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September Newsletter


From the office

 Welcome to Spring!

We are very happy to leave the Winter months behind and head into more pleasant weather.

With the warmer weather approaching, it is necessary to look at our sun safety procedures once again. We will be using the Sun safe App to monitor the UV ratings each day and this will be used to determine safe play times outside. We will have this posted in the front foyer  at the sunscreen station for you to see on arrival. Please ensure your child has sunscreen applied before, or on arrival at childcare each day. Also we ask that your child is wearing a hat, and sun safe clothes with sleeves when attending childcare. Please refer to the above brochure on Sun safe Procedures for guidance.

New Staff

We welcome back Amber to our team. Amber will be working in the Toddler Room with Joyce. Also in the Toddler room is Christina. Christina joins our team on Monday, Tuesday and the occasional Wednesday. Elke, Amanda and Shannon have been employed  casually to assist with relief and the Nursery as the number of our children have increased dramatically in the past few weeks. 

Centre  1st  Birthday Celebration

Don't forget that we are having a Bollywood disco and Mini Market to celebrate our first birthday at the centre on Friday October 25th at 5.30 pm.

If you, or someone you know would like to have a table at our Mini Market to display your home business, please see me at the front desk. We would love to have you join us.

Father's Day

Thank you to all the families that attended our Father's Day breakfast. We hope you enjoyed the breakfast and the opportunity to engage in the activities provided as well as connect with the other Mums and Dads at the centre. Please see below some photos from the day.

Cyber Safety and Scams

In the foyer you will find Booklets on keeping your child safe while using the internet. Please feel free to take one when you are next in. It is important to educate ourselves as Parents to keep our children safe from harm. Also in the foyer is pamphlets  on protecting your identity and scams. Theses have been kindly given to us from the Bayside Volunteer Policing Division. 

 August 2019

The kindergarten children headed off to the crazy markets on Ekka Wednesday. Many discussions were had about the various products for sale, including the types of fruits and vegetables, and the types of meat in the butchers window. We were very lucky to stop by Gisler pies, which saw the children very excited to see their favourite sweets in the window. Once at the playground, the children demonstrated respect and compassion when playing with members of the public.

In conjunction with Cleveland State School, we have been participating in the REDIT (reading every-day is terrific) program. This encourages children to read a story with a parent or older sibling for 15 mins a day. Reading with your child each day has many benefits. These include improving listening skills, building early literacy skills, practice makes perfect, improves academic performance, improves relationships and provides food for their brain. Reading with your child can vary from you reading a story, to your child telling the story through describing the pictures.

Children are continuing to show great interest in the jolly phonics program. The confidence the children are displaying in recognising the sounds now extends to stories. When I am reading a story, the children are identifying the sounds we have previously looked at, as well as ones they recall from prior knowledge, As the end of the year is getting closer, I will be introducing a new letter each week, instead of every second week. We will continue to look at the sounds, words that begin with the letter, as well as develop skills in writing the letter. 

  The toddler room has been busy each day to make sure that the children's routines and transitions are smooth.We have implemented indoor and outdoor play throughout the day which assists children in engaging in more activities effectively, and also allows more space for individual daily needs and group play. The environment settings encourage the children to become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing and develop dispositions for learning such as confidence, imagination, creativity, cooperation, enthusiasm and persistence. It is delightful to see the children have achieved positive social play, a goal which we have been focusing on. We have moved on to sensory play which the children enjoy the most. This play expands the children's vocabularies and use senses to explore our environment through the senses and develops their interests. Next week we will start to transition Archer, Izaiah, Miro and Alexis to the Early Learning room to make sure that the children have a smooth transition for their next learning adventure.

 Hello Early Learners Families,

Winter has finally passed, and Spring has arrived!
This past Month we have welcomed Claudia and Alise who have graduated from the toddlers and have transitioned into the Early Learners.
And we would also like to welcome Denver and Rebecca in our Family here at Cleveland Early Learning.
Sadly, we will miss our friend Leonard and Evie, we will hope to see them back in the new year.
During the past month in the Early Learners our focus has been about group experiences and socialising with our peers. Each day a group activity is planned to encourage each child's confidence, communication and friendship.
With our theme of the month being the Ocean's. The children engaged in sensory experiences, dramatic and role play. Giving the children a realistic environment to express their imagination and creativity.
We look forward to another fantastic month in the Early Learners!
Families please remember to pack lots of spare clothes for water play and messy play during the warmer month of September

 This month in the nursery we welcomed our new friends and Educators to our family – Lilly, Gimorah and Miss Elke who is our IS support for Mason; they have settled well into their new surroundings.

The Nursery children and staff would like to wish all the father's a Happy Father's Day and hope they enjoyed the Father's Day breakfast and their presents.

As the weather is starting to warm please ensure your child has a wide brim hat and water for every day they attend, also please ensure their clothing is sun safe (no singlets or tank tops).

If your child requires a dummy when they attend, we ask that you please leave 1 at the centre just in-case you forget one on the day your child attends, we have a dummy container for each child with their name labelled on it.

We are still waiting on a few family photos to add to our family tree.

Just a few friendly reminders:

  • Please remember to label ALL of your child's items.
  • A hat for every day your child attends the centre
  • Sheets (top fitted and bottom) and a sheet bag for every day your child attends the centre and they will be sent home at the end of your child's week.
  • Any nappy creams, teething gels and medication to have a chemist label affixed.
  • Enough spare clothes for your child for the week.
  • Formula and bottles to be measured out before arriving at the centre.
  • A water bottle

Miss Yolene, Miss Elisa & Miss Elke

 What an exciting month in the Pre Kindy as we welcomed new friends and families that have started with us recently. So welcome Anais, Griffin, Mana, Aria and Kye. We hope you are all settling in well and enjoying being a part of our Cleveland Early Learning and Pre Kindy family.

There has been a lot happening over the past month in the Pre Kindy where we celebrated cultural and social events. Renata Show is a multi cultural story telling show which support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children's day which we all celebrated and participated in. Celebrating Aboriginal children's day and Crazy Ekka day in support for Ekka week. This month Pre Kindy also went on their first to the Cleveland Library excursion. So proud of all the children as they did so well walking to and from the library and showing an understanding of road safety. We also celebrated Fathers day by inviting all our dads and granddads for breakfast at our centre which was a great morning. Thank you to all those that were able to attend.

The children have been very engaged , enthusiastic learners and participants in variety of activities and experiences. We continued to explore sensory experiences this month and engaged in different fine motor activities. The children also loved experimenting with water colour, candle wax and crayon this month.

We also have been focusing on self help skills where we discussed and encouraging the children to organise their own belongings and packing it away into their bags.

We look forward to another exciting month in the Pre Kindy.

September 2019
Kidz Magic Capestone September Newsletter

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