January News 2022


Dear families,

Welcome to 2022, what a start to the year it has been but the children & staff have managed to settle into your new rooms.  

Nursery - Miss Elisa & Miss Eileen

Toddlers - Miss Claudia, Miss Brooke & Miss Danielle 

Early Learners - Miss Emma, Miss Ashlee & Miss Tia. Miss Ana will be the support for both the Toddlers & Early Learners.

Pre Kindy - Miss Emilee & Miss Adriana

Kindergarten - Miss Jamie, Miss Krystal & Miss Kristen.

 We have welcomed new families to the centre who all have also settled in well. With the weather warming up we are encouraging the children & staff to keep well hydrated.


  • Please remember to sign your child in and out. This is very important as it is a regulation which we have to comply with.
  • Please remember to inform us if your child is not attending for whatever reason.
  • Please ensure you send along a change of clothes in your child's bag daily. Clearly labeled
  • Be aware that we are a healthy-eating child care centre; therefore please send along healthy snacks for your children. For suggestions come and see us in the office for ideas.
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