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Meal service information for parents

Hi Families, 

With our new meal service beginning on Monday 1st April we would just like to share some information with you and address a couple of Do's and Donts.

DO talk about the new meals service and menu with your children. We encourage all families to discuss the new meals service and menus with their children and encourage them to try new foods with enthusiasm. Our staff are excitedly talking to the children about this in their classes to assist them in preparing for the change. Our menus will be displayed on our Facebook page and in the foyer so please take the time to look at these and talk to your children about them.

DO bring water bottles. Please ensure that you are still sending in a water bottle for your child for the day.

DO  provide breakfast for your child. Children arriving early before 7.30am will still require parents to provide breakfast

DO NOT pack a lunch box. Please do not pack lunchboxes or snacks as of Monday. Lunchboxes will not encourage children to try the new foods. The aim of the meal service is so parents do not have to make lunches, to alleviate lunchboxes and so that all children are consuming the same nutritious meals at the centre. The exception to this is for children who are here after 5pm. For these children we recommend parents bringing in a healthy non refrigerated snack for late afternoon tea. There will be containers in the room kitchens for this.

DO NOT Panic. Please rest assured that no child will go hungry. We will accommodate for and have enough food for children who need a little extra or are a little fussy. You do not need to send anything in. We will have it covered :) 

DO provide feedback. We want your feedback and ideas so please feel free to add some recipes or suggestions to the Menu Ideas box in the foyer. What is your child's favourite foods? Can we incorporate them somehow?

We look forward to serving your children 

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