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September Newsletter

From the Office ​

Spring has finally sprung! Our weather is warming up and the flowers in our garden are blooming. The children have all been working hard caring for our developing gardens in the yard. Even our nursery and toddler children have helped out with the assistance of some Pre-schoolers. Our outdoor environment has been buzzing with activity as the children participate in many different experiences. 

Thank you to our families for donating to our recycling station in the front foyer. We have many formula tins that we requested for planting and we are trying to source large cable reels for our garden area. If anyone could point us in the right direction we would be very grateful. 

Staffing: Miss Kelly will be on holidays from 11th September and returning on 19th September. During this time Miss Mel will be Acting Director from 13th September when she returns from holidays. If you have any queries before Mel returns please see one of our senior educators for assistance.

Upcoming Events​

Tuesday 12th
When I grow Up show Cost: $7 per child
Tuesday 19th September Talk like a Pirate Day Gold coin donation
Wednesday 27th SeptemberLunch DayCost: $5
Friday 29th SeptemberWorld Heart DayWear something Red

Early Childhood Educators Day

Thank you to our families for all of the lovely messages left on our appreciation board for our educators and for the special treats that some of you baked and bought in for us. Our Educators work so hard and do such a wonderful job caring for and teaching the children about their world. Our families are such an important addition to what we do and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Centre Opening and Closing Times 

We would like to remind parents that our centre opens at 6.15am and closes promptly at 6.15pm. We cannot accept any children into the centre before this time, nor should we have children in the centre after this time. Could all parents please ensure that you are at the centre and have collected your child before our closing time of 6.15pm. After this time late fees apply at $1 per minute and are payable to staff on duty who have had to stay back after their shift has finished. We appreciate your understanding that staff also have family and appointments/engagements to get to after their shift.

Quality Improvement Plan

 As you walk in the door you will find our National Quality Standards and Improvement plan on the wall to the left. This outlines the standards required for Early Childhood Care and Education. There are parent feedback forms in this area as well and we would really appreciate some more parent input and ideas. Please feel free to complete a form and place it in the box provided. 

Our current focus is on Quality Area 2 and encouraging Healthy Lunchboxes for children. We ask that families please refrain from sending foods high in sugar and salt and chose healthy options for your children.

​News from the Nursery​

Hello everyone.

Its springtime which means our time together in the nursery room is heading towards the end of the year. We are going to make the remaining months memorable.

Since last time we spoke, we have celebrated the first birthdays of Van, Sofia,  Hannah and Sunny, with a few more one year olds coming up in the next couple of months.

We have been investigating our environment through an assortment of activities which have seen us starting to use many of our physical motor and social skills. Some of these activities have included mirror and light play, using the sensory wall, felt pens and painting at easels

Meal times have also seen us developing social skills through sitting at the table together.

Many of our little ones are also beginning to crawl and walk and are in the process of perfecting these skills.

Reminders: Please bring a hat and sunscreen for your child as we will be incorporating a lot of outdoor activities in the coming months

Please check your child's pocket and the Nursery notice board regularly for important information and upcoming events.

Until Next time

Miss Kathryn and Miss Erin

News from the Toddler room

 Hi everyone!

The Toddler room has been very busy in the last couple of months focusing on building the children's fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. The children have been engaged in many manipulative activities such as dominoes, puzzles, peg boards, fruit cutting game and stacking blocks. We have noticed that the children are becoming very persistent and proud of their achievements which assists in their development of Identity.

We have adjusted our routine and have been changing the play environment lately as the children have become more confident in physical play. This has led us to spend more time in the outdoor big yard, exploring and experimenting with the different equipment and aspects of the environment. The children are really drawn to the sandpit and are having a go at climbing the obstacle course and the fort. We have also been educating the children on respecting and caring for our garden area by watering the plants.

A big thank you to Miss Deep who has been in our room while Miss Jo was away.

Reminders: Please remember to check your child's pockets and trays at the end of every week for their belongings. 

Thank you

Miss Gabbi and Miss Jo

News from Junior Kindy

 The Junior Kindy children have been enjoying many sensory hands on experiences. For Fathers day we made some special cookies and the children displayed a keen interest in the process of mixing, pouring and measuring. We extended on this by experimenting with various dry ingredients such as rice, sugar, pasta and edible rosemary flowers. The children touched, mixed and smelt and then shared their thoughts with one another in discussion.

In the coming weeks we will continue with more cooking experiences as well as some sensory water play to encourage language development, social interaction and creativity.

Until next time.

Miss Sarah, Miss Pam and Miss Madhuri

News from Senior Kindy

Hello to our Senior Kindy families

We hope you had a lovely Fathers day!

Our senior kindy children have been extending on their social responsibilities and respect for their environment through caring for the room, resources and each other. Being kind to our peers is very important and we are working on using language to express ourselves appropriately. We encourage parents to follow this on at home as well.

Our children are doing an amazing job at recognising letters. We will continue to encourage this through a range of different experiences.

This month we will be focusing on science experiments as this has been a topic of discussion within the room. we will also be incorporating some role play and drama through different props.

The "When I grow up" show will be held on Tuesday 12th September so please make sure you have paid your $7. This is a great opportunity for children to learn about differences and identity.

Some of our children have displayed a keen interest in sensory exploration and associations so we will be discussing ideas with the children on what activities they would like to participate in.

Reminders: There are many children coming in without their hats. please bring a hat for your child so they can play out in the yard.

Until next time

Miss Mel and Miss Bithi.

News from Pre School

Over the course of the past month the Preschool children have been extending off storybooks shared by both teachers and their peers.

A big focus has been on writing our name correctly using an upper case letter at the beginning. The provision of learning boxes with a variety of different experiences which allow the children to hold drawing and writing equipment more comfortably has allowed the children to correct and practice their pencil grip to tripod grip​.

The children have been practising "subsisting"-(recognising a quantity or amount by sight rather than counting) during transitions. This has proved interesting and enjoyable.

Throughout the remainder of this month we hope to continue exploring literacy and numeracy in fun and interactive ways

Donations: We are looking for donations of the following items please.

. milk bottle lids

. Squeezy yoghurt tops

. A4 paper box lids

. soft drink and juice bottle lids

. beer and wide bottle lids and caps

Until next time

Miss Joyce, Miss Sara and Miss Sunny



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