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March Newsletter


Welcome to our March Newsletter.  

In these uneasy times, the educators and myself would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of our wonderful families and wish everyone to stay safe and healthy.

As with previous emails sent out, we are closely following the Australian Government's and Queensland Health's recommendations to minimise the impact of this virus on our community here at Cleveland Early Learning.  

We have been thankful for all the Parent's support in following our hygiene measures and sanitising on entry and exit of the centre each day.

All our extracurricular activities such as Happy Feet, Grasshoppers Soccer, Yoga and Library visits are currently suspended until further notice, and the planned incursion of Ocean Life has been postponed.

 Our Kindy group may start escorted journeys to our local parks to look at wildlife and fauna as part of their program. This will be at their Parent's discretion and permission slips will be sent home.

Our Easter parade on  Thursday, April 7th will still go ahead, except that we ask the Parents DO NOT attend this year.   We will ensure that plenty of photos will be taken and shared with all our families. This is to minimise group gatherings.

The recent Dental Visit was successful as it was a positive dental experience for most of the children who participated. Each child received a small gift pack and dental report following the visit.

Spotlight on our Chef Minda!!

This month we are highlighting our fantastic chef Minda. Minda has been educating young children both in the rooms and in the kitchen for many years. She works for us 5 days per week, designing and implementing the weekly menu for our children.  She works closely with Nutrition Australia and includes recipes and ideas using their guidelines as a reference. Minda has been incorporating healthy and delicious slices into the menu. You may see some at the front desk in the afternoons, so please have a taste!

Below is the recipe for the Apricot and Muselsi slice we are having next week.

 Over the last couple of weeks in the nursery we have been very busy making Valentine's day cards, hand prints and more art work as children are very interested in painting.

They are learning to problem solve and developing curiosity as they experiment with various paint brushes, so in the next month we will continue to provide more opportunities for children as we get ready for Easter.

Speech and language development forms a big part of our group goals, we have been singing lots of action songs, dancing to the wiggles and using finger puppets, it is great to see the babies trying to do the actions and even attempting to sing. We use music during transitions, when changing their nappies and now we have some babies pointing to the pictures on the wall and dancing when they want the wiggles on.

Books are also used throughout the day and the poster on the wall is used by the children as they try to name some pictures, please feel free to bring in a book from home to share with everyone.

Many of our babies will be walking soon, they are confidently pulling themselves up holding on to furniture and even taking some steps, during our outdoor play we have been using some push up toys to help them and it is so rewarding to see their proud smiles when pushing the walker.

Until next month it's bye from the nursery staff

Makayla, Elke and Elisa.

The toddlers have been interested in transportation, playing with different vehicles on the mat, sandpit and car ramp, so we extended the learning about in these areas. The children have used their imaginations, connecting to real life by pretending to be bus drivers and passengers on the bus while exploring their own identity through the play. We have also used technology to hear the sounds and name of each vehicle to increase their language skills and knowledge.

The toddlers have increased their interest for sensory activities. By exploring the textures of different materials we have expanded their vocabularies with describing words such as soft, hard, sticky, cold etc.

Lilly and Shayne have transitioned up to the toddler room smoothly, both of them enjoying being in the room for their next learning journey.

We are pleased to welcome Ella, Vance and Aria to the Toddler's room and love to have them as our new friends. We will continue to support them to feel safe and secure in their new environment.

Miss Joyce and Miss Ashlee. 

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Pre Kindy News

This month has seen a lot of excitement in the Pre Kindy room. This month we are focusing on your child's identity, sense of belonging in their environment and what makes them unique. The children's ALL ABOUT ME have been displayed and hoping to add our family photos soon. Name rocks and our hand prints have also displayed on the wall. Could you please bring a photo in if you haven't already that we could keep and display on our wall, or you can email a photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will print it for you.

We are very excited to welcome new families who have join us. We look forward to watching them grow and learn here with us in the Pre Kindy class.

We have introduced lots of sensory experiences to the children including finger paintings, shaving cream, lemon sensory bin, moon sand and wet sand. The children have been really engaged with these experiences. We are confident and involved learners as we looking into experimenting and investigating with science. Experimenting float and sink experiment, and experimenting on scales, weighing different materials to see whether they are heavy or lighter. We also focused on challenging our physical wellbeing during inside play and outdoor play.

Extending the children's learning have also been our focus in this month program and curriculum. By extending the children's learning, this promotes positive interactions and positive learning for all children.

Just a few friendly reminders:

Please label all your child's belongings.

Please bring a hat every day your child attends care.

Please bring sheets top and bottom in sheet bag every day your child is at care.

Please bring enough nappies everyday your child attends care and a rest time nappy if your child is toilet training.

Please bring enough spare clothes for your child especially if they are toilet training.

Thank you

Miss Mere, Miss Fiona and Miss Natalie. 

Bruce with his sister Willow (a Staffie cross) she is older than Bruce and also from the UK.

 This month in Kindergarten we have become proud pet owners of two Goldfish – Silver and Goldie. We are also becoming avid learners and really getting into our phonics and letter formation. Our Dough Disco sessions are helping us all to build upon our fine motor skills which sets us up for writing later on at school.

We have enjoyed learning new songs: Taba Naba, Pizza Dough Boogie and the Number Formation song to aid us in our future learning. Miss. Amy-Lee has been busy ordering us new resources and helping to make our classroom feel homely and comfy so drop off becomes easier as we have a lot to look forward to! We have been well behaved on our library excursions to date (keep up it up Kindy!)

We have had a busy but wonderful month in Kindergarten; following our classroom rules, becoming caring and thoughtful children who have a love of learning – long may it continue! Next month we will be starting our ELLA program where the children will begin learning Mandarin on the iPads – Miss. Amy-Lee will be starting from scratch too so it will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to teach her something!

The children have shown a keen interest in animals, we have many discussions concerning our pets and we play lots of pet and vet role play games. To extend upon this interest, Miss. Amy-Lee plans on bringing her Working Cocker Spaniel, Bruce into Kindergarten to highlight the importance of caring for our pets and the correct way to approach unknown and unfamiliar dogs. A risk assessment will be carried out and permission slips will need to be distributed and collected before Bruce attends Kindergarten for the day. If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to speak to Miss. Amy-Lee or Miss. Petra.

Thanks for a great month Kindy!
Miss. Amy-Lee 

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March 2020

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