February 2019 

 Welcome to a brand new year everyone. We are so happy to see all our familiar smiling faces and welcome to all of our new families joining us this year.

We have started the year off with a Bang! As you have all noticed our renovations are off an running. Stage 1-Our toddler yard is complete with new grass, decking and sandpit. We are just waiting on our slide and some lovely planters to add some natural environment. Stage 2 in the big yard is well under way with our fort area currently being renovated. During this time we have revised and adjusted our supervision plans and risk assessments in line with the construction to ensure the health and safety of children , staff and families. If you would like to view our risk assessment, it is located in the foyer above the sign in tablets.

Our outer building renovations have also started with our new mosaic signs being constructed at the moment. Everything is moving along nicely.

Our new cook, Lana has started with us a few mornings a week and is organising morning teas on Monday-Wednesday as well as putting together a fabulous menu and sourcing ingredients and working out budgets. This is all happening while we are waiting on appliances and council audit for approval. We appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for our meals service to begin.

EDUCA: We still have a few parents who have not accepted their invitation to Educa. PLease check your emails for this. Those of you who have created logins, we hope you are enjoying the platform and being able to see the daily curriculum online whenever you like? We are still ironing out a few kinks and exploring the entire application. This is a wonderful platform for parent input as well so please comment on learning stories and add your own stories as well so we can incorporate your child's interests and family celebrations into our curriculum.

We have attempted to organise a parent webinar however due to the time difference this is not possible. There are some very useful links however that can take you through the process of using your online application. Please see below.


For Families | Educa Knowledge Base

Articles and FAQ for parents and family using Educa


We have had a few staffing changes within the centre lately. We have unfortunately said Goodbye to Madison and Sunny and Miss Pam will be finishing this week to go on maternity leave.

We have 5 new staff members who have joined us over the past month and will be joining us next week. Miss Allison, Miss Diana, Miss Joanne and Miss Courtney and Miss Lana

Miss Dianna will be room assistant in Senior Kindy on Mondays and Junior Kindy 2nd assistant on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Diana is Diploma qualified.

Miss Allison is the new Toddler room assistant and studying her Diploma

Miss Courtney will be stepping into Miss Pams position while she is on maternity leave. Courtney is also Diploma qualified.

Miss Joanne is a new relief staff member on our team and is studying her Diploma

Miss Lana will be our cook once our meals begin.

Miss Kathryn will now be the Lead Educator in Junior Kindy . Miss Kan will be her assistant.

Miss Sarah is running our Kindergarten curriculum in Preschool until we secure and Early Childhood Teacher.

Please feel free to approach our new staff members and introduce yourself :)

Upcoming Events!

March 14th Funky Hair day-Gold coin donation for Shave for a Cure
March 17th St Patricks Day-time to get your green on!
March 21stTaste of Harmony Banquet Day
March 27thHoli-"Festival of Colour: Show. $7 per child

 Extra Curricular Lessons

If you are interested in enrolling your child in any extra curricular lessons, we host the following on a weekly basis.

Monday Mornings-Happy Feet

Tuesday Mornings-Billy's Buddies

Friday Mornings-Dance Along

For more information about enrolments please see staff for assistance.

 Coming Soon......

We are in the process of organising and setting up a children's library area where children can borrow centre books to share with family at home. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks :)

Friendly reminders:

Please ensure you are signing your children in and out on the kiosk. This information is sent through to CCS and if parents have not signed in then subsidies may be withheld. This can therefore incur full fees on accounts. In the event that there are missed sign ins due to internet or kiosk outage etc please confirm your attendance on your next sign in. 

Please keep ill children at home. Remember if your child has had vomiting or diarrhea they must not be at the centre for 24 hours after the last bout. If your child is running a fever please keep them at home. 

Don't forget your hat and water bottle! With all of the hot weather lately these two items are very important. 

Nursery News

Hi Everyone,

We cant believe that February is almost over. All of the babies are settling in well and have really shown us that they feel safe and secure in our environment and with educators. We cant wait to welcome more new friends into the nursery and watch our group grow.

This month we have been planning experiences for the childrens physical development. These experiences build their gross motor skills, balance and body strength which assists in achieving walking crawling, sitting up and rolling over. We would like to congratulate Madeline on learning how to walk and we know there are a couple of babies that are not far behind her. 

