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July 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Welcome everyone to our July Newsletter for Kidz Magic Capestone.

It's so wonderful to have you all back and even more special to be able to welcome our many new families who have recently joined us over the past few weeks.

It's been quite a journey but it's not over yet and protecting and promoting the healthy development of young children and children is our primary responsibility. Young children are particularly susceptible to illness and infection because their immune systems have not been fully developed. Close contact with other children and carers in childcare settings increases the likelihood of coming into contact with many viruses and germs. So, colds and upper respiratory infections are common!

We care continuing to meet the health and safety requirements within our service and ask for your continued support with this also.
Effective hand washing plays a vital role.
Everyone should thoroughly wash, rinse and dry their hands: • Before eating, preparing or handling food
• After wiping noses, sneezing or coughing
• Before giving medications
• After handling rubbish
• After going to the toilet or changing nappies
• On arrival and departure from your child care service - wash and sanitise hands

An important reminder that fees are now back in full swing as of the 13th July with Job Keeper also finishing for our industry from the 20th July onwards. We are excited to see our staffing return to as it previously was and to get back into the swing of our routine and day to day running once again, as normal as possible.

Thank you to all the families who supported us with our Tea Towel fundraiser. We can't wait to see the wonderful artworks that were created.

Photo day was also a huge success and we look forward to seeing these return in the coming weeks for you all to view and purchase.

Our new Kids Gourmet Food has been going really well. These are wonderful nutritious meals and although they are a little different to what the children are used to, they are all doing a brilliant job at trying something new and we have already discovered some real favourites amongst the meals.

As always I thank you for your kindness and support. Can't wait for the next few months.

Take care,

Hayley and the Kidz Magic Team

4 August 2020 - National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children's Day

Celebrated across Australia each year on 4 August and it is a time to for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to celebrate the strengths and culture of their children. 

4 August 2020 - Keep Fit & Dental Show

$6.50 per child to be paid in cash prior to the day. Envelopes in reception ready for families.

7 August 2020 - Genes for Jeans Day

The national event supports Children's Medical Research Institute and helps find cures for children's genetic diseases.

14 August 2020 -  Red Nose Day

The day of major fundraiser for SIDS and Kids, as well as raising awareness of the issues surrounding sudden infant death.

15 - 23 August 2020 - Science Week

The school theme of National Science Week 2020 is Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans and features the establishment of the Blue Economy CRC. 

28 August 2020 - Daffodil Day

The day for us all to give hope to people affected by cancer.

3 and 28 August 2020  : Prema Valasa

5 - 7 August 2020    : Amy Chester 

6 August 2020    : Olivia Kong 

 7 August 2020   : Yefi Macgregor Davies

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Easy Cheesy Quiche Cups

  • 6 eggs
  • 1.5 cups skim milk
  • 1 cup low fat tasty cheese grated
  • 1 cup baby spinach leaves
  • 1 cup zucchini grated
  • 1/2 cup mushrooms roughly chopped
  • 1 cup cooked sweet potato cubed
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Olive oil spray to grease the tins
  • Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 180C
  2. Spray 2 x 6 muffin capacity tins with olive oil spray to grease or use regular olive oil and kitchen paper
  3. Heat remaining olive oil over medium heat in a large saucepan
  4. Add mushrooms and spinach and stir till spinach begins to wilt
  5. Remove from heat and add zucchini while pan is still hot. Add the cooked sweet potato.
  6. Transfer veggies into a large bowl
  7. Whisk eggs, milk, 3/4 of the cheese, salt and pepper together in a separate bowl
  8. Add veggies to the egg mix and stir well
  9. Divide mixture across the trays
  10. Top with remaining cheese
  11. Place in the oven to bake for 15 minutes or until firm and starting to turn golden on top

Makes 12 cups at 150 calories per serveups 


Hello Families,

This month we have been working on improving our recycling and minimization of waste through education and interactive activities. We have also welcomed the addition of our three new garden beds, however they are not quite ready for plants yet.

We welcome any soil or plants donation that you think would be able to improve the children gardening interest.

Welcome to Nursery 1 Newsletter for July 2020

Another excited month has been pass with full of excited stories to tell about our little friends.

Welcome to our new family of Mason. We are sop excited to have you in Nursery 1 with u.s

We would like to congratulations for Aza, Kodi and David who recently has been going up to Nursery 2 room with Ms Liz and Ms Sandra. They are been very well adjust with their new environment and meeting with their new educators and other peers to play with.

