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Piptree Early Learning Heritage Park Newsletter

Welcome to our September Newsletter

From the office:

A very big Welcome to our new families.  We hope your children have an enjoyable time, while here at Piptree Heritage Park.

We hope all our Dad's and special Men in our lives had a fabulous Father's Day, and got spoilt rotten by your little people.  I know the children enjoyed making your presents.  A big thank you to those Dad's and Grand Dad's that came for our Afternoon Tea.  The children enjoyed showing you what activities they do when in the yard, along with play dough and colouring in and drawing Dad.  

There will be some changes in the coming weeks as we will be transitioning the Blossoms into their own room.  The older children in the Buds room will also be transitioning into that room.  

The Lead Educator will be Miss Leoby and Miss Chelsea as the Assistant Educator.  We look forward to this transition and I know the children are going to be just as excited.

Up coming events 

Friday 7th Sep - Wear White for Child Protection

Tuesday 19th - Poppies Woolworth's tour

Friday 21st - wear your footy colours day gold coin donation going to childhood cancer research.

 Welcome to the Pips room news,

We are very excited to have a few new families to add to our room. Everyone has settled in well.

The Pips have been very busy learning socialisation skills amongst themselves and learning to communicate with each other.

Our very busy little independent pips have been learning about Strawberries 🍓. We have a strawberry plant on the veranda that has two little strawberry fruits growing. The children are very curious at the fruit growing. Everyday we look at them to see if any changes have happened. The children enjoy trying to water them with the watering cans and themselves haha.. Following on from the strawberry plants we have painted some strawberry pictures to add to our creative arts collection.

We are in the process of putting the children's word kites on the wall. This will allow us to add the words the children are learning to say, just in case you miss them saying it at home.

As the room is getting busy could you please ensure that you are naming all your children's belongings.

That would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you Until next time, 

Miss Hannah, Miss Kayla & .Miss Chelsea. 

​Buds Room News

Hello everyone, it's the month of September already and as we all know Spring is in the air!

The children have been doing gardening, we planted some Snow peas two weeks ago.  Now that they have started to shoot we invited the Blossoms and Poppies children to help us plant the snow peas in the veggies garden, the children all enjoyed the gardening experience. Over the coming weeks we will be adding to our garden, we have some poppy seeds, some sun flower seeds and some vegetables.   We have also planted some flowers in the Garden Beds, don't forget to have a look in the yard, when you next come to visit.

At the moment we are learning about sustainability, the children are collecting the fruit scraps to feed the worms every week, and we are going to be using the worm juice to fertilize the veggie garden.

Learning Benefits; Scooping up the dirt, placing the seeds in the pots and pouring the water all take fine motor control and strength. As the children garden, they develop important motor skills that will help them improve their skills such as writing, cutting and coordination.  This also enables us to look after things, so we can watch them grow and produce vegetables.  

We also welcome Blaize, Bramhtej, and Jack into our room we hope they feel happy and welcome.

Thanks everyone

Miss Maria and Miss Leanne :)

 Poppies and Blossoms News

As you are all aware Miss Laura is on her practical placement and will be returning on Monday 10th of September.  Miss Leoby has done a fabulous job while Miss Laura has been away.  The children made some great Father's Day presents, they have been continuing with learning the seasons, months of the year, days of the week.  They have also been having a blast with their weekly visits to Yugumbir State School for the prep for success program.  The learning that has been taking place has been very beneficial for the children and giving them the confidence in moving forward for next year when they go onto Prep. 

Along with the Bud's children we have been planting some seeds and flowers.  We have been learning about the life cycle of plants, and experiencing how they grow.  We started with some bean sprouts, and watched them sprout in a zip lock bag with cotton wool, we have planted them in the soil, and have been taking turns in watering them.  When they are big enough we will plant them in the big veggie patch in the yard.

Thank you for Blossoms and Poppies for letting me into your room.

Miss Leoby and Miss Sandra :)




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