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20220812_100842 Aboriginal performer Trae Trae

At the start of the month the children engaged in a performance held by Trae Trae an Aboriginal Performer who taught the children about his culture & showed the children traditional clothing & the dances they performed during different celebrations; the children thoroughly enjoyed the performance & even engaged in the traditional dance that Trae Trae showed them.

The children then focused on Science Week where this year's theme was 'Glass'. The children looked through different coloured glass & told us what they saw, the Educators also incorporated magnets, rice, slime, cotton wool, dye & water into Science Week, which the children really enjoyed as they are learning how things react with certain objects, what things become when you mix them together & cause & effect (float or sink)

Lastly the children really enjoyed dressing up for Book Week, the children came in their favourite costumes, along with the books that supported their costumes. The children & parents loved how they were able to come to Kindy any day of the week dressed in their costume, some have come every day & other chose to wear their costumes on one day.

August Newsletter 2022
August Newsletter

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