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February 2021 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Welcome to our February News!

The first few months of the year are now past us and for many this is now the special time where we see our classrooms settle, relationships formed, bonds secured and the exciting fun and engaged learning happening.

A very big welcome to all our new families who have recently joined us. We hope you love your time with us here as much as we do.

Some dates to remember:

  • Upcoming parent information evenings for all our classrooms (except Kindergarten) will be held on the 8th March at 6:15pm. 
  • Our Kindergarten session will be held at 6pm on the 18th March for all those able to attend.

Extra-Circular Activities:

For any child enrolled over the ages of 2.5 years we have the following extra activity sessions available:

  • Kindy Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts

If you are interested in enrolling your child in any of these please speak with your child's Educators or reception for more details.

Our 2021 Calendar of Events is now in full swing.

We have scheduled in 'paid shows' every second month for most months of the year and ask that you please keep track on your calendar to keep up to date with any upcoming events.

Cash is required by the morning prior to the show to ensure we are able to pay for it in full by the end of the session. Educa updates will keep families informed of any upcoming events and information surrounding the centre.

As always, please don't hesitate to check in if your needing any support along the journey.

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead. 

 Hayley Le | Centre Director | Kidz Magic - Capestone

  • 1 to 5 March 2021 - Seaweek Australia 

SeaWeek Australia is an annual major public awareness campaign which aims to educate and encourage appreciation of the sea.

  • 3 March 2021 - Japanese Girl's Day ( Hinamatsuri )

Hinamatsuri also known as Doll Festival or Girl's Day to wish and pray for the health and future happiness for all the young girls.

  • 8 March 2021 - Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.

  • 10 March 2021 - World Greatest Shave 

Our centre is participating in Worlds Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation – we're on a mission to shave the world from blood cancer.
Please sponsor us to give families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need. You'll also fund vital research to help more people survive blood cancers, while improving their quality of life.

  • 17 March 2021 - St. Patrick Day

A global celebration of Irish culture. Dress up in Green colour.

  • 18 March 2021 - National Close The Gap Day 

The Close the Gap campaign is the result of the Australian public's overwhelming support for improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • 18 March 2021 - Recycling Day

The day for learning, teaching, practicing to do recycle

  • 19 March 2021 - International Read To Me Day 

It is an international campaign aimed at encouraging children to remind adults in their village to read to them often.

  • 19 March 2021 - Red Nose Day

The day to show our support for research and education to save little lives and support families affected by the death of a baby or child.

  • 22 March 2021 - World Water Day 2021

It is about what water means to people, its true value and how we can better protect this vital resource.

  • 28 to 29 March 2021 - Holi Day

Holi is a festival of joy and happiness in India which spread real colour and pleasure in the life of everyone

 4 March 2021 - Laura Chapman

4 to 5 March 2021 - Inday Murenec 

 8 March 2021 - Cathy Gash

15 March 2021 - Mariela Finnerty 

16 to 19 March 2021 - Mel Pohatu 

29 March 2021 - Sarah Brosnan 

Reference: http://www.nurseryrhymes.com/the-swing-nursery-rhymes/ 

Reference: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/tomato-soup-tear-share-cheesy-bread 

Wunya families and welcome to the Febuary garden update. We have had a very busy month this month with more dirt and plants being added to our garden. 

Our succulents have all been moved from the vertical garden to our large garden bed where they are all doing well. We have also started growing our own eggplant. We added to our agave garden near the bali hut. 

We were also lucky enough to have one of our lovely families come in and plant a whole variety of donated edible plants for the children to explore. Thank you to that family. 

Miss Laura 

 Welcome to Nursery 1's newsletter for Feb 2021.

What a busy month we have had, with most of our babies now having started. Since our last newsletter, we have welcomed Kian, Sahana, Mayra, Olivia, Olive, Finn, Isla and Jack.

As it was in January, our primary focus is still on settling the babies, and building relationships with their key educators. Most of our babies have already built that secure relationship and are now happily exploring the room and experiences. We can't wait to get started on some art experiences with our little ones.

As I have mentioned many times before, the key thing to remember is every baby settles at different rates, there is no set time it should take, and a lot of the time the babies routine will be a bit different to what it is at home, simply because it isn't home.

I have noticed across the whole room 2 major interests the babies have shown is with themselves and their reflections, as well as with musical instruments. Instruments are great for babies, as they get an immediate reaction to their actions. Mirrors are amazing as well, for babies looking at themselves in a mirror, it helps in many areas of development, obviously visual, as well as physical (tummy time in front of a mirror is great for little ones), and most of all it is fantastic for their social/emotional well being as they develop their own self identity, and self-awareness.

Just a few reminders, formula bottles need to come with the water and formula already measured out, this is to ensure that we are giving the exact right amounts. Please also bring along a named fitted bottom sheet, and a top sheet/sleep suit for your babies sleep.

Please don't hesitate to come and talk to me anytime. There will be a roster up in the room that has mine and Miss Claudia's shifts so you can see at anytime what shift we are on that day.

