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Welcome to November Newsletter 2019

 News From Hannah;

Hello Families,

Welcome to our November newsletter. Wow where has the year gone, Christmas is just around the corner!

Educa has been a success! I hope you all are enjoying seeing the posts everyday.

Reminders of centre events will be put on Educa's notice board and the Parent notice board located in the centres foyer. Please keep an eye out for all the new events that are coming up.

Could you please return your enrolment bookings for next year asap please.

Thank you for all your continuing support throughout the centre.

We have been very busy here at Piptree Heritage Park.

The children and staff had a fun day dressing up for our colour day.

Thank you to all who participated in wearing red and the Donations for Daniel on Friday 25th of October. We raised $55 for the Daniel Morcombe foundation.

It was wonderful to see all our special people attend our Grandparents morning tea! The children enjoyed showing you all off.

Our Halloween Disco What a fantastic night !!! It was great to see so many families getting together. The children had a blast dancing and getting their faces painted and getting their crazy hair on! A big thank you to all our families and staff for making the night so memorable.

Our upcoming events:


Monday 11th Remembrance day

Wednesday 20th Universal children's day- Messy play day!

Save the dates:

Wednesday 11th December: Poppies Graduation 6:30pm start

Friday 13th December: Children's Christmas party 5:30pm start

News from the Pips room;

Let's welcome our new friend Charlie and Isla to the Pips Room. We are happy and proud that you did it in your first day. The children were busy learning and had fun the whole month of October.

On October 3, 2019 we had our Colour Day and the children wore something red. It was Miss Stephany's birthday and we baked a red cupcake. Children were engaged during the activity and wanted to stir more of the cup cake mix.

Emergency services visited us. The children were excited to see the Policeman and the paramedic. It was October 7, 2019.

This month, we are focused on preparing for the Halloween Celebration. We've been busy in doing arts and crafts. We did lots of painting and they loved the textures of it. Moreover, we were developing the children's physical well-being. The children are confidently walking without support and the babies are sitting confidently now. We are enhancing the children's language development and vocabulary.

We're also working on our Self-Help Skills, personal hygiene and some of the children are starting toilet training!

On October 25, 2019 we celebrated Day for Daniel. We join in the community to raise awareness for children's safety. We wore red and donated gold coin for Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

Grandparents Day was a success. We invited our dear grandparents to celebrate with us and had morning tea with their grandchildren.

Until next time,

Miss Leoby & Miss Stephy

News from the Buds room;

Last month in October the children in the Bud's room did experiences based on language development and Halloween.
The children participated in experiences that related to our theme that was letters and numbers. As part of this theme we learnt about Letters and how they sound and look and numbers and counting. The children learnt about a new letter every day. We did B for bear. The children enjoyed this letter because we got to read their favourite story about a very cranky bear. The children love this story because they get to roar very loudly and stomp their feet just like the very cranky bear. Our craft experience for the day was making bear handprint art. The children were very interested in making handprints and liked being able to put them all over the page. When an educator showed the children that their handprints were now bears they became very excited and told educators and other children that the animal was a bear.
We tried a new way of painting for this theme as for F the word was feet! Educators aided children in stepping in the paint then walking or painting with their feet. Some of the children were unsure about this experience because we had never tried it before. After watching their friends have a go and receiving some positive encouragement from educators, everyone had a go.
Last month we also did lots of experiences based on Halloween.
For our craft experiences we did pumpkin painting, recycled spider painting, handprint spider painting and footprint ghost painting. The children loved seeing their spooky crafts displayed in the class room. They often pointed at their artwork and tell educators it is spooky.
Our main Halloween experience was sensory play with edible eyeballs. The eyeballs were made out of coconut cream, cranberry juice, gelatin and blueberries. The children were very interested in this experience and spoke to educators about what they could see touch and feel. The children told educators that they looked like their eyes. Educators asked the children what they felt like and if they could pick them up. The children tried picking up the eyeballs, feeling them between their fingers and squishing them in their hands. Some of the children enjoyed even having a little taste!
As an end to the Halloween theme we had the Halloween disco.
In November we look forward to preparing for Christmas. The children in the Bud's room will be learning their new Christmas song and creating beautiful Christmas presents for their families.

Until next time,

Miss Steph, Miss Kayla & Miss Chelsea

News from the Blossoms room;

Chill out! Welcome to our Blossoms November addiction;

Time is moving fast, as fast that we even could not stop our children grow, learn, develop and mature. For the past months, blossoms are becoming confident learners indoor and outdoor. Children have learnt their rainbow colours and enjoyed each science explorations like walking colours and hidden colours (using bicarb soda and vinegar). Blossoms got lots of interest with gardening, too. Seeds planted at the end of winter season are now starting to sprouts. We can't wait to see flowers, insects and fruits.

We also practice self-help skills in the room. As days passed, Blossoms are becoming more independent making their beds, serving themselves, toileting, wiping faces and noses. "I can do this," is what we like to hear from our confident little ones. WELL DONE BLOSSOMS! What a great sense of achievement!

Blossoms showed lots of interest in writing. White board and pens were made available for children to draw and write. We started learning two or three letters each week. Children showed eagerness in learning and developing their vocabularies and understanding word meaning. As it is of most importance, we focus more on letter phonics. Children are becoming aware that through letter sounds, we can make words. We will extend all these learnings with making arts and crafts, cooking experiences and science explorations.

Blossoms are committed to beautify our outdoors and be responsible with our environment. We will continue to do gardening. Weather has changed! It is getting warmer. Please don't forget to add warmer clothes in your children's bag.

Most importantly, Miss Lyn and Miss Shy would like to say THANK YOU to all families who had joined and support our centre activities. We greatly appreciate all of your efforts.

Your Amazing Educators,

Miss Lyn and Miss Shy

​News from Poppies room;

​The children have been very busy preparing for school next year. They have enjoyed going to Yugumbir State School to participate in the Prep for Success Program. They have learnt so much for the weeks they have been in school. Our children are very much into writing their first and last name. Children have been extending on their language and vocabulary skills. The children have enjoyed extending on their cognitive and mathematical skills during rotational table activities. Your educators are so proud of how much you have learned for the span of time.

Transition statements will be ready for collection by the first week of December. Don't forget to collect yours.

Please save the date for Graduation on the 11th of December, starting at 6:30PM

Until next time,

Miss Ebony

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