We are having our new meals at the Centre where all our little friends are enjoyed.

We are still encourage to offer their water intake and encourage with their self-help skills through their meals time

Just a little reminder if your little one not in a good health please getting advise from your GP to minimise any further sickness

As the weather is getting colder please putting a jumper and socks would be appreciated

Here are a small info regards your little ones up to

Kayden is starting to show more of his gross motor skills interest through climbing up any obstacles

Penelope is developing her walking skills very well now, so excited!

Geo is interest with his standing up skills and starting to use language skills by saying "Mama..Papa…dada.."

Koda is getting much better with walking skills and interest more climbing any obstacles at the moments

Valishka is in the process to settling in back after a big break from last few months but we will continuing to support Valishka during her settling in

Koda is feeling so confidence with his walking skills. He is be able to made a long walk and enjoying his climbing skills at the moment too

Casper is showing so much confidence with his environments particularly with his walking skill practising and interacts with other peers

Zara is interested more of her gross motor skills through her walking practising and climbing obstacles at the moment. Each day her walking practising is getting improve so much now .

Please do not hesitate to arrange a time if you like to discuss an matters regards your child. We are also welcome your input, suggestions, concerns or just would like to have a conversations with us.

Have a great day,

Nursery 1,

Ms Yefi, Ms Inday and Miss Prema

Hello from Nursery 2

Sadly this month we have said goodbye to almost our whole group, however we have gained new friends including Kodi and David from Nursery 1 who have settled in wonderfully and last week we welcomed Ivy and Lucas to our group.Over the next couple of weeks we will meet some more new friends who will be joining us.

As we are settling new children into our room some of our routines will be slightly adjusted to suit.This month we have been excited to try our new menu with lots of variety and flavours.The children have been enjoying lots of ball play which is a favourite with Kodi, David and Axel.Ball games are a great way to develop gross motor, hand eye co-ordination and turn taking skills.Some of our children are newly walking or almost there so the push trolleys and ride on bikes are assisting development.Chasing bubbles and picture books/short stories are very popular along with music and dancing.

As we get to know our new children and discover their interests we will build on activities for them to enjoy.

Our roster will be written up on our door so you are aware of each educators shift.If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to discuss this with either myself or Sandra.We are all getting used to individual routines and we want you to feel comfortable with it.Remember if you have anything you would like to add to the program please let us know, we love parent input.

Looking forward to an exciting new month

Miss Liz, Miss Sandra and Miss Prema

 What a month it has been in Toddlers.

We have officially said goodbye to Arlo, Thomas, Jonathan, Emily and Manavai. It is so nice to see them settling into their new rooms. We have welcomed some new friends Rayansh and Arlo into our room. We have also welcomed Ari, Ziggy, Hudson, Clare, Amal, Tami and Keira from the nursery, and I am so proud of how well they are settling into the Toddlers room.

The move from Nursery to Toddlers is a huge change, going to sleeping on beds on the floor, a bigger room with more children, more structured group times, and a much bigger outdoor yard. Our outdoor yard is a fantastic (but a bit chilly) space, and the pinebark is a great stepping stone to get them ready for the sandpits out in the main yard. I do apologise for all the pinebark you will have come home with you over the next at least 6months. At the moment with this chilly weather it is ever so important to be sending warm clothes for your child, we are lucky in if its not raining too much we can still get outside for a run, but as mentioned our yard does get quite chilly so warm clothes are really important. 

Another thing to be mindful of is that because it is a much bigger room, and yard with a lot more children, the educators unfortunately don't see every single thing that happens, and as the children adapt to their new surroundings it is quite common for there to be a few more minor injuries and incidents, so I apologise in advance for this.

For the next few weeks we are primarily going to be focusing on continuing to settle the nursery and new children into our Toddler room and routine.

We have also now had our new catered food for 2 weeks. It has been a bit of a change for the children, as the food is different to what they are used to, but they are adapting really well. Just a reminder it is a 6 week rotated menu, and all parents should have received a copy of the menu in an email, and there is always the current weeks on display in our room.

As we have adjusted to this new menu, feel free to stop bringing in extra food for your child, we always have plenty of food and variety available, that the children shouldn't need extra snacks. We are also only offering fruit for late afternoon snack when needed now. So the only thing you will need to bring in with you is their water bottle, and their milk bottles/formula etc if needed.

