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 Dear Families,

Hello and welcome to the May newsletter.  

Thank you for making me feel so welcome at Cleveland Early Learning Centre. I have enjoyed meeting all your gorgeous children, and look forward to building strong partnerships with you as time goes by.

The Educators and myself are planning many activities for the remainder of the year and would love your input into this as well. 

For the older children, we are planning regular library visits, a Woolworth's visit, visits to the local school, and adventuring down to Black Swamp to do some exploring.

If you have any other ideas, please chat to us or email your thoughts through to the centre.

Thank you to all those families who were able to join us last Friday for the Mother's Day Morning Tea. We hope that you enjoyed the pampering sessions, chatting with other Parents and Educators, and all the delicious foods that the children prepared. We will be organising other events throughout the year and at different times to try to cater to all work times, as we realise that it can be difficult to attend during work hours. Please see some photos of the event attached below.

Cooler Weather and Illnesses.

Recently the weather has finally decided to cool down and we are now experiencing cooler evenings and mornings. Please ensure that warm clothes are now packed in your child's bag in case of them needing to be changed. A small blanket with your child's sheets would also provide a little bit of cosiness when resting too. Although the weather will be cooler in the next few weeks, we will still be playing and exploring our outside environments, so it is important that our little friends have shoes and socks to wear so they do not get too cold. Please don't forget to pack a hat as it is essential for out door play!

With the cooler weather, we will be experiencing cases of colds , runny noses, coughs etc.. Although there is no need to exclude a child with a common cold, if your child displays these symptoms with a feeling of general unwellness, please consider keeping them home from childcare. If your child requires a dose of panadol due to this, unfortunately he/she is not fit to be at childcare and should stay home to rest. I have attached information regarding the Common Cold from Staying Healthy In Child Care for your information.

Centre Photos

We are excited to have our Centre photos on Wednesday May 29th. Information regarding ordering photos is in your child's pocket or can be found at the sign in kiosks located in the foyer. If your child does not attend childcare on the Wednesday, you are most welcome to pop in for the photos!

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing everyone each day!

Kind Regards,

Petra West.

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 Toddlers Newsletter

Recently the toddlers have been increasing their language skills and colour recognition when they created Easter crafts and Mother's Day presents. The children were involved in discussions about their cultural diversity during Easter craft activities. The children responded eagerly to the colour, paint and materials used in these activities.

We are very happy to see that the Toddlers are beginning to comprehend what we say to them and are responding through meaningful conversations. We followed up with their interests and strengths by further developing their colour and mathematical concepts, and implementing these strategies has been working very well, as the children are able to learn so quickly.Mother's Day morning tea was lovely, thanks to all families who engaged in celebrating with us!

Miss Joyce

 Pre Kindy

This month has seen a lot of excitement as the children began to explore the Pre Kindy room. This month we have been focusing on your child's identity , sense of belonging in their environment and what makes them unique. We have their ALL ABOUT ME displayed, name & photo rocks and now we have started slowly displayed a family photo and hand print still to come. Could you please bring a photo that we could keep and display on our wall, or you can email a photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will print it for you.
We welcome Camilla into our room who transitioned from the Early Learners room and also welcome our new friend Livia. We look forward to watching them grow and learn here with us in the Pre Kindy class.
This month we have also incorporated cultural celebrations into our program and curriculum including Easter and ANZAC celebrations through arts and crafts, cooking activities, stories and celebrations.
The children's interest have also been our focus in this month program and curriculum. By encouraging the children's interest, this promotes positive interactions and positive extensions of our learning. Families if your child has an interest that you would like me to extend or explore please let me know or use our communication book on offer to all families.
Just a few friendly reminders:
Please label all your child's belongings.
Please bring a hat every day your child attends care.
Please bring sheets top and bottom in sheet bag every day your child is at care.
Please bring enough spare clothes for your child and now that winter is upon us please pack enough warm clothes for your child.
Thank you
Miss Mere.

 What an exciting month it's been for the Early Learners!

The children's interests have been our focus for the past month. By encoring their interests, we have promoted positive interactions and extended their learning. One interest has been emergency services and vehicles. We created a fire station and became members of the emergency services with the children making their own identification badges.

The children are also showing interest in construction and building. Using the large wooden blocks they have created roads and buildings. In our program we have incorporated building blocks, and construction activities to extend on the children's learning. 

Please let me know if your child has a particular interest that you would like me to explore with them. I have a communication book in the room for this, or please chat with me on drop off or pick up.

Throughout our May program we will be focusing on cultural celebrations such as Mother's Day. This will lead to extending our knowledge of our families  into Our Identity and All About Me! Please send in a photo of your family to display in the room, giving your child a sense of belonging to our room.

Thank you to all our families for all your input, ideas, communication and we look forward to another fantastic month in the Early Learners.

Miss Mandi.

This Month in the Nursery we will be focusing on each of the children's milestones and development. We will also be looking at transition days for the older children up to the Toddler room for the start of June.

Just a few friendly reminders:

Please remember to label ALL of your child's belongings.

A hat is a must for every day your child attends the centre.

Fitted cot sheets and a sheet bag for each day your child attends the centre. These will be sent home on the last day your child attends the centre for the week.

All nappy creams, teething gels and medication must have a chemist label affixed.

Enough spare clothes for your child.

Formula and bottles to be measured out before arriving at the centre.

We look forward to another month of being able to love and care for your children.

Miss Yolene and Miss Elisa.

 During the month of April, the children continued to look at emergency services, through the transformation of the home corner. The children were very excited to complete the work on the fire engines. Children demonstrated their understanding of the importance of emergency services and the role they play in the community. They continued to look at police, with the home corner being transformed into a police station.

This was followed by Easter. Our children demonstrated their creativeness as they created, and constructed their Easter Bonnets. This was incorporated with many Easter crafts, and completed with a wonderful Easter Bonnet parade and morning tea.

ANZAC Day provided an opportunity for the children to look at what soldiers do to protect us. This was explored through conversations, books and craft. The children all contributed to making a wreath, which Miss Christa's son laid on behalf of the Centre, at the Cleveland Dawn Service. It was also an opportunity to incorporate family culture into the discussions, as many families had relatives who serve, or march.

As we move forward into May we will be looking at road safety. This is in the lead up to the excursions we will be having this month. These will include visits to Cleveland State School, Cleveland Library and Woolworths supermarket. We will be discussing pedestrian crossings, how to cross a road safely, looking left, right and left again before we cross the road.

We look forward to another busy, educational and fun month ahead.

Miss Christa.

Kindergarten Excursion
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