December 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Hello and welcome to our final Newsletter for 2020!What a year we have all had with many ups and downs faced within our own lives and within our wider community. 2020 has certainly shown us what's important and brought many of us closer together within our Kidz Magic Capestone service and community.Please remember that we are closed on the following days: Friday, 25th December 2020M...
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November 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Hi everyone,What an exciting Month we have had as we celebrated our Kidz Magic Capestone's 2nd Birthday!   We can't believe how fast 2 years has gone and how much we've grown, adapted and changed over that time.  With Christmas just around the corner we are getting ready for all the celebrations.  Save the dates for the following:Family Photo Day - Sunday 6th December...
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October 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Dear Parents & Guardians,Welcome to our October News!The year is passing us by so very quickly and I would like to extend a big thank you to all our wonderful Educators, Children and Families.   Your continued support, communication and contributions are always so very very welcomed.Occupancy:Our service is currently at full capacity and unfortunately we are not able to sup...
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September 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

 Dear Parents & Guardians,Welcome to yet another news update for our wonderful Kidz Magic Capestone.I'd like to start by saying a really big thank you to all the amazing families for making our Educators Day so special for the team of dedicated Early Childhood Educators we have here at our service.  With your support and assistance I was able to make the day one to remember and ...
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August 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Dear Parents and Guardians,Wanya and welcome to our August Newsletter.The year is ticking by so very quickly and it's been so enjoyable to see things settle to our new 'normal' over the last few weeks. Fingers crossed we can keep things that way!A very big thank you to each of you for keeping your little ones home when they are unwell and notifying us. This has been greatly appreciated.Welcome to ...
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July 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Welcome everyone to our July Newsletter for Kidz Magic Capestone.It's so wonderful to have you all back and even more special to be able to welcome our many new families who have recently joined us over the past few weeks.It's been quite a journey but it's not over yet and protecting and promoting the healthy development of young children and children is our primary responsibility. Young children ...
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June 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Dear Parents and Guardians,Welcome to our latest June newsletter. A very big welcome back to many of our families.  It's been so lovely to see you all returning.  I'd also like to extend a welcome to our newest Kidz Magic families who have recently joined us or are soon to do so over the coming weeks.  Finally we are starting to see the light at the end of the long tu...
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May Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

 Welcome to our latest newsletter for Kidz Magic Capestone.We are so pleased to see things starting to return to as normal as possible with the return of many of our wonderful families.It has been so lovely to see you all back again and although things are still a little different around our rostering and staffing arrangements it's been so wonderful to see everyone again and to be able to enj...
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April Newsletter - Kids Magic Capestone

Hello and welcome to our April Newsletter for Kidz Magic Capestone.So much has happened since our last newsletter. Myself and our wonderful Kidz magic team would like to extend a very warm thanks to all of the amazing families who have been so very supportive and understanding during these very new and trying times.Over the past few weeks we have been overwhelmed by your kind words, offers of assi...
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March Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

 Dear Parents and Guardians,Wunya and Welcome to our Newsletter for March 2020.With March and all the worries of the COVID-19 virus there has been so much happening and I'm sure lots of uncertainty within ourselves, families and the wider community.We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that at this point in time, and until otherwise informed, we are continuing to operate as usu...
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Kidz Magic Capestone - February News

 Dear Parents and Guardians,Wunya and Welcome to our Newsletter for February 2020.With a new school year commencing there are loads of adjustments needing to be made around routines and planning within the service and as a new first time 'Prep mum' myself I'm also experiencing this struggle and working to find the perfect 'work/life' balance.Over the coming months, I have made the decision to...
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Kidz Magic Capestone September Newsletter

Welcome to this months newest newsletter from Kidz Magic Capestone.We hope you enjoy the new format.  Thank you very much    Download PDF File Here
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Welcome to 2019!

Dear Parents & Guardians,Welcome to the very first post for 2019.  We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas/New Year break and we can't wait to get started on the journey of the year ahead.A very big thank you and farewell to our Kindergarten children and families, who head off to Prep for 2019. Thank you for joining us for the few shorts months that we were open before your big school yea...
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Welcome to Kidz Magic Capestone

​Wow!  What a wonderful first few weeks of opening we have had here at Kidz Magic Capestone.A very big welcome to all our new families and children who have commenced care with us since our opening on the 15th October.  It's been a real pleasure caring for your children and getting to know you along the way.My name is Hayley Le and I'm the proud Centre Manager of this beautiful service.I...
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