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April Newsletter - Kids Magic Capestone

Hello and welcome to our April Newsletter for Kidz Magic Capestone.

So much has happened since our last newsletter. Myself and our wonderful Kidz magic team would like to extend a very warm thanks to all of the amazing families who have been so very supportive and understanding during these very new and trying times.

Over the past few weeks we have been overwhelmed by your kind words, offers of assistance, patience, donations, encouragement and support around all the changes. We have had to adjust quickly and efficiently to new procedures and practices not only within our service but the wider community and I would like to extend a huge shout out to our dedicated team on the floor each and everyday for all their sacrifices and determination during this terrible pandemic. A few things we ask you to follow/continue to consider during the course of the pandemic:

  • We are continuing to try and limit the number of people coming through the service to the best of our ability. This includes during the drop off/pick up periods of the each day and ask that you try and limit the amount of time spent within the service and that where possible only one parent attends to drop and collect (unless of course you require assistance)
  • Student visits, centre tours, community member visits and centre shows are currently still not taking place
  • Please continue to sanitise both yours and your child's hands on arrival and departure each day
  • Signing in/out on the centre Kiosks is still a requirement to record accurately your child's attendance
  • Educator rostering will continue to change on a week by week basis dependant upon hours and child attendances
  • Rooms may continue to combine at times dependant upon the individual daily requirements of each age group
  • New government regulations mean the 'free care' 'no gap fee' is currently continuing until the 28th June when it will then be revised. During this time we are unable to support with additional days, day pick ups or new enrolments unless in dire circumstances
  • Our menus are changing regularly due to child attendances and accessibility. Your room daily record sheet will continue to document what is provided each day for you to view
  • Please continue to utilise care as required around your working hours and utilise the sessions already discussed. We ask that you continue to provide notice for any changes or requirements surrounding your work commitments so that we can accurately staff according to child attendance and support both children and staff during this time
  • We are being extra vigilant around the health and safety of not only our educators but also the children within our care.

We thank you again for all the extra precautions and support you have been providing over the past month and we look forward to getting through this together.

Hayley Le

Centre Manager

Kidz Magic - Capestonep: 


e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4 May  -  Labour Day (Public Holiday)

Labour Day is an annual public holiday that celebrates the eight-hour working day, a victory for workers in the mid-late 19th century.

3-9 May  -  International Compost Awareness Week Australia (ICAW)

The week of activities, events and publicity to improve awareness of the importance of compost, a valuable organic resource and to promote compost use, knowledge a

10 May  -  Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. We celebrate Mother's Day every second Sunday of May on each year.

15 - 21 May  -  National Families Week

It is a time to celebrate with family, make contact with extended family and friends, and share in the enjoyment of family activities within the wider community.

Due to curent pandemic situation you will notice that our centre operates with a modified roster. So you might not see the same educators in your child/ren's room through out the week. However, if you have any concern please do not hesitate to contact your child/ren's room educators.

I Had a Little Turtle (Tiny Tim)

I had a little Turtle,
His name was Tiny Tim.
I put him in the bathtub,
To see if he could swim.

He drank up all the water
And ate a bar of soap.
And now he's in his bed,
With bubbles in his throat.

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble,
Bubble, Bubble, Bubble,
Bubble, Bubble, Bubble

Bubble, PoP! 


Oaty Banana Clusters

  • 3 bananas (small, over-ripe)
  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 2 tbs dark brown sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil

  • Heat oven to 180°C (160°C fan-forced) and line an oven tray with baking paper.
  • Mix all ingredients together and allow to sit for 15 minutes.
  • Drop tablespoons of mixture onto lined baking tray and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and firm to the touch.
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool. Store in an airtight container. The clusters will keep for three days in the pantry but even longer in the fridge (although they taste better warm or at room temperature

You can omit the brown sugar if you like as the bananas are quite sweet, but I like the hint 

During last couple months our centre received some resources such as kitchen utensils, scooters, soft toys and some children costumes that we use in outdoor playground. We would like to extend our gratitude to the families and educators who donated the resources. This means a lot in supporting our recycle program. Thank you!


Miss Laura

My name is Yefi Macgregor-Davies and I have been in this industry since 2000 until present. I have been responsible for daily operations of Nursery, Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Before - After School care section as a team leader until current role in Nursery age group at Kidzmagic Childcare Centre.

I am a mother of three years old son; Zane who I am adore and love him dearly. At our spare time we would to explored from morning markets, beaches, parks, rides, eating out or just simply just spend time together by tickling each other and shared plenty cuddles and kisses.

I have been enjoy and love working with children since I was in young age. When a child approaching you wanting a cuddle from you and give a huge smile on their face and that moment are very special and meaningful for me. I am so love it. 

 Welcome to Nursery 1 newsletter for April editions.

