June Newsletter

The News in June!

​It has definitely turned out to be a chilly start to the winter season. We are certainly feeling the cold this year. But with this season comes many opportunities for the children to explore the weather, their senses and nature. Who has tried drawing on frosty windows, blowing "smoke" in the cold air or listening to the wind?

With this in mind our routines will be changing a little throughout the day. You may find us keeping the children inside a little longer until the mornings warm up and also going inside a little earlier in the afternoons. Could all parents please remember to provide warm clothes throughout the winter so your child can stay warm.  

Centre Events

​A Huge Thank you to all who came along to Trivia Night at the end of May. This was an awesome night of fun, laughter and of course ...Trivia. Many of you have been inquiring about another one of these nights later in the year. We are currently looking into possibly fitting one in.

For those of you who participated in our first ever Chocolate Drive Fundraiser- a huge Thank You. This was quite a success and enabled us to purchase some trucks that the children adore, dolls house figurines, dancing ribbons and some mega awesome dinosaurs. We are still looking at purchasing more items so if you have any ideas please let us know as your input is important. 

​We held our first Date Night for the year and had a wonderful response. We hope that the parents who took advantage of this had a wonderful night out. The Educators and children had a lot of fun eating pizza and popcorn and watching movies before bedtime.

We especially love the photos of your nights out tagged on our Facebook page. 

Upcoming Events 

Date Event
29th June​ Red Nose Day/End of term​
4th July​G'day USA 4th July fancy dress party​
13th July​​Centre Disco-Heroes and Villains
19th July​​School Photos
20th July​​Pyjama Day

The New CCS system 

​Many of you have by now updated your details in your MyGov account and received your child care subsidy letter informing you of your entitlements after July 2nd. If you have NOT yet done this then it is of the utmost importance that you please do this ASAP. The current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate will finish on July 1st. What this means is that if you have not updated and registered for the new CCS then you will be charged full fees for your children attending the care. If you are having difficulty please come and see Kelly in the office for assistance. 

Friendly Reminders

 Staff Toilet: This bathroom is accessible to parents and young adults coming through the centre. However we kindly remind everyone that the children are to be toileting in the children's toilets please. We only have one adult bathroom and would like to keep it for the adults. So if your little one needs to go to the toilet before leaving the centre please take them to the children's toilets. 

Fees: Our centre policy is that fees are to be at least one week in advance at all times. If your payment declines then your fees will have to be paid within the same week or fortnight depending on your payment frequency. In the event that you enter into a payment plan,you are required to make the regular payments agreed to. If your payment declines then your agreement defaults. Could all families please ensure that your fees are being paid. Accounts that are consistently declining and in arrears may require re-assessment of attendance days. 

We understand that sometimes things in life happen and payments are missed however we are still a service that requires payment on time. We are just as important as insurances, registration, shopping, wedding payments, car payments, appointments etc. 

Breakfast Policy: Please be reminded that we do not serve breakfast in the centre after 7.30am due to the number of children arriving and differing experiences available to the children. Could all families please ensure your littlies have had breakfast if they arrive after this time. 

Our Garden 

We currently have some vegetables in their early growth stages in the garden alongside out fruit trees and flowers. The children are learning about garden care and sustainability. We will be purchasing a worm farm in order to make out own fertiliser for our garden. 

Staff have been discussing with the children how we care for our garden in their curriculum and we encourage parents to follow on with this at home. 

If anyone has any donations that we can add to our garden area we would love to take them off your hands.   

 Until Next month. :)