September News

From the office

Spring is finally here and nature is sure displaying its beauty outdoors with the glorious flowering plants we are seeing everywhere. This has sparked numerous experiences and themes within the rooms and many of the children have been exploring and creating Springtime themed creations. We are also organising some new planting in our gardens to match this time of the year so stay tuned for some new additions to the yards.

Earlier this month we had a fun dress up day where we all became superheroes to raise funds for muscular dystrophy. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated towards this.

We also "talked like a pirate" last week and had lots of pirate fun in support of children's cancer research.

Thank you to all of our Grandparents who attended our grandparent's afternoon at the beginning of the month. We were so honoured to have you all join us for an afternoon of fun games and experiences. 

 Important messages

 Doors: We have been having quite a few incidences where doors have been left open when families are moving through the rooms in the mornings and afternoons. This creates a safety issue for the children as they can then access or exit the rooms. Can all families please be vigilant in latching the room doors when entering and exiting.

Lunch Boxes:" We have noticed there has been an increase in the amount of lunch boxes that are coming into the centre. As we supply meals for the children, lunch boxes are not necessary and we would rather parents not send them in. Once children know they have a lunch box they will quite often refuse the meals we provide. this defeats the purpose of our centre providing meals. In regards to late afternoon tea , as previously communicated- we suggest a small container only with a small non refrigerated snack for afternoon tea. There is a great range of clear reusable plastic lunch bags available that are great for these things. These are then placed into the afternoon tea containers in the room kitchens. 

Bottles, Dummies and Teated items: Please ensure all of these things have lids and teat covers. we are required by regulation to have all teats covered to reduce cross contamination.

Lost property: We have an abundance of lost property throughout the centre. Please check the lost property areas in rooms and near the shoe shelf in the yard for your childs belongings. All unnamed and unclaimed items will be donated at the end of every month. We always stress that all of your childs items be labelled so we can identify who they belong to and return them to the correct childs locker. 

Upcoming Events 

Monday 3rd October- public holiday-Our centre will be closed

Friday 21st October: Loud Shirt Day

Monday 31st October: Halloween dress up Day