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Cleveland Early Learning Centre November News


Welcome to November 

Our busy friends at play

The end of the year is swiftly approaching!

We are now busy organising our end of year activities with the children and hope you are looking forward to joining us at these events.

Centre Closure over the Christmas/New Year Period

Our centre only closes for the public holidays. We will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you are not intending to have your children at the centre during this time as I would like to plan staff rosters.

Parent Information evening

On Wednesday November 27th we are holding our Parent Information Evening at the centre from 6.30pm. We invite all parents along l  to visit with the Educators in the centre and gain a little insight into the requirements for the new rooms that their children will be attending in 2020.

Christmas and Graduation Photographs

Next Tuesday 19th Nov, David PForr Photography will be at the centre taking Christmas and Graduation photos of the children. Please remember to hand in your envelop e at the front desk if you would like to take up this offer.

Centre Christmas Party

We are holding our Centre Christmas Party at Raby Bay Foreshore park on Saturday 30th Nov from 9.30am-11am.

Please bring along a picnic blanket, snacks and drinks to have.

We will be having a jumping castle and entertainment from Happy Feet.

We hope you can join us!

 Room News

What a fantastic month in the Early Learners!
First of all, we would like to welcome back Leonard back!
and Welcome summer time!

Over the past month we have had our Kindergarten's First Birthday Celebrations, with a Bollywood themed disco party. The children danced the night away, played games and enjoyed some party food. We gathered around to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake.
In our class room the children have been focusing on animals and emotions. Using visual flash cards and posters to communicate their needs and encouraging our vocabulary.

With the weather warming up our class will be including more water play and activities. Families please ensure your child has two sets of spares clothes or swim wear in their bags each week.
Also a little reminder to provide sheets and hats for your child.

We look forward to another exciting month before our Christmas celebrations start.

Thanking you
Mandi and Makayla

In Kindergarten we will are excited to have Miss Gry join us for the remainder of the year. She will be working alongside Miss Lee to continue to prepare our Kindergarten children for school.

One way we will be doing this is to foster the children's resilience and independence skills. We are taking advantage of the Black Swamp area just down the end of Queen St, and on Mondays we will be venturing down there to explore and investigate.

Miss Lee is is a trained Wildlings Educator, and will be working with the children in this space. Below is a little blurb regarding the type of activity the children will be doing:

Forest School is a long term holistic learning process to connect children to nature whilst raising self-awareness and self-esteem in participants. The name does not refer to an actual place; it refers to the philosophy.

The aim of Forest School is to use the outdoor environment to empower children in their social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Through small achievable tasks children will develop independence, problem-solving skills, choice-making and self-esteem.

The Forest School learning approach fosters the view that when the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of children are met they will be content to play, work, learn and create with enthusiasm. They will also aspire to help and care for each other and their environment.

Children are encouraged to be independent and follow their own learning. Through thoughtful observations qualified Forest School Leaders will facilitate sessions to scaffold further learning experiences. Young children absorb what is going on around them whether they realise it or not, so by giving them regular experiences of fresh air, nature and positive experiences they are absorbing a strong foundation on which to build their future learning.

There are a few requirements necessary to make Forest School a safe and enjoyable experience. You will need to provide:

A long sleeved top and long sleeved pants - to help protect against the sun and insects and skin when climbing.

Closed in shoes (preferably something with grip) – to protect feet from anything sharp on the ground, for grip when climbing/walking.

Named water bottle – it's very thirsty play!

The program is for the whole class to attend (unless there are extenuating circumstances) and will be accessed during most weather so please be aware this clothing may get wet and dirty. 

