September Newsletter

Spring has sprung. We are seeing so many beautiful flowers start to bloom and the weather is certainly starting to warm up during the day. With this in mind, dont forget to provide some short sleeved clothes for your children to change into if need be during the day. The mornings and afternoons are still a bit chilly so a jumper is also still a good idea. It is the 'in between season". 

It has been a busy couple of months with many things happening within the centre.

We have recently had some maintenance done on our yard and we thank you all for your patience during those few days where the maintenance crew were working in the yard. The yard looks lovely and revitalised and we have a couple of new additions including the new mud kitchen in the big yard, new planters and storage boxes in both yards for our toys.

 We hope all of our dads and grandads had a happy Fathers Day and that you enjoyed all of your lovely gifts that the children spent alot of time creating for you. Our Fathers Day stall was very busy once again this year with the children selecting some awesome gifts to take home. Congratulations also to the winners of our raffle. A special thankyou to the Dobbins family for the raffle prize donations. They were wonderful.

We have had the Ocean Life show come to visit. This interactive workshop engaged the children in learning about our ocean life and impact of pollution on  the environment. The children were able to view and feel sea creatures and participate also in puzzle experiences and animal role play activities. This was truly a wonderful educational experience for the children. 

We had a super amount of fun on Superhero day. Thankyou to those who contributed a gold coin donation to help support Muscular Dystrophy. We saw a lot of hero's and a couple of villain's come through the gates and everyone looked fabulous in their costumes. 

Kindy Cuts by "Hair on the Move"

Our first Kindy Cuts day in August was a huge success with our first little customers having their hair done by Jayde from "Hair on the Move".  Jayde will be visiting monthly(dependant on booking numbers). Her next visit is scheduled for Tuesday 29th September.  If you would like to book your child in for a hair cut, braid or gel spike then please complete the booking forms at the front counter and place them in an envelope with payment. Alternatively you can direct deposit and note a receipt number on your form.


 Welcome to our new relief members Poonam and Kara. Also to Taylor as a new Lead Educator float.

Miss Jonabeth has also rejoined our team. We are all so excited to have her back.

Miss Paige has been absent from the centre for a few weeks as she is currently on her university practical. She will be back briefly next week before she heads off for another prac block however will be returning to the centre once this is completed. 

We have had to say a sad goodbye to Miss Pinky who has recently built a house and moved into her brand new home. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Miss Ai and Miss Deep are currently on maternity leave.

Upcoming Events

As we cannot have large gatherings at the moment we are making the most of our dress up days.


29th September Kindy Cuts-booking forms at the office
5th October Queens Birthday Public Holiday-our centre will be closed
9th OctoberCrazy Sock Day
22nd OctoberBook Week Parade- Theme:"Curious Creatures, Wild Minds"
30th OctoberHalloween Dress Up Day

Friendly Reminders 

Breakfast and late snack: As we have healthy eating policies and we do our best to provide nutritious meals for all children, we would like to remind parents to please back a healthy late snack and breakfast items. Unfortunately we cannot serve cakes(eg lamington or chocolate biscuits) or chips for breakfast or foods similar. Fruit is always a good option if your child doesn't like cereal, or toast, a healthy muffin, croissants? We have seen quite a lovely array of healthy vege snacks, fruit and savoury snacks coming through in the afternoon. Thankyou! We ask that you refrain from sending chocolates and sweets in as well please as we have seen a couple of these sneak in.

Room Doors: Just a little reminder to all parents to please close and latch the room doors behind them when dropping off and collecting your children. Quite often the children run to greet their friends and try to follow them inside. Children whose parents are not in the centre must be supervised by staff members so if they follow you inside then they are not in our staff care. Our team will encourage the children to wait until your child has put their bag and personal items away and your little one is ready to come outdoors. Keeping our doors latched at all times will help us with this.

Staff Bathroom: Our staff bathroom is open to all parents and older children coming through the centre. As we only have one though we kindly ask that our centre children please use the child toilets available to them in their rooms. 

Staff Health and Safety regarding lifting: Staff in the centre are educated on safe and correct lifting techniques. A common cause of back problems in educators is picking children up and carrying them on the hip. While this is ok for parents to do, our staff have been advised to not take older children on the hip. Babies and small toddlers are the exception. By all means, this is is not because we don't want to take your children, it is purely a health and safety strategy. You will find that staff will either sit down to take children on their lap or encourage the child to stand and they will take their hand or bend down to give them a reassuring cuddle. 

Covid-19 Procedures: Please ensure you are sanitising upon entry and exit of the centre. All of our covid safe practices are still in place. 

In relation to illness...we cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your children at home if they are unwell. If you or your children have any signs or symptoms of flu you must stay at home until these symptoms are seen to or cleared by a doctor. Please note that clearances do need to be provided for some illnesses. In addition to this..all of our standard illness and exclusion policies still apply so if your little one has any symptoms of illness please keep them at home until they are well..