October Newsletter

From the Office

 Say it isnt so? October already? Before we know it Santa Claus will be knocking on our door. we have been so very busy this year it has just sailed by and we are nearing the end of 2018. we hope you all enjoyed your long weekend for the Queens birthday holiday.

We would like to say a big thank-you to all of our Dads, Granddads and Uncles who came along to our Fathers Day afternoon in early September. It was such a wonderful day and we hope you all enjoyed your time in the centre. 

We would also like to thank all of our awesome families for your special gifts and messages to us on Early Educators Day. Your words of appreciation are worth the world to us.

We have quite a busy couple of months ahead in preparation for end of year.


​Date ​Event
​2nd October ​Operation Christmas Child collections begin
​18th October​Lunch Day
​19th October​Grandparents Morning Tea
​26th October​National Bandana Day Bake Sale
​31st October​Halloween Dress Up Day

STAFFING: Miss Sarah is currently on holidays returning 24th October. Miss Gordana is running the nursery program while she is away.

Welcome Miss Kalpana to our permanent team. Kalpana has been working relief with us for a while now and is a now a permanent member of the roster.

From The Nursery

Hello everyone,

Over the last few months the children have all grown so much. To further develop our gross motor skills and interest in climbing we have been going outside to play alot more as the weather has been warming up. The children love being out in the yard. Their favourite things to do are climbing and sliding down the slide, running races, throwing and kicking balls and digging in the sandpit. All of these skills work towards healthy muscle development and improve the childrens health and well being. please remember to always bring a hat for when we go outside to play.

we have also changed the room around and added a small home corner to encourage imaginative play and social/emotional development. The children are loving exploring this new aspect of the room and are pretending to cook, eat and care for the baby dolls already.

For the next month Miss Sarah will be away on holiday exploring Canada. She will be returning on 24th October. until then Miss Gordana will be stepping into the room to assist Miss Ai.

Until Next time

Miss Sarah and Ai

From Toddlers

 Hi there everyone,

Our Toddlers bid Miss Mel a sad goodbye as she leaves for her new life in Darwin. We will miss her terribly. Miss Pam has been stepping in as Lead educator while we are on the hunt for a new educator for our room. Miss Kan is still in the room and Miss Kalpana has been helping us out as our second assistant. 

In the toddler room we have been focussing on developing our fine motor muscles. Activities that have been provided to assist this have been playdough, drawing and construction building with different sized peices. Fine motor skills are achieved when children learn to use their smaller muscles to manipulate items. 

Our children have also been very interested in books and stories with many story sessions being instigated by a child. Telephone play has also been very popular and allows the children to develop speech, social skills and co-operation skills.

Just a friendly reminder to all parents to please pack a yummy healthy lunch every day. Many of our toddlers are growing so fast and sometimes need something extra in their lunch box. It is always a good idea to have a main food(I:E sandwhich or hot meal) along with two or three healthy snacks.

Until next time

Miss Pam and Miss Kan

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From Junior Kindy 

Since last time we spoke we have really been busy in the Junior Kindy room

We have celebrated Harper's 3rd birthday and worked hard on our Fathers Day Gifts. We have gone on a Teddy bear treasure hunt and had picnics. But we have been really busy working hard on learning and achieving new skills and enhancing those we already have.

Our group times have seen us learning about the days of the week, numbers, shapes, colours and the weather. we have also been looking at face recognition of our friends by using a photo roll call and lunch time display.

We have been achieving alot of fine motor skill and concentration goals through activities such as tracing lines, our names, matching shapes and art activities.

Group games have included Noughts and Crosses, tunnel ball, musical instruments and creating our own stories. These activities have enabled us to bond and work together as a team.

We have changed our room around a little so we can add and create hands on learning areas such as a sensory area and listening station.

We have also swapped our drink station to a two shelved system with photo place marks. When you arrive please encourage your child to place their water bottle on their photos.

Please remember to bring along a hat every day for your little one as the weather is getting alot warmer and we will be playing outdoors frequently.

Lastly we have had to rearrange the lockers so please look for your child's photo and place their bag in their locker.

Until Next time

Miss Kat and Miss Deep 

From Senior Kindy 

Hi everyone

Over the past month Senior Kindy have been doing alot of activities such as tap tap boards, beading, leggo and collage to build on fine motor and hand eye co-ordination skills. We will continue on with this focus by practicing how to hold and manipulate a pen.

The group has mastered recognising their first letter of their name and most of them are becoming familiar with other letters of the alphabet.

Thankyou to all of the families that have taken Penelope home over the weekend. The children are so excited and happy to share their special adventures with the class at group time. If you would like to take Penelopefor an upcoming weekend, write your child's name down on the roster that is located on the learning story wall above our CD player.

We have started learning our Christmas song for our performance at the centre Christmas party and the children are super excited to perform it for you. For the concert we are preparing costumes and ask if each family could bring in $10 to Miss Gabby for this please?

Until next time

Miss Gabby and Miss Jonabeth 

From Pre-School 

As we near the end of Term 3 we begin to prepare your child's transition statement which will be emailed through to your child's school that you elected on your Kindergarten consent form. If you have not yet completed this form please do so and return it to the office or to Miss Joyce as soon as possible.  Transitions statements are mandatory documents which detail your childs capabilities in the areas aligning with the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. This valuable document allows your child's new teacher to gain a better understanding of how to support your child's learning. If you ahve any questions about your child's current learning please do not hesitate to approach us. 

Throughout the course of this month we have changed our room around. This has allowed our learning areas to be more distinct throughout the classroom-the drawing and writing area, puzzles, construction and blocks, role play and reading. the new learning areas have encouraged children to explore more activities throughout the day which is essential in practicing their transitions from one activity to the next.

WE have explored the following areas in the past month:

SPACE: Our interest in space has flourished throughout the past weeks. A big thank you to Leo for bringing in 2 space books to share and to Amelie for bringing in many boxes of books- several were space related. The children have absolutely loved reading and listening to them at group times. 

BLOCK CONSTRUCTION: Our interest has been supported and further enriched through real life images of famous landmarks like Stonehenge, The Great Wall of China and The Colosseum. These images have inspired the children to refer to the world globe and learn the countries greetings such as Nihao(Chinese) and Ciao(Italian)

ELLA(Japanese language App): Learning Japanese has allowed the children to explore a brand new culture and language. The past two apps on the program have been about Space(which fit in well with our interests) and body part. we are awaiting the final application for the year to be released so we will be able to download it and explore it.

Just a few things to note:

.We have had some scratching incidents lately so we kindly ask that you trim your child's nails.

. We often have several unamed items left in the classroom. Please label everything that belongs to your child. This includes hats, water bottles, lunch box, containers, sheet bag and sheets etc.

. The weather is warming up so as per usual please ensure your child has a hat for outdoor play.

Mantane(Japanese for Until next time)

Miss Joyce and Miss Bithi


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