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Cleveland Early Learning Centre April Newsletter


 A big thank you to all our families for your ongoing support of our centre. The Educators and I are very appreciative of all your kind words and gestures over the past weeks as we do our best to remain open to provide care and education for your children.

We thank those families who have elected to stay at home during this time or limiting their attendance to allow for us to provide care for the children of essential workers. 

Our service is working very hard to maintain a high level of hygiene at this time, and is following the guidelines below to ensure we maintain a safe and secure environment for our children and Educators:

  • exclusion of unwell staff, children and visitors
  • reduce mixing of children by separating cohorts (including the staggering of meal and play times)
  • enhanced personal hygiene for children, staff and parents
    • make sure liquid soap and running water, or alcohol-based hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the facility and throughout
  • full adherence to the NHMRC childcare cleaning guidelines, in addition:
    • clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces at least daily (e.g. play gyms, tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks)
    • wash and launder play items and toys including washable plush toys as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely
  • excursions other than to local parks should be discouraged, public playground equipment should not be used
  • influenza vaccination for children, staff and parents.

Alternative care arrangements should be considered for those children highly vulnerable to adverse outcomes should they be infected with COVID-19. AHPPC recommends parents seek medical advice for these children.

Teddy Bear's Picnic  Tuesday 21st April

All children who attend the centre on Tuesday 21st April are invited to bring along their teddy bear as we are having a Teddy Bear's Picnic.

"There will be lots of fabulous games to play and wonderful treats to eat"

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 Toddlers Newsletter

As everyone knows it is a difficult time with the Corona virus, as such we have been teaching the children to wash their hands often throughout the day. Also we are role modelling how to cover our mouth while coughing and sneezing and doing extra cleaning to keep everyone safe and healthy. Educators maintain our environment and toys with sanitizer spray and washing dress ups and cushion covers frequently. So far we have done well as everyone works together.

The toddlers have been learning human body parts to increase awareness of themselves and extend their vocabularies. We are working on identify their facial features throughvarious activities. Also the children are interested in learning about farm animal names and sounds they make.

We will keep our environment clean, safe and educational. Stay Healthy! We hope it gets back to normalsoon.

Miss Joyce and Miss Ashlee

 Early Learners

April News
During the month of April the children have been focussing on Letters of the alphabet and name recognition. The children have learning what their names loo and sound like. Doing our best to find the letters we see in our names using flash cards, puzzles, magnetic letters and playdough moulds.
The Early Learners were also super excited for Easter!
We got creative with our arts and crafts, making our own Easter Bonnets, Baskets, Bunnies and decorations. The children also enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt and parade, proudly wearing their Easter Bonnets.
We will be continuing our learning of our name recognition and letters of the alphabet over the next few weeks.
Just a reminder!
On the 21st we will be having a Teddy's Bear Picnic, please bring your favourite Teddy along to join.
With the weather becoming cooler, please pack some warmer clothing, socks and shoes.
Warmer bedding, sheets and blankets.
Thanking you Miss Mandi, Miss Amber and Miss Maddie

 Pre Kindy News

Hello Pre Kindy families!

April is here already and what a busy year so far and not in the way we had planned. I would like to thank you all for being so supportive and understanding during this time of uncertainty.

At Pre Kindywe would like to reassure you that we are taking the correct measure of keeping our room clean and the staff and children are washing hands regularly with soapy water. We have been engaged in discussions regarding our hygiene practices including washing hands properly, when to wash our hands, what to use and how to wash our hands, wiping our noses and how important it is not to share your germs.

The Pre Kindy children have been enjoying the sunny weather. With all other playgrounds in public shut, ours is very welcome at this point in time. The children have chosen to spend most of their mornings exploring and investigating the yard andenjoys the freedom of space.

We have been involved in lots of science experiments this month with using eye droppers to transfer water, mixing colours, magic milk experiment and lots of experiment about germs. The children showed their curiosity through these experiments.

The art area has been hugely popular as the children use their creativity and imaginations to create wonderful artwork. The children have used tools like stampers, rollers, various types of brushes and collage too. They have also explored their creativity through drawings with coloured pencils, crayons and felt pens. This experience encourages and develops fine motor skills such as control, handedness, grasp and dexterity.

We have also been focusing on learning our colours and shapes during group time . The children are starting to recognise the different shapes and identifying and matchingthe colourswhen asked. Listening to felt stories have been the children's interest also which is great to see them showing interest in different stories and help tell the stories. We have been doing plenty of dancing and action songs during group time, which has required the children to follow directions, observing, negotiate play spacesafely and use physical coordination.

Extending the children's learning have also been our focus in this month program and curriculum. By extending the children's learning, this promotes positive interactions and positive learning for all children.

Just a few friendly reminders:

Please label all your child's belongings.

Please bring a hat every day your child attends care.

Please bring sheets top and bottom in sheet bag every day your child is at care.

Please bring enough nappies everyday your child attends care and a rest time nappy if your child is toilet training.

Please bring enough spare clothes for your child especially if they are toilet training.

Until next time,

Miss Mere and Miss Fiona.

 To all our wonderful nursery families,

First of all we would like to welcome Lily to our nursery, she is settling in extremely well and is building a rapport with her educators already and enjoys being with other peers.

Over the last 4 months we have been working together to build a sense of belonging, a group identity where friendships are developed and nurtured and friends, peers and educators are cared for and respected, this has been our main goal and I feel we have successfully achieved it but it is an ongoing goal.

We have a very energetic group, happy, excited, wonderful and funny characters in the group. They have been jumping in to the action of learning, sharing so many wonderful times and wanting to interact with one another.

Our aim is to make our room as exciting as possible where your children want to be learn and have fun..

It is so beautiful to see the children forming friendships and striving to have conversations with each other. I love seeing this and it brings a smile to our faces as well as your child's faces as they feel that they Belong. They love Being here, as we are watching and guiding them into who they can Become, they are developing a sense of belonging and a strong sense of identity.

Home corner is a very popular place to socialise, over the last couple of months we have had a big interest in dolls, some dolls cots were added into our room with blankets to further develop this interest and it has been fun to watch the children pretend to pat their dolls just how we put them to sleep, they are developing personalities and at the same time showing independence.

Many babies are now showing confidence in crawling, others are pulling themselves up holding on to furniture and others are confidently taking some steps, it won't be long and we will be chasing each other around the yard.

In the next couple of weeks we will continue to develop their fine motor skills by adding different sized brushes and other tools to paint with to further develop fine motor skills.

Now some reminders!

  • Can you please provide at least 3 sets of clothes for your child as we don't always have spares
  • It can be very cold in our room please provide a cardigan or long pants
  • A sleep bag with a fitted sheet for rest time

Please label every thing that comes to kindy, as it is extremely hard to return containers, bottles or water bottles to the right bag if they are not named.

Until next time it's bye from the nursery!


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