October Newsletter

October News

Hello families and welcome to another newsletter edition. We are fast approaching the end of the year and we are super busy in all classrooms.

The last month has seen the children participating in many exciting experiences throughout the centre and within their individual rooms. 

Book week parade was fantastic and we saw so many wonderful character outfits. Thankyou to all of our families for the effort you put into the children's costumes for the day. 

We have also seen some of the rooms having bike days and water days throughout the month. These have been some fun experiences for the children focussing on motor and sensory skills.

Upcoming events 

Halloween dress up day is on Friday 30th October. Come along in your favourite Halloween costume for a fun day.

Centre 15th Birthday celebrations: Our centre is 15 years old this year. We first opened on 7th November 2005. To celebrate we will be holding lots of fun activities on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th November. On Thursday we will be having lots of fun party games such as Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pass the Parcel and Freeze. On Friday we are having a Rainbow Dress Up party. There will be balloons, streamers, party hats and a birthday cake to end the week.


This years end of year celebrations will be quite different to previous years for obvious pandemic reasons.

Centre Christmas Party: This year we will be holding our centre Christmas party within the centre hours with the children only. This will be on Thursday 10th December. Santa will still be visiting and handing out books as per previous years and we will be making sure we capture these special moments for you. The Senior Kindy and Preschool Christmas performances will be recorded and uploaded to EDUCA for all parents. We will send out more details regarding this in the coming weeks

PreSchool Graduation: Information regarding Pre School graduation will be sent out to families in the coming weeks as we are just putting the final touches on the arrangements to ensure we are Covid safe. We are so very proud of our preschoolers and all of the hard work they have put into their learning this year. 

We also have order forms for Graduation photos out this week so please ensure these are returned as soon as possible so we can organise these.

Charity and Donations 

Donations: We are always grateful for donations to the centre however at this point in time we are not requiring any toys or clothes. We thank you for thinking of us and will let everyone know when we will be requiring donations again in the future.

Share the Dignity-Its in The Bag Drive. We will begin collecting for this charity in early November. This is a wonderful cause aiding women and young girls who are homeless and need assistance. Please see the link below to assist in organising your bags. There are 3 options...... 1. Adult bag, 2. Teen bag, 3-Mum and Bub bag.


Friendly Reminders 

Childrens Health: Please remember that children who are unwell must be kept at home.  If your child has a thick runny nose they need be be kept home until this is resolved. Children with temperatures should also be kept at home. Any undiagnosed rash your child may have needs to be seen by a doctor and medical clearance is required before they can return. 

Hats: Please ensure your little one has a hat for outdoor play. The weather is getting alot warmer and hats are essential for the sunny days we are having. 

Shoes: Now that summer is just around the corner, shoes are not overly essential in our setting. When children run around with bare feet is allows for them to develop both fine and gross motor muscles in their feet and toes and strengthen their flexibility. If you are sending shoes with your children please ensure they are named clearly. If not-then barefoot is OK in the warmer months.

Lunchboxes: As we provide food for children from Toddlers to Preschool-we are not requiring lunchboxes to be sent in with the children. We have noticed a few coming through and would like to kindly ask parents to leave lunchboxes at home. The problem that we have with this is that children notice this and one lunchbox..turns into 2, into 5 etc etc and then every child will want to bring a lunchbox. This then defeats the purpose of the centre providing meals.  Of course please do still send in a non refrigerated afternoon snack for late afternoon tea if your child is here after 5pm. But this shouldn't really warrant a whole large lunchbox. Please place your child's late afternoon snack in the containers provided on the counters in the room kitchens as we have also found many parents are leaving this in their child's bags.

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