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March 2021 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Hello and welcome to our March newsletter.

Already 1 year on from our first Covid-19 lock down and once again we are finding ourselves in yet more difficult times again. We thank you for your continued support and patience during these times of uncertainty. We will endeavour to continue to provide as much communication to you all along the way and hope that we can be out the other side quickly and safely.

A very big welcome to all of our new families who have joined us over the past month. We hope you are settling in well to our Kidz Magic family and look forward to watching your little ones grow and learn.

This month we have welcomed Miss Hiro and Miss Ness to our team of permanent educators. Both educators have been part of our team for a little while within the casual educator role.

Miss Hiro now joins our Nursery 1 team 4 days per week with Ness joining us 2 days a week in a supporting float educator role for our senior rooms.

A very big welcome to Miss Hiro and Miss Ness.

Hayley Le | Centre Director | Kidz Magic - Capestone 

  • 1 April 2021 2021 - Easter Hat Parade and Easter Morning Tea

Show off your lovely Easter hat in our parade and enjoy the $5 coffee with hot cross bun to support the Youngcare Simpson Desert Trekkers to raise awareness and funds for  young people with high care needs

  • 2 April 2021 - World Autism Awareness Day
The day to Light It Up Blue in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them.
  • 2 April 2021 - Good Friday

The Friday before Easter Day - Public Holiday

  • 2 April 2021 -  International Children's Book Day

The day to promote children's reading and books.

  • 4 and 5 April 2021 - Sunday Easter and Monday Easter

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, three days after he was executed

  • 14 to 25 April 2021 - Nature Play Week

Nature Play Week celebrates initiatives of all shapes and sizes that reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors

  • 16 April 2021 - Pajama Day 

The day to help raise vital funds for children in foster care. 

  • 21 April 2021 - Farm Animal Visit

Please find in the message board in Educa for further details of this  event.

  • 20 to 22 April 2021 - Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth

  • 25 April 2021 - Anzac Day 

Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first campaign that led to major casualties for Australian and New Zealand forces during World War One and commemorates all the conflicts that followed

  • 26 April 2021 - Anzac Day Public Holiday

The Anzac public holiday 

  • 29 April 2021 - International Dance Day

International Dance Day is wake-up-call for governments, politicians, and institutions, society to realize its potential for economic growth.

1 to 9 April 2021 - Priya
5 to 16 April 2021 - Chrystel Green
6 to 9 April 2021 - Elizabeth Kuhl
6, 13 to 19 April 2021 - Maria Purnamadjaja
8 April 2021 - Tomomi Martin
8 to 9 April 2021 - Hiroko Brady

9 and 16 April 2021 - Ailish Mclaughlin 

12 to 14 April 2021 - Danielle Runeback 

13 April 2021 - Manita Khatiwada 

29 Apri 2021 - Tracy Mathers 

30 April 2021 - Tahlia Eigi

Wunya families!

This month we have had some exciting developments in our gardens. We have our first passionfruit and flowers in the edible garden where all the plants have grown greatly thanks to the recent rain. 

We have also had a very special section added to the back of our garden from the amazing Miss Amy. We can't wait to see what grows here! 

Next month we will be restarting our worm farm so stay tuned for all these exciting developments.

 Miss Laura

Welcome to Nursery 1's newsletter for Mar 2021.

What a busy month we have had in our Nursery. Since our last newsletter we have welcomed Henry and Nana-Yaw. Along with babies, we have also welcomed Miss Hiro as our assistant on Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri. Miss Raman will be our float on all those days, and will be our assistant on Wed.

Most of our babies are very settled now, and are handling the educator changes with Claudia leaving our room and Hiro coming into our room very well.

As I've mentioned before and will continue to mention, it is so important to remember babies settle at different rates, and lots of things can affect this including educator changes, and new babies starting etc.

We have started exploring early painting experiences with the babies, including hand and feet prints, finger painting, and collages. This artwork will all be compiled over the year in their portfolios and go home at the end of the year. Some babies will end up with more/less artwork than others due to the amount of days they come. Also some days we may plan for artwork, but it might just end up too busy a day so it doesn't end up happening.

A few points I wanted to bring up/mention that I was going to mention at the parent info night, is about the importance of helping your baby become independent, and developing gross motor skills. Let them have lots of floor time, let them pull themselves up on furniture. Give them the opportunities to develop those all important gross motor skills and muscles.

