November Newsletter

 November Newsletter

 Hello Families, 

Well Christmas is almost upon us. The year has flown by so very fast and 2019 will be here in no time. 

Thankyou to all families who have returned their re-enrolment forms and let us know who will be attending over the holiday season and into next year. This has allowed us to organise staff annual leave over this time. 

Speaking of leave, Kelly will be on long service leave from 3rd December and returning on 21st January 2019. During this time Sarah will step in as Acting Director and Kathryn will be assisting with some of the Administration in the office. All centre policies and procedures remain the same-there will just be a different smiling face in the office for 7 weeks. Please see Sarah if you have any questions or inquiries during this time.

We have completed organisation of rooms and staffing for 2019 and confirmation of enrolment forms are being sent home this week. Please ensure you check your confirmation slip and let the office know immediately if any of your bookings are incorrect so we can fix them. Also, if your child is finishing up at the centre please make sure you have completed and returned a "Termination of Enrolment" form and handed it into the office.

  Staffing for 2019

Room ​​Senior Educator Assistant/s
Nursery Gabby Deep
Junior Kindy​Madison​Sunny(W,Th) and Kalpana(M,Tu,Fr)
Kan-3rd assistant​
Senior Kindy​Gordana​Ai(T-Fr),Sunny(M)​

 Our Floating Senior Educators will be Kathryn and Sarah(who is also 2IC).

Our floating assistants will be Debra, Madhuri and Pamela 

 Upcoming Events

 Thursday 6th December-Preschool Graduation at 6.30pm

Friday 14th December-Centre Christmas Party

Tuesday 25th December-Christmas day-centre closed

Wednesday 26th December-Boxing Day-centre closed


 Our kitchen licence applications are ready to go and we are doing some minor alterations to our kitchen while we are awaiting approval from council. We will keep everyone up to date on the progress of these applications. We are currently taking applications and interviewing for a cook. If you know of anyone who has a blue card and experience working in a kitchen and preparing and cooking in bulk then feel free to refer them for interview.

As you may have noticed-our new TV has been installed in the foyer. This will be used for notices and images of the children's learning. Please keep watching for some exciting updates to come regarding our centre renovations which are currently in the drafting process.

Friendly Reminders

 Fees and accounts: Please remember that we have a zero advance balance policy in regards to fees. All fees need to be up to date at all times-even over the Christmas period. Payments that decline attract a $14.95 fee from Debit Success which is added onto your next payment. Unfortunately accounts may be suspended if they are not up to date or continually declining.

Breakfast: Please remember that we do not serve breakfast after 7.30am in the mornings due to the volume of children arriving. If you are arriving after 7.30 in the morning please make sure your child has already had breakfast.

Head Lice: We have had a few cases of head lice lately. Please note that if head lice are found in your childs hair, staff will call parents to collect your child and treat their hair. When treating children, all lice should be killed and eggs removed from hair. All bedding and clothing the child has been wearing should be washed. Vacuuming couches is also a great idea. It only takes one live egg to start the cycle all over again. Children are welcome to come back to the centre once treated. 

 From our everyone here at Cannon Hill-Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From the Nursery

 Dear Parents,

All of the children have been loving lots of sensory experiences in the nursery over the last month including slime, playdough, shaving cream, finger painting, water exploration and tasting foods. This has engaged a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm from the children.

As the weather is heating up we will continue to extend off this interest with more water play days so could you all please pack some swimmers in their bag for these experiences?

Our children are all communicating with each other in various ways throughout the day. They are beginning to interact during play through dancing, babbling, cuddles, high fives and laughter. They are taking part in copy cat games where they repeat the action of their peers and educators. This is helping to further develop their social and emotional skills.

We are starting to use lots of flash cards throughout the day and putting them up around the room as well as reading and displaying books. The children are beginning to recognise and make connections between the sounds and pictures. They are starting to use simple words and are able to identify some animals and day to day objects they see frequently.

