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Cleveland Early Learning Centre December Newsletter


Welcome to our December Newsletter.

From all our team we wish each of our families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We thank you for a wonderful year. We have enjoyed having all our families at the centre, and hope to see many of you in 2020. 

Closure Dates Reminders

We will be closed on Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. On Christmas Eve, Tuesday December 24th, we will be closing the centre at 6pm. Please ensure you are able to collect your children before 6pm on this day.

New Kindergarten Teacher

We are excited to announce that we have appointed a new Kindergarten Teacher to commence in mid January.

Her name is Amy-Lee and she is coming to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience teaching young children. We look forward to an exciting Kindy year ahead. Miss Gry will continue to support our Kindy program as an assistant in the room throughout the new year.

Room Allocations 2020

We are looking forward  to the year ahead as children settle into new rooms.

Our rooms settings will be as follows:

Nursery: 0-2 years  (8 children/2 Educators)

Toddlers: 15 months- 2 years  (12 children/3 Educators)

Early Learners: 2 years- 3 years   (15 children/ 3 Educators)

Pre- Kindy : 2 years-4 years    (   10 2 year olds/ 2 Educators  & 11 3 year olds/ 1 Educator)

Kindergarten: 4 years-5 years.

Final staffing allocations have not been finalised at this point, as we are waiting on anticipated enrolments.

This will be announced in the next fortnight.

Children will move into their new rooms from the 6th January, and roll lists will be posted in each room for this. As numbers may be low to begin with, we will combine groups if needed during the first couple of weeks in the New Year. 

 How exciting only 8 sleeps away before the man in the BIG red suit visits us.

We would like to welcome Harper to our Nursery family, she will be joining us full time in the New Year.

With the weather warming up, we will doing a lot of wet play, we ask that you bring in a towel, sun safe shirt & a spare bag to keep them in (all labelled please).

We would like to wish all our families a very Merry Christmas and a bright New Year, stay safe.

Just a few friendly reminders:

  • A hat for every day your child attends the centre
  • Sheets (a fitted bottom sheet & a sleep bag) for every day your child attends the centre, they will be sent home at the end of your child's week.
  • Any nappy creams, teething gels and medication must have a chemist label affixed.
  • Enough spare clothes for your child for the week (3-4 pairs)
  • Formula and bottles to be measured out before arriving at the centre.
  • A water bottle
  • Please remember to label ALL of your child's items.

Miss Yolene, Miss Elisa & Miss Elke

 Recently the toddlers have been very busy making Christmas decorations and presents for mums and dads and shown interests in learning their culture and diversity through the creations they have explored and through the musical experiences they have participated in. Throughout the year the toddlers have become independent in and positive about their environment and communities, and learnt many new skills such as language , speech, creativity, confidence, cooperation … They are becoming to have a strong sense of belonging within the group, and are continuing to build friendships between themselves and educators. At the end of year we have sent the children's learning journal folders home, and we are very proud of the toddlers and what they have achieved in 2019. Thanks to all families for their support for us through the year

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Joyce, Fiona and Amber 

Enter your text here ...Well the year has come to an end, and what an incredible, exciting year of growing and learning in the Early Learners.

Our class would like to welcome Miss Maddie as our new Educator in the Early Learners. Our children have welcomed and already formed a lovely bond with her. Miss Maddie has a Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

This past month the children have been very busy with lots of creative crafts and sensory experiences, incorporating Christmas into our activities. With the weather becoming hot, we have also been spending more time indoors and encouraging water play experiences.

Families please remember to pack extra clothing and water bottle.

It has been a pleasure and privilege to be apart of your child's learning.

Maddie, Mandi and Makayla wish you all a safe happy Christmas and New year

 What a wonderful month we have had in the Pre Kindy room! Miss Mereoni has been on holidays since the beginning of the month, so Miss Amanda has been in the room, along with Miss Lee and Miss Ashley.

This month has been all about Christmas! The children have engaged and cooperated in multiple Christmas craft activities, including creating collage Christmas trees and wreaths, decorating Christmas stars to form our Christmas tree in the room, as well as reading Christmas stories and listening to Christmas songs. The children engaged in conversations about what they would like for Christmas, as well as who has an elf on the shelf, and whether anyone is going away for a holiday.

We welcomed two new children into our room, Marley and Adora! The children are enjoying creating new friendships and Marley and Adora are settling in extremely well!

We look forward to the next week of activities as we have a fun filled week planned of water play, movie days and also combining with the Kindy children for yet some more Christmas activities.

Merry Christmas from the Pre Kindy children!

Dear Families in Kindy,

I would like to say Thank you to all families for welcoming me into Kindy and sharing each day with your child – It's been lovely to meet you all over the last few weeks.

Whilst I have only been in Kindy nearly 5 weeks, the children and I have created some lovely learning experiences together and had many laughs along the way. Learning each of the children's character, their likes and interests has been welcoming.

The Painting experiences for Christmas season saw the children develop the mental mindset and interpretations of Santa & Rudolph. Being shown a picture of them each and asking them to paint what the feel – as you can see from our displays they are fabulous.

Creating our own Christmas Tree, advancing on our sustainability had the children working together to wrap paper, use tape and then design the tree to form a base – decorated with beads created by the children through our Threading session.

Daily, through mat time we have extended our learning on singing songs including the Alphabet song, Rainbow song and various nursery rhymes – and also counting from 1-40 nicely.

During Mat time we have also commenced daily discussions with asked questions and children elaborate and extend their conversational skills, questions were encouraged to be asked by the other children and they have all built confidence in this area.

I'm very sure all the children and families are ready for a big rest over Christmas, to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy arrivals and wait for arrivals of new bubbas – and mostly, to prepare for their first day at Kindy – I wish you all the very best, a wonderful Christmas and the safest of new years…Miss Gry. X

December Newsletter
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