September Newsletter

September News 

 Hello everyone. Welcome to Spring!

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining!

Our Spring season at the centre has hit the ground running with our curriculums buzzing with activity. Our centre gardens are blooming with our vegetables and flowers. Have you noticed our Daisies in the flower garden near the preschool verandah end? Or our zucchinis, lettuce, carrots, beans, spinach and snow peas growing in the back garden? Maintaining our gardens are an every day routine for our children who are involved in caring for these -watering, fertilising and weeding. We have already been able to use some of our vegetables in our centre kitchen and incorporate them into our yummy meals made by Miss Amy. It truly is an exciting time. Our children are also actively involved in creating a scarecrow for our gardens to keep the birds and hopefully the possums away.

Centre Events 

Fathers Day Afternoon. Thank you to all of our Dads who came along and joined in our afternoon. It was so wonderful to have you all here playing on forts, with footballs, gardening, playing games and doing craft. We hope you had a great time and had a lovely Fathers Day to follow and enjoyed all of your lovely gifts the children purchased from the Fathers Day Stall.

Talk like a Pirate Day: Raising funds for children's cancer research. You can still donate through the Children's Cancer Charity website if you wish. We had some of the cutest little Pirates ever throughout our centre. And some of our staff were almost unrecognizable....Miss Gordana Wow!

Chocolate Drive: Thankyou to all of you who participated in our Chocolate drive to raise funds for some extra toddler yard equipment and our very own music centre. We hope to have these things happening very soon. We are currently sourcing items and resources. Please stay tuned..... 

Upcoming Events 

​Ocean Life Education: 10th October 10am. We have invited  Ocean Life Education to our centre for our 2-5 year olds to talk about marine life and ecosystems. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to see some real marine animals and learn how to help our environment. There is no cost to parents for this experience.

 Think U Know Presentation: 10th October-6pm: The think U know presentation is designed to educate parents on cyber safety. In our ever changing and advancing world of technology it is so important to be aware of what exactly is happening with online activity. We have booked this session in for parents and encourage as many of you to attend as possible. Even young children are using online devices these days so the more we are aware the better. Please rsvp to Kelly or Sarah for this presentation. This is a free session, no cost to parents :)


While we are awaiting our official re-enrolment and Christmas holiday forms please continue to shoot through an email with your day preferences for 2020 so we can slot you in. Our re-enrolment forms will be out soon however Miss Kelly is getting a head start on placements so we can contact our waiting list parents.

Friendly Reminders

Breakfast Policy: Just a reminder to all families that we only serve breakfast until 7.30am in the mornings(nursery excluded). The reason for this is that we have many children arriving after this time of the day and our activities begin.   We kindly ask that parents please give their children breakfast if they are arriving after 7.30am 

Late Afternoon Snack: For those of you who have children staying after 5pm we encourage parents to send in a non refrigerated late afternoon snack for your little ones and place it in the containers provided in the room kitchen areas. The children generally gather for late afternoon tea just after 5pm and we like all children to be able to have a little something. The snack doesnt have to be very big-just enough to help them through until dinner time :)

Holiday Discount Rates: Just a friendly reminder that families are entitled to two(2) weeks of your weekly bookings per calendar year of holiday discounted fees. It is required that all families complete a holiday discount form two weeks prior to the start date. If you have already used your two weeks discount fees , unfortunately we cannot apply anymore until the next calendar year.

Recipe of the Month 

Beetroot Dip


1 x 425g can tinned beetroot slices or beetroot chunks

1/2 cup greek yoghurt

1 teaspoon lemon juice


Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth.

Alternatively you can roast fresh beetroot and use these instead of the canned.

Serve with crackers or vegetable sticks


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