Thankyou to all our parents for always completing the babies communication charts. They initially guide us because they let us know how your baby has been overnight. Keep up the great work we really appreciate the partnership.

We have had a few families complete the "All About Me" section on Educa and it is such a nice addition to their profile. It also gives us information that we can program from. So if you could in your free time please complete this section or at least have a go, we would love to learn more about your baby.

Thank you

Miss Gabby and Miss Deep

 Toddler News

Hello from Toddlers! We have had a very busy few weeks helping the children to settle into the new room and routine. Settling and forming close attachments with educators has been a main focus for us as it is very important that the children feel safe and confident and build close bonds with their educators.

As we get to know the children better we are observing their particular interests. We have been doing some sensory and manipulative play to develop senses and little muscles.

Dancing to music has been a regular and enjoyable experience. The children are also interested in nursery rhymes and the home corner area. To extend on these interests we have created a little farm house for the children to revisit. We will continue to incorporate more rhymes and dramatic play over the coming weeks. We are also planning on extending some simple language and naming skills with objects and colours.

We are also looking at creating some family trees on the wall, If you could please send in some family photos for the children to share this will help with the experience.

We have a small lost property basket on our lockers. Please check this daily for your child's items. 

Please feel free to talk to Bithi or Allison if you have any questions or suggestions.


Miss Bithi and Miss Allison

Junior Kindy News  

 Hello and welcome to Junior Kindy 2019. It is going to be an exciting year!

This month we have been busy familiarising ourselves with the Junior Kindy environment, routines and educators.

We are also having a lot of fun investigating all of the different activities and experiences on offer. Technology toys have been popular such as play cameras and mobile phones. These items have encouraged the children to interact, converse and experiment. Taking photographs of each other and themselves has developed the children's confidence in their identity and self esteem.

Magnetic shapes and cars and trains have introduced the children to simple mathematical and science concepts involving colour, shape and motion. We will continue to explore colour and shapes in the coming weeks.

This year we have created a locker tag wall under the "Panda" window in our room. All children have a locker ta on this wall. In the morning when you bring your child in please have them find their name and then place their locker tag on a locker of their choice. In the afternoons please remove the locker tag and place it back on the wall.

A Few reminders!

Please be packing nappies for your child every day if they require them as our centre only provided nappies in the Nursery and Toddler rooms. Alternatively you are welcome to bring in large packets and we will store them in the cupboard.

Please remember to label all of your child's belongings

Please pack a hat and water bottle.

Until next time

Miss Kat and Miss Kan

Senior Kindy News

The Senior Kindy children have settled in really well.

We have been focussing on establishing great relationships to facilitate a feeling of belonging and learning about how to function in our new environment.

We have been learning how to be more independent in the thins we do each day so we can grow in confidence and competence. 

Our days have been busy, calm and happy. We have all been exploring our room and the many experiences on offer. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful year.

Miss Gordana and Miss Ai

​Pre School News

Our year has begun with a strong focus on Identity and Belonging. 

The Preschool children are all settling into the room and Kindergarten routine well. 

If you take a look around the room you can see all of the wonderful work the children have been doing. We have focussed on ourselves-self esteem and pride in who we are. 

The children discussed their distinguishing features and what makes them individuals, what similarities they had and how they differed. They created self portraits which allowed them to display how they view themselves. 

Children's confidence in who they are is important as this allows them to move forward and try new things. Having a strong sense of Identity  assists children in coping with all types of situations whether they be successful or unfavourable.

We have already seen so many of the children grow in confidence as they take their turns at the front of the group for Show and Tell. This not only allows children to talk about themselves and their interests, but also opens avenues for other children to ask questions and partake in discussions. These discussions have been the basis for most of our curriculum over the past weeks based on the interests of the children.

Many of the children have been participating in small group play in many areas of the room. Role playing has been very popular and this opens up a wealth of opportunities for the children to explore their ideas, language, imagination and once again self expression. 

We have also been practicing sitting on the mat and listening, turn taking, moving smoothly from one experience to another, taking care of our belongings and packing away. These are all skills that will be required for school next year.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum or routine please feel free to come and see Miss Sarah or Miss Jonabeth.



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