Thank You

Miss Tracy, Miss Claudia, Miss Raman And Miss Swetha

Another month has been gone so quickly for us already but we are so excited that we did achieved few short goals for our Nursery 2 children.

Firstly, we would like to give a warm welcome for Jaxton and Oscar who are our new family which recently joining with us in Nursery 2.

We are had been exploring more of art and craft and getting to know their body part through their daily activity. Develop sensory skills and using their own imaginations are quite implemented on each child at the moment. Language skills as well starting more improve in Nursery 2 by stories telling and nursery rhymes activities. We have few children who improve with their walking skill very well.

During meals time we are encourage all children drink their water and practicing using utensil like spoon for their hot food.

Liam and Sonia are having transition time in Toddler with Ms Liz, Ms Sandra and Ms Manita quite well as well.

Just a little reminder to naming all children belonging to avoid misplace items.

We are so grateful that we have a wonderful communication with all parents and guardian and we are hoping we will be continuing to do so.

Please do not hesitate to come to us when you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns or just wanting to share what your little one achievement with us

Thank you,

Nursery 2

Miss Yefi, Miss Inday, Miss Raman and Miss Swetha 


The Toddlers have enjoyed so many experiences this month.We have focused on sea life, talking about sea creatures and reading our books about our sea friends, ending with a display of various ocean animals that we visited this week.The children were very excited to touch the sea urchins, sea stars and watch the baby shark swimming in the tub.Ms Olivia made a lovely "under the sea" invitation to play in the sand tubs outside.

We have also been teaching the children to care for our plants, they have taken an interest in watering the plants and watching them grow.Gradually they are learning to be gentle with the leaves and not throw the bark into the pots.This has then lead to us using some paper bark to paint on.Everyone was keen to have a turn to get creative and make their personal art piece.We have now hung up the bark in our room.Ms Sandra then hosted a flower contact art experience.

Ms Manita helped the children to make little hearts for Valentine's Day, which was fun for the children.

Sadly, we said goodbye to our friend David, who has been with us since he was a tiny baby, we wish him and his family all the best for their move interstate.Sonia has now transitioned to our room and Liam will be with us for a couple of days each week.

We have been working on our group time routines with the children sitting down on the mat for a story or songs before listening for their name and moving to the bathroom to wash their hands.Already the children are doing so well at this task.

It has been another lovely month with lots of learning experiences happening.

Remember if you have any concerns, please feel free to speak to any of our team members.

Miss Liz, Miss Sandra, Miss Olivia, Miss Manita and Miss Priya 

Wunya Senior Toddler Two families,

This month we have been we've been focusing on our colours and shapes. The children have been getting much better at recognising both shape and colours. We have talked about personal hygiene, why we need to cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, why we have to wash our hands and then moved to how it is done. The over the last month the children are becoming more aware of their belongings and more responsible.

Toilet training has been going well. If you are ready to start this journey at home and would like us to continue this when your child is here, we are more than happy to support and help in anyway we can, please feel free to discus with our educators.We have been discussing what a toilet is, what are undies and why we use the toilet. We have been reading "Why I need a potty" to the children at least once a day and then discussing the book.We encourage parents to bring lots of changes of clothes (clearly labeled with your child's name on it please).

We have spent the month discussing recycling, keeping our oceans clean and talking about sea life.

The children have learnt how to sort our rubbish into the correct bins, why it is important to dispose of plastic bags in the bin. This subject will continue throughout the year as we are very passionate about keeping our room as "green" as possible. In the coming weeks the children will have completed their very own wet bags lined from recycled plastic bags. The idea of these are to reduce the amount of plastic sent to land fill when we send home wet or soiled clothes. They will be machine washable but not dryer safe. They will be attached to the side of the locker if your child has soiled clothes to be taken home to wash.

This month the children enjoyed the science show from our very own Miss Laura and this months visit from "Sea life" where the children explored the wonderful world of the ocean. The children were able to touch and feel what a sea star, sea cucumber, sea apple, a sea urchin and a turtle's shell felt like while they were able to see up close what a baby shark looked like

Miss Laura will be continuing to develop sign language with the group over the coming weeks. The children have practicing the alphabet and the signing for "I can sing a rainbow"

Miss Tomomi will also be continuing with her Japanese lessons. This month she has focused on colours and counting to 10 and in the coming weeks she will be focusing on shapes.

Miss Chrystel, Miss Tomomi, Miss Laura, Miss Shwetha 

Wunya Families,

Welcome to our February newsletter. We're beginning to get into the rhythm of the year with the children settling in after our transition period. We welcomed a few new faces too :)

One big idea we have been discussing in this room is taking turns. Learning to take turns is one of the most crucial social skills in our daily life especially when we want to develop friendships, communicate with others and take part in games. In order to help the children in Pre- Kindergarten understand the concept of taking turns, they need a lot of practice. 

