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Centre Update for 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians,
As we are just weeks away from opening our next room - Senior Toddlers, we will have some new faces joining our team and a few staff changes to update you all on. For a few children and families this will be a time of transition so below is some information that may assist you and your child with settling in:

What if my child is experiencing anxiety or fear?
To help with this we encourage parents to please phone or email as many time as they like, we are always happy to let you know how your little one is doing but in saying that, we also don't like to see your precious ones distressed and will always give you a call if there is a problem or they don't settle down.
This is why we encourage first time families to come down before they start and join in for a play for a few times. We believe this not only helps your little one become more familiar with a new environment, but also helps with you as well, because remember this is your first time too and it can be very hard to leave your little ones in the care of someone else. Some families' start with a short day just a few hours until they settle in a little. We do ask that children arrive by 10am each day but are flexible on when they go home and how long they stay within care for.
As you can imagine, the separation that you feel when you're away from your child is generally the way they may feel too. So to help with this we will do our very best to care and nurture them so that they feel safe and secure within their new environment and for our service to become a second home that they can come to and strive to be the confident individuals they will become.
When dropping off in the morning it's always a good idea to make sure you say goodbye. Please take your child to an educator of a morning and let them know when you are ready to separate so they can assist if needed.It won't matter if the children are playing individually in their own playground or together in the combined space, all Educators are there to support all children and often they may not be familiar to you however, all Educators are becoming more and more familiar with all children enrolled within the service.

What about sleep routines how do they differ. What if my child isn't coping very well and needs a second sleep? What if my child doesn't sleep?
Educators often spend rest time sitting alongside children and settling them into a calm and relaxing rest period. If your child is transitioning from 2 sleeps to 1 we will gradually push out the time that they go off to sleep to eventually bring them down to the one sleep per day but if they need a second sleep that is okay also. Educators will work with one another to communicate and share any information between rooms to best support the individual child's needs. Parents often feel if there child is transitioning during care that they need to do the same at home - this is not the case. Often what they do during care is completely different at home so please don't feel like you need to make changes unless you are wanting to.
For the children who don't sleep, or children that parents request not to sleep, we set up quiet activities on their beds or on the tables in the room for them to participate in during the quiet period. Please ensure your still pack sheets for each day of care though.

Rooms for 2019:

Nursery 1 - Miss Yefi & Miss Robyn

Nursery 2 - Miss Jasmine (new lead educator) & Miss Salma (third Educator to be advised)

Toddler - Miss Charmaine & Miss Sandra & Miss Tash

Senior Toddler - Miss Sarah (new lead educator) & Miss Dishu (third Educator to be advised)

Pre-Kindergarten - Miss Amy & Miss Mel & Miss Irena

Kindergarten - Miss Lauren & Miss Ailish

Floats - Miss Inday & Miss Robyn (third Float Educator to be advised)

March Parent Meet & Greet - Information Evening:

Stay tuned for our Meet and Greet Evening to be held in March - date to be advised.
This will be an evening where families can attend and get to know a little more about our Educators, goals for the year ahead, information around the room and share information and ask questions.
*** This will be a child free evening***

Miss Sandra:

We welcome Sandra into our Toddler Room as one of the three permanent Educators within this space.

                                                                   Miss Irena:

We welcome Irena into our Pre-Kindergarten Room as one of the three permanent Educators within this space.

Miss Laura

Laura is currently a permanent casual Educator who is working within all age groups on a daily basis

Miss Mel

We welcome Miss Mel to the Pre-Kindergarten Room as our permanent Educator

Taylah - Student

You will see Taylah around supporting within all age groups as she completes her early childhood studies



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