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May's Newsletter 2020

Welcome to May's Newsletter 2020 

 News from the Office;

Welcome to our new families that have joined our centre. 

Thank you to all our supporting families that continue to support us joining this crazy time of COVID 19. We are working alongside Queensland Health to assist us with COVID 19 and ensuring we are taking the correct measures. As the restrictions start to ease please continue to practice social distancing when in the centre, Please continue to use the hand sanitizer supplied when entering the service and leaving. We will be continuing with our handwashing practices and cleaning procedures. 

All School Children return back to school on the 25th of May 2020. Well done to all the families who have been able to home school. I'm sure all the children and families are excited to be returning back to some kind of normal. If you need the school bus please call or email me. At this stage, we will only be doing one bus run to and from school. 

Changing days: The centre is filling up fast! Please email if you need to permanently change days. No days can be changed on a weekly basis. No added days unless they are permanent day changes due to work. 

The cooler weather is approaching fast! Please send appropriate clothing and shoes. Please ensure you pack sheets every day with a drink bottle and have all belongings named. Please keep your child/children at home if they are sick. 

Until next time,

Miss Hannah 

News from Pips:

The Pips have been enjoying exploring the big yard! they are so clever as they investigate nature and natural objects. The children have been engaging in sensory play experiences and extending on their vocabulary and language development as they communicate with each other and educators.

The children have been responding well to music by dancing and making music with musical instruments. The children have enjoyed listening to interactive stories for storytimes. 

Until next time,

Miss Steph, Miss Rupinder & Miss Shy

News from Buds:

Hello everyone

Firstly we would like to welcome the children who have returned back. The children have settled quickly into their new environment exploring all the different play areas in the room.

  • Completing the puzzles on their own
  • Building with Duplo, small wooden blocks and magnetic shapes
  • Dramatic/role play in the home corner

We have been singing lots of songs and nursery rhymes using puppets. We have noticed that the children are remembering the actions to the songs and requesting songs they like to hear us sing, they show us by using the actions to prompt us to sing. The children's language skills are developing rapidly with many children able to use sentences, identifying colours and able to count from 1-10.

Outside the children have been exploring the gardens for wildlife, actively looking for frogs and insects. They are also developing confidence in their physical abilities, easily maneuvering the bikes and using spatial awareness.

We look forward to assisting the children on their way to becoming independent little people.

Until next time

Maria & Emma

News from the Poppies:

This month a big focus for the Poppies room has been writing and letter recognition. The children are all showing a lot of progress in their abilities to write their names. As the middle of the year is fast approaching we will be continuing to help the children be prep ready. The children have shown a big interest in bugs, creatures and insects. We will continue to incorporate their interest as well as a prep ready program daily. The children have been working towards having healthy relationships with peers and educators for example having the ability to communicate when something is upsetting them. We are still after old x-rays if any families have them spare to bring in and a family photo for our Piptree family tree. 

Until next month,

Miss Ebony & Miss Brenda

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