March Newsletter

We would like to welcome all the families who have joined us over the past month. We are so honoured to have you as a part of our Cannon Hill family. It has definitely been quite an interesting month.

Our children have been very busy out in the garden as of late and many days seen them out exploring the environment, searching for bugs in the garden, creating cubbies under the fort, creating artworks in the art area and playing role play games with each other. We have welcomed and appreciated the drier weather after having so much rain.

We had a fun day celebrating St Patricks day and the children were all very involved in all things green and Irish. 

We also held our Crazy Hair Day for the Luekemia foundation and we would like to thank everyone who donated to this very worthy cause. 

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to cancel a number of our events from our calendar. We are hoping that we may be able to run some of them later in the year, depending how everything pans out of course.

Our Easter Bonnet Parade has unfortunately been cancelled however the children will be having an Egg Hunt within centre and be able to participate in some fun and creative Easter activities.

We would like to thank our families for your support over the past few weeks with regard to the extra hygiene procedures we have put in place and government suggested guidelines. You have all been phenomenal in keeping your children home if they are unwell and encouraging your children to sanitise upon entering and leaving the centre. Thankyou so much.

Under the current circumstances we are trying to limit the amount of social contact between people entering the centre. We ask that when you are dropping off your children that you please only stay for the reasonable amount of time it takes to drop off and say goodbye. Please be reminded that social distancing, although difficult between children, does need to be respected by adults. At this time we are not encouraging parents to stay in the centre for long periods of time or interact with other children within the centre. 

Please keep in mind that our staff cannot police every person within the centre and every adult is responsible for their own social distancing behaviours.  If you feel someone is too close to you..then please step back. If you feel that there are too many people at the kiosks or in the kitchen areas then please wait until there is room. We can all do these simple things to help keep everyone safe. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Please find the following link from the Australian Government website for guidelines relating to public spaces, home, workplaces and schools.

Enrolments: We understand that some of you are wanting to keep your children at home during this time and we respect that decision. We do ask that you please keep your children enrolled as we do not want to lose families. The government have extended allowable absences past 42 that can be paid CCS . Additional Child Care Subsidy can be applied for if you have found yourself out of work. If you require assistance please see Kelly to discuss options. 


Unfortunately we have had to say goodbye to Miss Irene as she was required to fly back to Ireland immediately. She will be missed at the centre.

Miss Nikita has also decided to move on from the centre and we wish her the best of luck in her future ventures.

Miss Gordana and Miss Deep are on extended leave at the moment. While Miss Gordana is away, Miss Gabby will be Senior Kindy lead educator.

I would like to give my amazing team a huge shout out! They are doing a fabulous job and they come to work every day with a smile on their faces ready to care and educate the children. We love our centre and everyone is here to support it during tough times. Thankyou Team!

We will continue to keep our families updated regarding any changes in procedures, restrictions or policy and once again we appreciate your support.