February News 2022

20220211_10534_20220301-014345_1 How far do you think our planes will fly?

The Children have been busy making new friendships within their new rooms & are making strong bonds with their new Educators. It is lovely to see the children are settling in. The children have been engaging in a lot of self-help skills, such as applying their own sunscreen before going outside & being responsible for their belongings (making sure that they place their belongings inside their bags) & have been working together in groups, which helps the children understand turn taking, mathematical concepts, science concepts & sensory. 

I would like to thank our wonderful Educators who have worked really hard over this difficult time, helping each other out & helping myself out especially. First we were hit with Covid, now the floods & the uncertainty in the Ukraine.

We would also like the thank our wonderful parents who have shown their loyalty & stood by our decisions we have had to make over the past few months, we cannot thank you enough.

If you have any concerns, questions or would simply like to chat, please do not hesitate to come & see me.

Cleveland Early Learning Educators

February 2022
February News!

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