st July we held our annual Pyjama day to support awareness of foster care. We all came along snug as a bug in our PJ's and participated in some quiet daily activities. Junior Kindy and Toddlers even held a slumber party with yummy popcorn. 

Current Events

Pie Drive

Our annual pie drive is in full swing. Please ask your family, work mates, friends and neighbours to place orders. All orders and monies are due in by next Friday 4th August so we can tally them up and send the order through. The new delivery date for pie orders is Monday 14th August. As we cannot store the pies at the centre we kindly request that you ensure you are available to collect them on this date. 

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Its back again- we have a box in our front foyer and also one out the front of Woolworths Cannon Hill. So please- ask for the stickers and place them in the boxes. The more stickers we earn the more resources we will be awarded through Modern Teaching Aids. 

Upcoming Events

24th July-4th August Parent Teacher interviews
31st July Lunch Day​
4th August​Jeans for Genes Day​/ Pie Drive Order forms due in
14th AugustPie Drive delivery​


 We currently have 2 charities running. 

1-World charity shop bin is located in our foyer. Donations to this charity can include clothing, paired shoes, jewellery, books, manchester, homewares, CD's and DVDs.

We have also started our August collection of sanitary items for homeless women of Brisbane through Share the Dignity. On your next shop why not add in an extra packet of one of these items and then place it in the box in the front foyer?


Miss Pinky
Miss Yuli

We are happy to welcome some new relief staff members to our team. Miss Yuli and Miss Pinky. Please feel free to approach these ladies and introduce yourself.

Friendly Reminders

1.Toys-please do not send your children into the centre with toys from home. We have seen alot of this lately and it has caused much grief amongst children and parents who are searching for these items at the end of the day. All toys that are bought into the centre will be placed in a room basket  to be collected by parents at the end of the day. Staff cannot be responsible for toys bought in from home.

2. sick children-please do not send your children into the centre if they are unwell. Temperatures are normally a sign that something is wrong. Staff cannot administer panadol throughout the day to mask pain unless a doctors letter is provided stating why this is required. Vomiting and diarrhoea come with a 24 hour exclusion period after the last bout so please keep your children at home if they have been suffering from either of these. 

3. Sign in/Outs- please ensure you are signing your child in and out every day on the tablets. we apologise if these are down at times. When this happens please ensure you see staff upon drop off so they can acknowledge and mark your child on the rolls.

until next month-stay warm.


Nursery News

Hello again everyone! 

Since last time the nursery explorers have been gathering some very useful skills through a number of educational adventures. The big yard has been an area of intrigue and the children have been exploring the many areas out past the little yard gate. The sandpit and the slide in particular were a major adventure.(L1.1)

We have also changed our room. The environment is so important for our learning and the new areas in the room have been major investigation points.

Another fun adventure has been sensory play. We love fingerprinting, making handsprings and feeling jelly and pasta.(W2.4)

A few key notes:

Art folders-Could any parents who have not yet bought these in please bring one in ASAP so we can start putting your child's end of year folio together. 

Communication Charts-Please ensure you are completing the parent/teacher communication chart in the bathroom every morning. This is important information that staff require to assist your child during their day at the centre.

Medication forms- any medication your child requires must be written up in the medication folder and then a note left for staff on the communication form. if this is not completed then we do not know your child has medication and we cannot administer it.

Belongings-please ensure you label all of your childs belongings.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask Miss Kat or Miss Erin.

Until next time. 

Junior Kindy Jabber

we have all been interested in learning about Fire , fire fighters and fire trucks which extended from us seeing and smelling smoke out in the yard one day. This led to us discussing what the smell was and where it could possibly be coming from? We did artwork relating to this, role played, read books and learnt songs which we now all know and love. seeing the fire truck was the highlight of our project. the firemen showed us how the hose worked and turned on the sirens for us to hear. They taught us to "Get down Low and Go Go Go". We also showed the fire fighters our fire drill and how we walk to our meeting point using our rope. We did a great job! 

Our gardens have also been growing as well. we have loved watching the flowers grow and enjoyed taking care of them by watering every day.

Friendly Reminders

in the Junior Kindy room parents are required to bring nappies for the children. Please ensure you are sending enough nappies in with your child every day. 

Until next time

Miss Sarah and Miss Pam

Toddler Tales


We would like to give a big warm welcome to Stella W, George and Chelsea who have joined us from the nursery room. Everyone is growing up so fast!

Last month the toddlers have enjoyed learning about basic colours and we are continuing to incorporate that learning into the current planned experiences. We introduced some simple association experiences to assist, such as images on the wall e:g "yellow duck". Now our current conversations incorporate embedding this learning by simply stating the colours of objects and pictures.

We have also been focussing on exploring our senses through a variety of mediums. Yoghurt putty was our favourite. we have also participated in ice play, wet sand and shaving cream.

Miss Jo will be on holidays for the next 6 weeks as she travels to Greece. We look forward to hearing all about her travels when she returns.

Please don't forget to check your children's pockets for important notices. 

Thank you

Miss Gabbi and Miss Jo

Senior Kindy Stuff

Welcome back to all of our Senior Kindy families.

This month has seen Lincoln, Khush, Layla, Shyla and William join us from the Junior Kindy room.

We recently sent out a letter in children's pockets mentioning that we have been focussing on identifying feelings and emotions this year, encouraging the children to explain to each other and educators how they are feeling-particularly if they are upset. Thank you to all of our families for continuing this at home as well. This age is when your children really begin to understand their mind and emotions and explore their feelings, especially through play. We are taking every opportunity we can to engage and learn about this with the children. This links to learning outcome I4.3-Express a wide range of emotions. thoughts and views constructively.

We have also continued to extend on the children's interest in letters by introducing a variety of activities each week on different letters. The children have displayed alot of enjoyment through this and are asking new questions each day about letters-especially those in their names. (CN2.5-Begins to understand letter-sound relationships and concepts of print).

A huge thank you to Shyla's mum for her awesome donations of oli pastels and plasticine. We love donations!!!

Until next time

Miss Mel and Miss Bithi

Pre-School Pulse

Greetings to all from Pre-School. 

We have been busy with a continual focus on the children's interest in Aboriginal symbols that they discovered during NAIDOC week experiences. Throughout the weeks the children have displayed a growing persistence and delight in making their own choices on how to display and illustrate their artwork. they created sand paintings and symbol art, following on with boomerangs.

It has also been wonderful to see the children becoming increasingly confident in writing their names independently, recalling events and the ability to communicate effectively.

There has been a strong interest in puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty.These experiences are great to assist the children's concentration, problem solving and investigation skills. We have seen small groups of children working together on 50 piece puzzles. The discussions and questioning over pieces and their placements have been amazing!

We are conducting parent teacher interviews over the next few weeks. If you are interested in a session please approach Joyce to arrange a time to discuss your child's progress.

Until next time

Miss Joyce, Miss Sara and Miss Sunny.



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