Routines, as much as we try to keep the same routine as home, please be mindful it is always going to be different here, it's a different place, different people, different bed, other distractions and noises etc, so a lot of the time it just does not end up the same as home.

Please remember to write down all your child's info on the daily communication chart, as we judge their day, when they need bottles and sleep from this vital information. There is also always the parent communication book on the bench too if any extra info is needed. If you write in this please leave it open on the page so I can see its been written in.

Lastly please NAME all bottles/drink bottles etc that come in every day.

Please don't hesitate to come and talk to me anytime. There will be a roster up in the room that has mine and Miss Hiro's shifts so you can see at anytime what shift we are on that day.

Thank You

Miss Tracy, Miss Hiro, Miss Raman And Miss Swetha 

Newsletter Nursery 2 for March 2021

Warm welcome to you all for our wonderful parents and guardians in Nursery 2. Yes, it is March already and our little friends are getting more busier with their daily activities and grows more developments as well.

Firstly, we would like to give a warm welcome to our new family Zachary and Oliver. We will be continuing to support their transition period settling in the Nursery 2 with their new environments and getting to know more of their friends and their educators.

Please naming all your child items as follows:

  • -Water bottle
  • -Formula powder placement and formula bottles
  • -Sheets, spare clothes, shoes and pacifiers

Prepared their water for their milk bottle who using formula is very important come from home as well. If your child is taking cow's milk, please name the bottle and place it in the fridge located in the Nursery 2 kitchen.

Each child has their own basket to place their formulas and water bottle as well.

Sudocream is needed when your child having nappy rash and label their name will necessary as well.

On the last day of your child attendance, we will putting the cot sheet into their bag so they can have a fresh sheet for next time.

We are so proud for everyone achievements this month where they were develops more of their own skills, interest and knowledge through their daily activities. Their monthly achievements monthly interest are post in Educa which you can access them and looking at what they have been interest inas well.

We would love to hear from you as well any achievements that they made during their time at home with you so we can explore and share more with us and with their friends.

We are much appreciated if you can contact us to inform us regards your child when has not been well before their come to the Centre so we can assist your child more if their need to seek medical advice or staying home to avoid more sickness spreading between other peers.

Please do not hesitate to come to us if you like to discuss about your child as well.

We are so grateful to have a wonderful parents and guardians so far and we wish we will be continuing to support and maintain a good relationship with you all in the future.

See you all until next time.

Miss Yefi, Miss Inday, Miss Raman and Miss Swetha 

Miss Liz, Miss Sandra, Miss Olivia, Miss Manita and Miss Priya 

Miss Mel, Miss Luna, Miss Mariela and Miss Prema 

Wunya Senior Toddler Two families,

This month we have been we've been focusing on our colours and shapes. The children have been getting much better at recognising both shape and colours. We have talked about personal hygiene, why we need to cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, why we have to wash our hands and then moved to how it is done. The over the last month the children are becoming more aware of their belongings and more responsible.

Toilet training has been going well. If you are ready to start this journey at home and would like us to continue this when your child is here, we are more than happy to support and help in anyway we can, please feel free to discus with our educators.We have been discussing what a toilet is, what are undies and why we use the toilet. We have been reading "Why I need a potty" to the children at least once a day and then discussing the book.We encourage parents to bring lots of changes of clothes (clearly labeled with your child's name on it please).

We have spent the month discussing recycling, keeping our oceans clean and talking about sea life.

The children have learnt how to sort our rubbish into the correct bins, why it is important to dispose of plastic bags in the bin. This subject will continue throughout the year as we are very passionate about keeping our room as "green" as possible. In the coming weeks the children will have completed their very own wet bags lined from recycled plastic bags. The idea of these are to reduce the amount of plastic sent to land fill when we send home wet or soiled clothes. They will be machine washable but not dryer safe. They will be attached to the side of the locker if your child has soiled clothes to be taken home to wash.

This month the children enjoyed the science show from our very own Miss Laura and this months visit from "Sea life" where the children explored the wonderful world of the ocean. The children were able to touch and feel what a sea star, sea cucumber, sea apple, a sea urchin and a turtle's shell felt like while they were able to see up close what a baby shark looked like

Miss Laura will be continuing to develop sign language with the group over the coming weeks. The children have practicing the alphabet and the signing for "I can sing a rainbow"

Miss Tomomi will also be continuing with her Japanese lessons. This month she has focused on colours and counting to 10 and in the coming weeks she will be focusing on shapes.

