November Newsletter

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     November News

Hello everyone and welcome to our November Newsletter.

It has been an exciting month for us here at the centre as we celebrate our 15th Birthday. Our centre first opened on 7th November 2005 and we have been growing and developing ever since. We all had a fabulous time playing games like pass the parcel, freeze and musical chairs. We had balloon dancing and games, bubbles and shared a super yummy birthday cake.

We have had a few water play days lately so it is always a good idea to pack a set of swimmers or spare clothes in your child's bag for these days. Our water arches have been working hard to keep the children cool in the hot weather.

The children celebrated NAIDOC week with many discussions and experiences which extended on their knowledge and understanding of our Indigenous cultures. As we sit on Yuggera land, the older children have been learning more words and phrases in this language and about the Yuggera people.

Our Garden 

Have you see our wonderful garden lately? We have been growing sunflowers and some awesome corn. Our flowers are also blooming in the side garden. The children have been very active outdoors watering and caring for our plants. This allows the children to learn how to care for our environment and this leads to many discussions on how our environment affects our daily lives.  

Upcoming Events

Pre-School Graduation: Thursday 3rd December at 6.30pm. There is a limit to two(2) guests per child due to social distancing restrictions. Unfortunately we cannot have extra siblings and family members this year however we are very fortunate to be able to go ahead with this :) All guests will need to sign in on our register at the front and staff will assist people to their seats.

Centre Christmas Party: This will be a little different this year. We are having our Christmas party in centre with the staff and children only. There will be lots of fun activities for the children and we will be having a special Christmas Show performing for the children. Santa will be visiting as per every year. Can all parents please ensure you supply a wrapped named book for your child before the day for Santa to hand out? Please also write your child's name "inside" the cover of the book as well so they do not get misplaced throughout the day. Our Preschool and senior Kindy classes will perform for their centre peers and we will be recording this and putting it up on EDUCA for parents to view.

Christmas Homestyle Bake Drive: These orders are due in before 2.30pm on 30th November. The links and order information were sent out by email and all you need to do is order online using our special code. Delivery date is Tuesday 8th December. To order go to and register your details and order online using our special fundraising code  FCANNONHILLELC081220.

Friendly Reminders

Sick Children: Please remember to keep your children at home if they are unwell. Staff will advise parents to not leave their child at the centre if they present unwell and parents will be called to collect if their children are presenting with signs of illness. This includes but is not limited to, temperatures, thick runny noses, coughing or other influenza type symptoms, vomiting, diarrhoea rashes, lethargy or general unwellness.  Please ensure you are contactable at all times as staff need to be able to reach you in case of an emergency.

We remind parents to please treat our staff with respect during these times. It is unfair that staff are treated disrespectfully or rudely if you are required to come and collect your child or refused entry. We understand that work commitments can be tricky however our main aim is to look after the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of the children within the service. Ill children must be kept at home until they are well. 

 Reenrolments: Re-enrolment confirmations have been sent out in all pockets. If you have not received yours this means we may not have received your reenrolment form. Please see Kelly in the office if you have not received your confirmation. Can all parents please check their holidays as their seems to be a bit of confusion over the wording on the forms. If you are going on holidays from Monday 21st December could you please just check this with Kelly to ensure we have the correct start date? 

We are still organising room staff for 2021 so we appreciate your patience. Miss Odette will of course be running the Kindergarten program in the Preschool room as per usual.

Christmas tree Competition: Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Some of us are early starters and others late starters. Our rooms have begun decorating and preparing for the Christmas season. We are going to be creating a "Christmas tree board" with Christmas tree photos from our send us a photo of your Christmas Tree for us to display. We will be posting these up in the entrance area to the yard. Each photo will have a number and we will be running a competition where everyone can vote for their favourite tree. The tree with the most votes wins a special prize on 18th December. So get decorating and snapping away...let's see your Christmas tree pictures :)