December News 2020


Merry Christmas from all the Educators  at Cleveland Early Learning Centre.

We are happy to say that 2020 is almost behind us and we are looking forward to a bright and positive beginning of the New Year.

Recently our children have been celebrating the end of the year with many activities and mini celebrations. We hope that they have enjoyed the lead up to Christmas and the holidays and have been eager to share their days with you.

A big thank you to all of our families that have brought in goodies for the Educators to share during this festive season, it is greatly appreciated and I am sure our waistlines are truly appreciating it too! I would like to thank all our amazing families for supporting us and entrusting us to care and educate your children this year. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful staffing team who work tirelessly to create a fun and nurturing environment for all the children. As  you can imagine, every day is different and requires flexibility and at times spontaneity, and I feel that our Educators are professional and able to adapt and rise to the challenges that a day in childcare presents!

Just a reminder that we are closed only for the public holidays, and the only change to our opening hours are:

Christmas Eve: closing time is 6PM

New Year's Eve: Closing time is 6PM.

Please ensure you have made arrangements to have your child collected before 6pm on those days.

Room Lists for 2021

Parents  will be notified  over the next couple of weeks of the room that their child will be enrolled in from 25th January. If you have any  concerns or questions please see Petra to discuss.

Staffing 2021

we are seeing a few changes to our staffing in 2021, as some of our lovely Educators are moving on to other pursuits in life. We wish them all the best, and are now focussing on building a strong team with our diverse and experienced staff. 

Staffing Plan:

Nursery: Miss Elisa and Miss Adriana

Toddlers: Miss Jessica and Miss Emma

Early Learners: Miss Mandi, Miss Ashlee, Miss Eileen

Pre Kindy: Miss Emilee, Miss Kristen

Kindergarten: Miss Amy-Lee, Miss Ana, Miss Maddie

Support Educators: Miss Nikki, Miss Danielle, Miss Josephine

I hope every family in our Cleveland Early Learning Community has a relaxed and joyful holiday break and enjoys the family time that Christmas brings.

  • Merry Christmas!!!

December 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone
December News

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