April Newsletter


Hello families and welcome to the April newsletter. 

We now have a teacher for the Pre Kindy room, Miss Mereoni will be in the Pre Kindy room 5 days a week, this will provide stability and continuity  for the children in this room. 

Easter Bonnet Parade 

Thursday 18th April we will be holding our first ever Easter Bonnet Parade. Starting with morning tea at 9 am you are welcome to come along and enjoy morning tea then watch the parade that your children will preform with their bonnets they have made in class.  Everyone is welcome see you then. 

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths Earn and Learn is on again and we will be collecting to gain resources for the centre. So tell all your friend and family to send their unwanted stickers to Cleveland Early Learning Centre it will be much appreciated .  

 This month in the Nursery we will be focusing on your child's identity and what makes them unique, we have their hand prints displayed and also the places they can identify with, now we would like to display a family photo to make it complete. Could you please bring in a photo that we could keep and display on our wall, or you can email a photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will print it for you. Thank you 

We will also be continuing on with our colour recognition as the children have been very curious about the balloons that have been displayed under our colours sign. 

Just a few friendly reminders: 

Label all of your child's belongings 

Bring a hat every day your child attends care

Sheets top and bottom in a sheet bag every day your child is at care, these will be sent home at the end of your child's week. 

Any nappy creams, teething gels and medication is to have a chemist label affixed. 

Enough spare clothes for your childs week. 

Formula and bottles to be measured out before arriving at the centre. 

Lastly Miss Yolene will be on annual leave from Friday 5th and will be back on 16th April, Miss Elisa will be replacing her Till next time Miss Yolene and Miss Elisa 

 Last month the children were interested in jungle animals ,we focused on learningabout their names and features by creating lots of pictures and researching information about how they live. We created an area with lots of different animals, books and placed a grass mat for the children to further explore and develop their vocabularies and knowledge of environment.

We had Harmony day and Irish day celebrations, the children engaged in making cake, biscuits and various craft activities, learning about diversity and tradition across the centre by sharing knowledge of the culture with the community.

We have started transitioning Taim and Geenawan to the early learner room, they are ready for their next learning journey. Also we welcome Tatum to the toddlers room for transitioning.

Miss Joyce Hammond

What an exciting month in the Early Learners room.The Early Learners would like to welcome our new friend Lillith to the group, we look forward to watching Lillith grow and learn here with us in the Early Learners class. 

Over the past month we have a celebration of our dear friend Camilla who reached a milestone, turning 3 years old. This led our group to explore with food and cooking activities. Together we made cupcakes for Camilla's birthday, and decorated them with dinosaur sprinkles. The children showed a lot of interest in these cooking activities, we decided to extend our interest with making and baking cookies together for our afternoon tea. 

We have also added  few new resources and learning spaces into our environment. using plants to create a warm inviting feel and the children have been encouraged to collect natural materials from our garden to resource our learning spaces. 

The children's interest have been our focus in this month program and curriculum. By encouraging the children's interest, this promotes positive interactions and positive extensions of our learning. 

Families, if your child has an interest that you would like me to extend or explore please let me know or use our communication book on offer to all families. 

Throughout April our program and curriculum will be focussing on cultural celebrations. With Easter fast approaching we will be incorporating loads of Easter arts and crafts, cooking activities and celebrations. 

Thank you to all our families for all your input, ideas, communication and we look forward to another fantastic month in the Early Learners room 

Miss Mandi 

 Hi my name is Mereoni. I am very excited to join Cleveland Early Learning Centre working as a Lead Educator in the Pre- Kindy room. I am diploma qualified and I have over 10years experience working with children.

In the first few weeks I will be working closely with Miss Christa who has been with your children since they started at the centre.

My focus in the first few weeks is to get to know all the children and their families and them to get to know me. I will be working in making all the children feel safe, secure and supported. I believe that all children are entitled to space where they can grow, explore, learn, play and develop. As an early childhood educator it will be my role to facilitate and encourage this learning and development in each child in my care. I believe that education is relevant to each child and will endeavour to reflect each child's interests, strengths and personal goals into my programming and planning.

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you.

Welcome to the Kindergarten room. 

This month has seen a lot of excitement as the children began to explore the kindergarten room. Throughout the month, the children looked at their emotions. They expressed their emotions and what made them feel that way. This was in the lead up to anti bulling day. Encouraging them to say stop, I don't like it when someone is doing something they don't like. Miss Christa explained it " If it is hurting your heart and making you sad, its not ok"  Miss Christa introduced an "im feeling" poster, which allows the children to communicate how they are feeling, at any point in the day. The children then express themselves to an educator if they feel comfortable talking.   From here, the children looked at what made them feel different and made them special.Looking at similarities and differences amongst others. Gaining an understanding that we are all the same, regardless of our colour, eye colour, family dynamics etc. This continued no to harmony day. Accepting each other for who they are. 

We cant wait to implement new and exciting things in the room, preparing the children for school. If you know which school your child will be attending for prep, please see Miss Christa, as she will be contacting local schools to find out about transition days. 

till next time Miss Christa 

April 2019
Piptree Early Learning Heritage Park Newsletter

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