 They say time files when you are having fun and this is most definitely true leading up to the end of the year. As reflected on the 1st part of the year we've had a terrific year so far. It is with this in mind that we strive to provide and maintain an enriched curriculum which both challenged and excites the learning for children. We would like to welcome Charlotte, Sarah, Thomas from Nursey to the Toddler Room, which have settled in well with the other children. Also like to welcome Fiona Smith as an Educator in our Toddler Room, who has settle in well with the children. We have seen a definite change in children with their confidence and competency. Offering some valued consistency with educators and structure with routine, children were able to anticipate with customary changes within the room. Routines became more expected and the children soon revealed their eagerness to assist with transition times to such as packing toys away, tipping scraps from lunch into bin and placing bowl/plate into container, placing books back onto the shelf. Over the last few weeks we have seen a lot of different interests from the children in dinosaurs, babies (dolls), cooking in home corner, nursery rhymes, digging holes in the sandpit, dress ups, water play, painting outside. Play is central to your child's learning and development, when your child plays, it gives them lots of different ways and time to learn. WHAT'S NEXT? This month we're learning all about sensory. What's SENSORY PLAY? Sensory play builds nerve connections with the developing brain's neural pathways, which trigger a child's inclination for and ability in competing more complex learning tasks. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. We have and will be exploring with the children goop, ice, sand, slime, food textures, finger painting, jelly, fur, playdough and many more. WHAT'S IN THE BAG? Children's artwork is regularly placed into your child's bag or in their pockets in the hall way before you enter the room by educators, please check to see what wonderful creations your little artists have done.


· At least three sets of change of clothes (as it is coming into the warmer months as their will be water play throughout the days, also messy play. All wet clothes are kept in the bathroom under the bench please see an educator for your child's clothes. Please have clothes named)

· A fitted sheet, a comforter if your child has one (named)

· A hat (named)

· A drink bottle (named)

· Nappy cream (with a chemist label on container)

· Undies if toilet training

Welcome to the Pre Kindy newsletter.

Welcome to our new families we hope you are enjoying your time with us and your children blossom in our care here at Cleveland Early Learning and Pre Kindy family.

There has been a lot happening over the past month in the Pre Kindy where we celebrated cultural and social events.I introduced my cultureto the children where we celebrated Fiji Day. We celebrated through having fun with games, weaving activity, learning some Fijian words and introducing Fijian items. We also celebrated Diwali Festival through arts and crafts, sensory activities and exploring lights. This month Pre Kindy children also went for another visit to the Cleveland Library excursion. The children learn to develop pedestrian safety skills and road safety skills while walking to and from the library. We also have been including recycling materials into our play and discussing the importance of sustainability in our environment. By involving the community around us we had the Senior Citizen from Seaton Nursing Home visiting us this month. The children showed respect and compassion when interacting with the special visitors.

The children have been very engaged , enthusiastic learners and participants in variety of activities and experiences. Majority of our program this month focused on multicultural experiences and activities which the children embraced really well, trying new experiences and making new discoveries and sharing the experience with their peers.

  • Just a few reminders:
  • Please pack enough spare clothes for your child daily .
  • Please bring a hat and a water bottle for your child daily.
  • Please bring a cot fitted sheet and top sheet in a separate bag daily.

Until next time


 Nursery newsletter for the month of November 2019

Wow hasn't this year disappeared from us, before we know Christmas will be upon us.

Just a friendly reminder that as the weather is warming up, we kindly ask of you to ensure your child has a wide brim hat, sun safe (no singlets or tank tops) clothes & water bottles for every day they attend. We will be doing a lot more outdoor/water play, so we ask that you bring in a sun safe rashie and a towel, so we can keep them in their baskets in the bathroom.

Also due to S.I.D.S all children must have a sleeping bag to sleep in from now.

Just a few friendly reminders:

  • Please remember to label ALL of your child's items.
  • A hat for every day your child attends the centre
  • Sheets (a fitted bottom sheet & a sleep bag) for every day your child attends the centre, they will be sent home at the end of your child's week.
  • Any nappy creams, teething gels and medication must have a chemist label affixed.
  • Enough spare clothes for your child for the week (3-4 pairs)
  • Formula and bottles to be measured out before arriving at the centre.
  • A water bottle

Miss Yolene, Miss Elisa & Miss Elke

Aussie Christmas Celebrations
November News

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