March Newsletter

Welcome to the March Newsletter

My name is Leanne and I have stepped into the office to help out until a new centre Manager is found. Racheal will be moving to the kitchen and will be the centre cook as well as Educational Leader for the centre.

As the numbers continue to grow at the centre, we have re named the rooms to make it easier for everyone to identify the different areas.

Nursery 6weeks to 2 y

Toddlers 15mth to 2 years

Early Learners 2-3 years

Pre Kindy 3-4 years

Kindergarten 4-5 years

If you are wanting extra days please see Leanne in the office and she will be happy to book them in for you or give you a quote.

This month sees the Kindergarten children move into the Kindergarten room, if you still have not given me your Kindergarten acknowledgement forms and birth certificates please do so ASAP, these forms were given out again last week to all the families it concerns thank you.

The QLD Kindergarten program runs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Monday is miss Christa's non contact programming day where she will be out of the room for 3 hours programming.

This month in the Nursery we will be focusing on colour recognition as the children have been very interested in the coloured shape sorter that was brought out, we will also be focusing on the child's individual developmental milestones.If there is anything you would like us to focus on with your child please let us know and we can work together on things. 

We would like also to start a family wall, displaying your child's family, could you please fill in the sheet i will be sending home and return when complete ? and also send in photos that we can use in our display for your child's family. you can email these photos to the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Leanne will print them for you. 


Please remember to label ALL of your child's items

Provide a hat every day your child attends the centre

Sheets top and bottom in  a sheet bag, the sheets will be sent home at the end of your child's week to be washed. 

Any nappy creams, teething gels and medication need to have a chemist label with the child's name on it. 

Enough spare clothes for your child for the week 

A water bottle 

Till next month Miss Yolene 

 Dear parents

Last month the toddlers were interested in sensory activities, the most exciting activity was water play, some of us loved sitting in the trough to feel the cool water and splashing it around each other. Some children enjoyed running under the hose in the playground and they decided to pretend beach play with towers, beach balls ,buckets and shovels in the sandpit. They enjoyed exploring wet and dry sand play and made sand castles together.

Recently the children have been interested in jungle animals, we learnt about their names and used a variety of materials to create bugs, butterflies, birds and monkeys. We will continue to explore our jungle animals next a couple of weeks.

Welcome Austin and Scarlett A to the toddler room meeting their new friends and their families to our community, also we welcome Alexis, Eille, Abgail and Mackenzie to the toddlers room.

We will support them every day to achieve their learning journey.

Joyce Hammond 

This month we have welcomed some new friends into our class, welcome Evie, Jacob, Knox and Ethan to Cleveland ELC. We look forward to watching you grow and learn during your time here with us., 

We have been very busy this month learning about our colours of the rainbow. The children have been enjoying their own learning experiences through activities such as crafts, water painting, colour mixing, rainbow coloured play dough making and our dancing and movement.

We have a few changes happening in our classroom approaching, with our room now called Early Learners !

This means that we will be joining our class with the pre kindy , this is exciting for our children and educators. 

Just a reminder for our families to clearly label your child's belongings 

Miss Mandi

This month the children have continued to develop their peer relationship, fine motor strength,gross motor strength and their creativity, as well as expanding their knowledge on topics that  have interested them. 

The month began with looking at buildings and towers. This has been an interest in all children as they create various buildings out of a wide range of materials. To extend on this Miss Christa introduced buildings and structures from around the world. The children learnt what they were made of, where in the world they are located and designed and created their own. 

Moving to the human body, children looked at the organs, bones and skeleton. The children were given the option to participate in a variety of art experiences, which extended their knowledge through visually seeing organs and bones. the light box provided a great tool for the children to identify bones and what part of the body they thought they belong in.  From this the children explored the doctors area set in home corner, discussing with each other why they were at the doctors and how the doctor could make them better. children were able to role play using costumes, scales, bandages, stethoscope and much more. 

Till next month Miss Christa 

Extra Curriculum Activities


Created by Captain Cam - former 'Captain Starlight' from the Starlight Children's Foundation - This original program offers themed adventure classes, taking large stage performances and putting them into a super fun, interactive and educational class format that has been designed for children in child care centres. Meeting National Quality Framework standards makes this program a terrific compliment to our centre!

Classes will be every MONDAY at 10am for children aged between 18 months and 5 years. There are 31 themes and more in production, so every week is a new exciting learning adventure! Every child at our centre will get one free trial, then if they wish to continue with the program, it will cost just $9.50 per class. Every enrolled child receives special certificates and reports throughout the year, photos of themselves dressed up in the awesome costumes, weekly emails sent to you to keep you connected to what your child experienced & learnt in that class and you will get to see them, live - in action during a class display too! If you wish for your child to participate in the program or for more information on Happy Feet Fitness please visit the: or contact Miss Donna on 0488440791

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