Miss Chrystel, Miss Tomomi, Miss Laura, Miss Shwetha 

Hi Families,

Welcome to our March newsletter. We're well into the flow of the days and have settled right into the room, cemented friendships and said hello to some new faces. We're having big conversations around turn taking, safety, kindness and self- help. One of the ways we do this is by direct role modelling and coaching through any processes.

We had quite a bit of wonderful sensory play with regular playdo making, making potions, cutting and gluing, a cooking experience and water play where we washed all of our animals.

We received some really nice feedback recently from a family that said their child came home and explained the plot of all the books we read to the group- The favourites at the moment are The Bad Tempered Lady Bird, Dirty Bertie, Sit Down Sydney Brown and Room on the Broom.

With the recent and crazy weather, we played some storm sounds on the Hey Google and read Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake. Now if you've been following along at home over the past couple of years, you'll know this book becomes a very firm favourite with the Pre-Kindergartners.
Thanks for reading,

Miss Amy, Miss Dani, Miss Tabi, Miss Dishu and Miss Charmaine, along with Miss Sophie, Miss Olivia, Miss Alida, Miss Aparna and Miss Sunita. 

Wunya Families,

What a wonderful fun filled month we have had this March. Welcome to our new friend Matthew – who has settled in very quickly and forming new relationships with his fellow peers. This month we have celebrated a few birthdays, A huge happy birthday to Peyton, Eva, Peyton, Claire and myself (Miss Cathy). We hope you had an amazing day.

This month we have been learning about the letters Tt, Ii, Pp and Nn. Below is a brief summary about what we have been learning about for each letter focus.

At the beginning of the month we revise the letters T and I.

  • History of the telephone
  • Learnt how to play tic tac toe
  • Researched about turtles and tadpoles
  • Numbers – 2,3 and 10
  • Treaded necklaces
  • Made tall towers
  • Tiger who came to tea story
  • Researched about insects
  • Sensory tubs using Ice.

Pp – People who help us

  • Brainstormed the words that start with the letter Pp and the formation
  • Discussed about people who help us – fire fighters, police officers etc
  • We had a police visit
  • What do you want to be when you grow up
  • Talked about the community and looked at the map – found the doctors, shops, Kidz Magic and discussed people who help us in the community.

Nn – Numbers.

  • Brainstorming words that start with letter Nn and the formation.
  • The children have learning and extending on their number knowledge.
  • How to count forward, backwards.
  • Created number posters, numbers on a clock and how to tell them time (o' clock)
  • Colour by numbers – coloring in picture by numbers
  • During group time we have played our magic number counting game, Creating the letter N using loose parts and sticks.
  • Learning the Casey caterpillar language for the letter n – short stick and tunnel or N – Tall stick, slanting stick , tall stick.
  • Number nine poster – drawing 9 circles and colouring them in.
  • Number treasure hunt
  • Learning about the 10's number mat
  • Using dice to identify numbers
  • Big/small/more or less
  • Using numbers to measure objects using a ruler.

Favourite song – Pirate song and our tidy up song.

Favourite activities – Magnetic connectors and our new cube blocks.

Next month we are focusing on the letters Cc and Kk and learning exploring Easter activities.

Miss Cathy, Miss Tahlia and Ailish

Wunya Families,

We had a pretty busy month in March, starting from the Crazy Hair Day, St. Patrick Day to the Holi Day. We have another couple weeks to go before we entered our second term in which our room will be entitled to get an additional program, The Kinetic Kids other than the Music Lesson. Please find the information about your child's program in our Parents Teacher Meeting information sheet or have a discussion with Sarah.

We also welcome Miss Claudia into our room as a Kindergarten Teacher started on 22 March 2021. Welcome Miss Claudia!

During March, we engaged the children in some activities related with The Letter Pp for People who help us and Nn for Numbers.

Letter Pp activities highlight:
- We set up our room as a hospital during the letter Pp week and did some role play about the hospital situation. We took turn to become doctors, nurses and the patients.
- We planted some seeds and herbs into our raised garden
- Baked peach pie.
- Letter Pp writing practice

Letter Nn activities highlight:
- Numbers recognition, we counted from one to thirty
- Counting in Bahasa from one to five
- Letter Nn writing practice
- Number dice mindfulness activity

We are looking forward for another milestone achievement on each of our child. Until next month.


Miss Sarah, Miss Claudia, Miss Maria, Miss Ailish and Miss Dishu


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