So much achievements has been reached this month for our little ones

Just a little reminder as well please name your child belongings as well to avoid misplace.

We are publishing monthly achievements and group experiences in Educa as well.

More than welcome to provide your input, ideas or issues with us at any time.

Kayden is starting his solid food this months and he is enjoy it so much.

Koda is exploring his gross motor and confidence skills through standing up against any obstacles at the moments

Kodi is found of new interests each time. He is enjoyed his art and craft through his sensory skills and starting to explored more of assorted story books

Geo is enjoying his new skills by sitting on the mat with a full confidence now. While he is sitting he is using the opportunity to explored his environments and resources with his sensory skills as well

David is enjoy his sitting on the mat skills where now he is be able to explore more what are available resources surround him. Now David is in transition from sitting to crawling forward and he is in high spirit to practising his new skills. He is enjoying his interactions between other peers and educators as well. Love so much with camera particularly when his educator taking his photo and he just know how to share his big smiles.

Aza, Penelope, Valishka and Zara are taking their break during this month.

Please take care and be safe.

Thank you,

Nursery 1,

Ms Yefi, Ms Inday and Miss Prema

Hello from Nursery 2

We have been keeping busy this month with various types of art, including using our blocks for printing and bubble wrap to decorate our Easter Egg prints. 

Our next project will be marble painting. The children love to see the results of using different objects to print with.

As we have had a few children taking a break due to Covid 19 we have had to adapt our program as Ms Sandra and myself have been having some rostered days off and combining with our Nursery 1 friends, however we have been trying to keep things running as normal as possible.

We waved goodbye to Matias and Hudson C as they have made the journey to Toddlers, we hate seeing our "babies" go but we have to let them move on and develop further. In return we have welcomed Clare from Nursery 1.

Some of our favourite activities are chasing bubbles and learning the hand actions to our Nursery Rhymes, we also love dancing. Clare has been showing off her soccer skills and Emmy is now starting to stand alone as she becomes the big 1. 

Ziggy is full of character charming the pants off everyone and waving bye bye. Axel and Keira have settled in and are enjoying their days. Tami loves to play outside and try the dressups and play the musical instruments.

Until next month
Ms Liz, Ms Sandra and Miss Prema

Our Month in toddlers,

April has been a very interesting but funfilled month for us. With so much changing and so many uncertainties around us at the moment we have still managed to get through and keep as much routine as possible for our little friends. 

This month the Toddlers have continued to build on already developed close friendships with their peers, developing confidence and a strong sense of belonging as we build on attachments with one another. 

It has been clear that most of the children will engsage and interact with each other and are showing more empathetic ways with one another, holding hands, hugging our friends and also giving one another kisses on the cheek. It is so wonderful to see such wonderful bonds that have been built in such short amount of time. 

Our main focus this month has been name recognition, continueing on from last month with our transitional songs with bee bee bumble bee we have also been, name recognition through our family tree, recognising our peers & which family belongs to who. 

This is a fun way for our toddler friends to be able to feel and show that sense of belonging. over the next coming weeks will we continue with the name recognition and have some name cards with photos on them to help the children at transitional times.

The children have really been interested in colours and shapes also, at nappy change time there opens up many oppurtunities to have meaningful interactions and the children are able to look up to the ceiling to name some of the shapes of the lights. To follow on from that we will also begin to hang some coloured shapes up around the room for the children to work on their colour recognition as well as continuing with shapes.

What a fabulous month april has been, all the transitioning children have settled really well and have adapted so well to the new environment and routine of the toddler room.

Just a reminder to all families now that the weather is starting to cool down, please ensure you are packing weather apprpriote clothes CLEARLY LABELLED so they will always find their way home.

Thanks and much love from The Toddler Room.

Miss Tracy, Miss Tomomi. Miss Luna, Miss Tash, Miss Claudia and Miss Salma

 Wunya senior toddler one families

The year is going very fast and as we have all been manoeuvring through this current pandemic situation things have been very different. The whole team thanks you for all your support during this hard time we value each of you and hope we come through this stronger.

In our room we have been focusing on sensory play and our five senses. Using experiences that stimulate sight, sound touch taste and smell we are able to use language to describe what we are experiencing how it makes us feel.

Another great focus is our group and transition times, we are now able to sit as group for longer times we have gained so much confidence in ourselves and our sense of belonging has grown exponentially. Each day we participate in 3 group times with stories flash cards and our favourite songs, these moments allow us to transition into our next part of the day and feel calmer as we navigate our day in care

Our toilet training is still ongoing and if you are thinking of starting your child on this journey please come and see one of the team and we will assist you in any way we can

Again thank you for being an amazing little senior toddler community we value and respect you and look forward to the rest of the year being amazing

May, how fast this year is going,

I can't believe how fast the year is going.
This month there has been so many changes with Covid 19 but that's ok, we have taken this challenging situation and tried to provide as much comfort, reassurance and support to all families as much as possible.