Us educators guide the children via sportscasting and being nearby when little spats occur over activities. The wording and redirection is simple, really, "Sally is having a turn of the car. Maybe we can play/maybe I can help you find something else to play with until she is finished, then you can have your turn." This approach is working quite well, as is the use of the game Jenga! The children play with an educator and take turns.

The children have really loved a few books this month, most notably Dirty Bertie, Stick Man and Room on a Broom. We have been discussion what the children remember of the story after we have finished, or what their favourite parts are.

We have been working on their observation of the natural world and we started this off by discussing the recent weather we had here. We have been reading beautiful books about the changing seasons and a lovely one called The Tiny Seed got the children interested in plant growth. We have got our hands on some sunflower seeds so we are looking forward to cultivation little seedlings next month.

Thanks so much,

Miss Amy, Miss Tabi, Miss Dani, Miss Dishu and Miss Charmaine 

Hello families,

We have reached the end of February and what a month we have had already, we welcomed Miss Cathy back. We have had a lot of birthdays over the past couple of months, Happy Birthday to Taylor, Athena, Will R, Lucas, Major, Will K, Noah, Oscar and Arlo with many more to come. We have kicked off with our Kindy Program, the letters we have focused on so far have been Ss, Aa, Tt and Ii.

All about letter Ss

The focus has been learning about space and solar system. The children brain stromed about worked together for words that begin with the letter s. The children have taken quite an interest where they painted Finger painting solar systems on paddle pop sticks, cut and paste making their very own rockets and telling us where they wanted to go, explored the inflatable solar systems and researched some fun facts about space and the solar system.

All about letter Aa

The focus has been learning all about Australia.The children learned a few things like The Great Barrier Reef where they used a few materials like blue paint, sand, shells and cutting out hands prints making crabs for their Great Barrier Reef collage. They also learned about what animals belong in sea on land by this the children used tubs of water for the ocean and then extended by talking about recycling. This was a great experience for the children with them coming of the answers as to why rubbish needs to be in the bins and what would happen to the animals. We also made gluten free play dough where the children made Uluru with rocks. We also looked at our Australian flag and painted our very own using the colours red, blue and white.

All about letter Tt

The focus has been learning about Transport. The children brain stormed what kind of transport we have and where they go. Then the children made cars, trains and trucks using recycled boxes and lids, we made a road track for the children to use. Asking the children what they can a Train station, the children made train tracks all over the mat to push some trains around. Group discussion about traffic lights, what does the red mean? What does the amber mean? And what does the green mean? The children then painted circles on a piece of paper with the colours red, yellow/orange and green. We researched hot air balloons as a form of transport where the children then created their own colouring a paper plate with felt pens and then tied ribbon on. Lastly we then used our technology bee bots where the children took turns pressing the buttons directing them where to go on the road to the shops.

All about letter Ii

The focus has been learning about India and Italy. The children brain stormed what words begin with the letter I. The children completed a cut and paste activity of things about Italy and made a poster. The children explored different types of instruments and insects at the tables. The children painted the Italy and India flags as well as writing capital I and lower case i.


All items named please: Hats, Shoes, Water Bottle, Clothes, Bags, Sheets and Medications.

Please feel free to speak with my self (Miss Tahlia) Miss Cathy or Miss Ailish we would love to hear your feedback. 

Wunya Families,

Welcome to our February learning and playing progress tracker.

This month we focused in learning of:

1. The letter Aa - Australia
  • Casey Caterpillar writing method to create the letter Aa
  • Find the words start with the letter Aa
  • We read our picture book about Australian animal - Indicates the Australian states
  • The Australian historic building including the Parliament House 
  • Australian underwater in which we engaged in virtual The Great Barrier Reef exploration

2. The letter Tt - Transportation
  • Casey Caterpillar writing method to create the letter Tt
  • Find the words start with the letter Tt
  • Discussion about type of transportation 
  • The train track team building- Train arts based on the children's imagination

3. The letter Ii - the countries' name start with the letter Ii ( India, Italia, Indonesia )
  • Casey Caterpillar writing method to create the letter Ii
  • Find the words start with the letter Ii
  • Counting in Italian from one to five 
  • Indian food cooking experience, making Idli
  • Indonesian song, Topi Saya Bundar (My Round Hat) interactive game

Colour, shape and numbers, we counting from one to thirty are also part of the weekly program in our learning wall.

We had a pack full of additional activities during this month. To celebrate the International Day of Women in Science we engaged the children in the science show where some educators showed the children of the magic of chemistries. From the wobbly jelly to the erupted liquid soda it was a great experience for all of us.

Ocean Life Show was also participated in expanding our knowledge about the Australian underwater life. It is an enriched experience for the children to see the ocean animal that we discussed during our Australian learning session including the hazards that could affect our wildlife.

The Police visit was the last additional experience in February. We discussed about what to do in emergency situation and we had a one on one experience to get our finger print stamp as what the police do.
We started our Music lesson this month and it is part of our learning program during this year.

xx Miss Sarah, Mister Reggie, Miss Maria, Miss Ailish and Miss Charmaine


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