Just a note: while Miss Kelly is away on long service leave, Miss Sarah will be stepping up as Acting Director and will be in the office.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year and we cant wait to see how much everyone grows over the holiday period.

Miss Sarah and Miss Ai

 From the Toddler room

 Lately in the Toddler room we have been working on our fine motor and problem solving skills. We have been offering the children different opportunities with varying media to improve upon their development in these areas. We have been using the childrens love of puzzles and threading to build upon this as well as including more focussed activities such as hanging clothes on the hangers. 

The children have been moving towards creative problem solving in recent weeks. Examples of this are working out how to fit train tracks together or build a tower so it wont fall. We are very much looking forward to continuing with the progression of these skills by providing the children with varying open ended resources to create with and manipulate individually or with assistance.

As it is getting warmer, please remember to bring the following things with you to the centre.

1. Hat

2. Water Bottle

3. Spare clothes(as we often enjoy water play)

4. Shoes

December is approaching fast so if you haven't already could you please bring in a scrap book for your childrens artwork to take home at the end of the year? 

Miss Maddi , Miss Pam and Miss Kan

From the Junior Kindy Room

Hi again everyone. It has been a very busy month. We have said goodbye to a few friends and welcomed some new ones. Welcome Chelsea and Sunny. We are so glad you have joined our group. Some of our friends have also turned 3. Happy birthday to Georgia, Ethan, Rowan and Zayd.

We have been busy working on enhancing our fine and gross motor skills with experiences such as group ball games and painting with thick and thin paint brushes.

Barbie dolls, blocks and home corner areas have seen us developing our imagination and role playing skills.

we have also been enhancing our colour recognition through group time games and transitions, colour matching and flash cards.

we will now move onto exploring our senses through activities such as scented playdough, jelly and spaghetti play and slime time just to name a few.

Could all parents please remember to bring a hat and water bottle each day for your child. We will also be doing quite a bit of water play in the hot weather so please pack some swimwear and a chane of clothes. Please ensure all items are labelled.

Until Next Time

Miss Kat and Miss Deep

 From the Senior Kindy Room

Hi everyone,

Wow this year has flown by so fast. Jonabeth and I have loved looking after and teaching your children. We have learned so much about each individual child and feel so honoured to be a part of their lives this year.

Everyone is very excited about moving up to Preschool next year with Miss Jonabeth and Miss Joyce.

This month we will be going over our colours, numbers and letters to build the children's knowledge in preparation for next year.

We have been asking everyone to bring in your Christmas concert money for your child's costume. If you haven't yet could you please do so as soon as possible? We cant with to show everyone how good we are at dancing and singing.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support this year.

Miss Gabby and Miss Jonabeth. ​

 From the Preschool room.

Dear Preschool families

The Preschool year has flown by ever so quickly. Our team have been so privileged to have been entrusted with your children in their educational lifelong journey. This is the last newsletter form us as a team. We are so grateful for your ongoing support. 2018 has been a memorable year and we are thankful for your faith in us.

In the past month we have been talking about school and Prep. It is an exciting time because there will be school uniforms, books, hats and bags...everything that is new in a learning environment. We will continue to discuss these transitions as we have the school teachers come to visit us this month.

At the end of the year children will receive a transition statement which shares their learning and development with the childs school. This ensures a smoother transition to the school as teachers have more information as to how they can support your child's learning.

In the next month and throughout January we will be providing a range of experiences that encourage children to explore and investigate new and challenging play areas to support and extend on the children's ongoing learning.

Just a few reminders:

1. We have embraced the heat with some fun water play experiences that incorporate measurement, weight and our senses. We would like to remind you to please pack a change of clothes and a small towel for this. 

2. We have had a few cases of headlice. We kindly ask that all parents please check their child's hair regularly and treat hair if live lice and eggs are found.

3.Joyce is organising the Christmas concert outfits so please bring in your $10 for their costume as soon as possible if you haven't already done so.

4. Please remember the following dates-Pre-school Graduation-6th December and Centre Christmas Party-14th December.


Miss Joyce, Miss Bithi and Mis Pinky


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