It's been so wonderful merging with the ST1 room and watching little friendships form between the rooms.

Popular activities within the room include trucks, wooden building blocks, the sensory table with a range of sensory items, plastic animals, logs and leaves, rocks, puzzles, painting and drawing.

During group time we revise on our shapes, alphabet, body part recognition, colours and counting 1 to 15.

Miss Mel has been teaching our little friends the song 'Wash your hands' by the wiggles.
Not only is it teaching children how to wash their hands but also to counting to 15 whilst washing them.

This has proven to be very popular with our little friends.

This includes coughing into our elbow, blowing our noses, washing our hands after we disguard the dirty tissue and singing a whole wash our hands song whilst washing our hands with soap. We stop washing once the song is finished.

As things continue to slow down and many of us self isolate, I would like to express to all families my best wishes.

You are all in my thoughts and I hope we get to see you all once things start to find normality.

Much love,

Miss Mel, Miss Irena, Miss Olivia and Miss Raman xxx 

Hi Families, 

Welcome to a different Pre Kindergarten 1 newsletter. 

There had been many changes this month, one was we combined with Pre Kindergarten 2. We still engaged in Group Time learning with letters of our first name, shapes, colours etc, and we learnt about the ANZACS and participated in lovely stained glass art around that. 

I think what was different was a lot more free play and getting to know the PK2 children in their environment, as well as lots of reassurance, cuddles and being with the children during the changes that came with the pandemic. 

We hope to be back in our room by the end of the month, back into our rhythm. We will be learning about Autumn, revamping our book nook and home corner and continuing with our self-help skills. 

Thank you, 

Miss Amy, Miss Chrystel, Miss Manita and Miss Dani. 

Wunya Families,

Time flies and we have passed the fourth month of the year. 

On early of April we experienced significant low number of the children attending our service. We combined our room for couple times to Pre-Kindergarten 1 and modified our learning methods to ensure all the children got adequate knowledges and experiences during this difficult pandemic situation.

We had more freeplay session in the month both indoor and outdoor to regulate our emotions, practice our communication skill, creativity skill and decision-making skill such as:

- Watched some movies in our small theater to regulate our emotions 

- We did lots of physical activity in obstacle courses, played "catch and run", rode bikes and scoother and played with the trucks in the sand pit.

- Role play with dress up game.

- We did some craft activities, mainly during Easter and Anzac Day and created additional knowledge about our country, Australia, which this month we closed with making the grand Sydney Opera House.

We tried to keep up the children learning progress about their name spelling with advance level to pronounced their surname. Most of the children did well. Keep it up everyone!

We manage to keep up with the room routines and learning wall together with some children from the other room and we found it was a good oportunity for the children to make a new friends or had a good time with their old friend(the children came from the same room when they were in Senior Toddler room) like Taylor and Rio as they used to played together in their old room.

You may noticed that the room educators; Miss Sarah and Miss Maria may not be around when your child was in because of the roster changing. However we endeavour to keep our routines as smooth as possible throughout this pandemic period. We keep monitor the children learning progress and actively discuss the children's need to the educators who are in the room of the day. 

We value any feedback from families about our room progress and please feel free to discuss with the room educators if you have any concern with your children. 

Keep safe and healthy.

Miss Sarah, Miss Maria, Miss Dani and Miss Ailish

We have had a very quiet month but that didn't stop us having tons of fun in Kindergarten. This month we started back with our letters for Term 2.

1. Cc – The children learnt – their colours, counting – fast, slow, forwards and backwards. We tried celery and changed the colour during an experiment.
2. Kk – The children sorted K animals with their names – koalas, kingfishers, kookaburra, we created our own kites, matched kings with their pattern crowns, used keys to open doors to find K pictures.
3. Ee – Matched pattern eggs, sorted egg pictures from small, medium or large groups, Elephants balancing song, Earth collage, Earth brainstorm, read Elmer the Elephant story and then created our own Elmers using milk bottles. Read Echnida and the shade tree and used clay to create our own design.

Show and shareWe have started show and share this month for Term 2. Each week the kindergarten children have been bringing in objects from home that link to our letter focus. We have had kittens,cage, cars, captain America, cash register crayons, colour book and yummy kitkat .Thank you.

For letter E we have had Elsa dolls, Emergency vehicles and elephants. Great job everyone.

Next Months letters- H and R
Birthdays this month – Jack, Amelia, Koby and Archie .
Favourite Songs – Elephants balancing on a string, Down in the jungle and Count on me.
Favourite Activities – Marble run, Teddies, Trucks and wooden people.

From Miss Cathy and Miss Tahlia 



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