Please do not hesitate to have a chat with me at any time. We look forward to the second half of the year with your wonderful children.

Miss Tracy, Miss Tomomi, Miss Claudia, Miss Luna, Miss Salma and Miss Raman

July has been a month of new beginnings.

We have started our yoga on Wednesday mornings which offers the children a chance to stretch and focus all their energy on the movement.

We have also been learning new Auslan words including animals and some of our favorite nursery rhymes. To enhance our culture in the room we have been learning about different styles of music and dancing from around the world.

This month we have been learning about the sounds and shapes that make up our names. To do this we have implemented tracing cards and flashcards to help with letter identification. 

Thank you.

Miss Charmaine, Miss Tabi, Miss Laura and Miss Mariela

Hello ST2 families,

Another month gone by so fast, I can't believe it.

Popular activities within the room this month have included clay modelling, trucks, building blocks, the sensory table with a range of sensory items, plastic animals, logs and leaves, rocks, puzzles, painting and drawing.

If you have any other toys or natural items you may see when out for a stroll or a hike such as bark, sea shells, snake skin, birds nests, twigs, logs cut into slices, wooden bowls etc I would greatly appreciate the donations.

During group time we continue to revise our shapes, alphabet, colours and counting 1 to 20.

As it's still cold weather, we have continued to teach our little friends the song 'Wash your hands' by the wiggles.
Not only is it teaching children how to wash their hands but also to counting to 15 whilst washing them. This has proven to be a reliable way to engage the children whilst learning.

We are also encouraging coughing into our elbow, blowing our noses, washing our hands after we disguard the dirty tissue and singing the whole wash our hands song whilst washing our hands with soap. We stop washing once the song is finished.

It's important to remember now it's getting colder to please pack spare warm clothes, socks, shoes and a jumper.

On a personal level, I am now back from time away at the camp quality retreat with my family. It was a lovely time with plenty of memories made. Thankyou once again for your love, support and understanding whilst my family go through this struggle, it's greatly appreciated.

Much love,

Miss Mel, Miss Irena, Miss Olivia and Miss Raman xxx 

Wunya and welcome to Pre-Kindergarten 1's July newsletter. 

We are well and truly back into the swing of things and following on from last month's pre writing shapes we are discovering the letters of the alphabet. We have so far discovered A, B and C with the rest to come! I find that if the children are happy and confident to come to the board, and give it a go, then it doesn't matter what the letter looks like! However, this group have been so excited and are doing their best. How amazing!We have also been looking at colours and shapes more intensely, and drawing parallels to objects in the room and in nature. 

As we are an outside food free room, we have implemented a celebration ring in our room. The celebration ring is on its own special shelf, the birthday child chooses fittings for the ring to decorate and brings in or chooses their favourite items to place on the shelf. This area is sacred, candles are lit, the birthday song is sung and we all give a hip hip hooray. We can also use this area for other celebrations like Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc. 

Thanks so much,

Miss Amy, Miss Chrystel and Miss Manita. 

 Wunya Families!

July is almost finished but our fun and creative learning program is still running!

This month we focus on building the children confidence which contributes to their self esteem. Show and Tell session has been gaining high interest in the children and so we are happy to continue this program until further notice. Please see your child's show and tell roster and continue to support them in their preparation to do their show. Thanks a million, lovely families!

As we are back to our normal time with all educator's fix roster we would like to introduce our new weekly program which reflects our support to diversity and value all differences.

Monday - Bahasa(Indonesia) language day.
Every morning Miss Maria will introduce her culture through language lesson. We will learn about greetings, colours, stories and songs in Bahasa.

Tuesday - South African' s culture day.
Miss Alida will introduce her culture through doing art and some activities related with her cultural background.

Wednesday - Music and movement lesson.
The lesson has been running for months as we have been very fortunate to have Hugo's mom, Danielle to support our room. She introduces the children with some music instruments, play with the instruments and engage them to dance. Thank you Danielle!!

Thursday - Learning progress activity with Miss Sarah. This day, Miss Sarah will do the children's learning progress through various creative and fun activities.

Friday - Cooking Class
This day Miss Maria engages the children to have cooking experience. The children will have a turn to pour, mix and taste the food that they cook in our afternoon tea time.

We always welcome and value your feedback. Please see Miss Sarah or Miss Maria if you have any suggestion to improve our program. We support each other, we learn together. Thank you.

Miss Sarah, Miss Maria, Miss Alida and Miss Ailish

Wunya families, 

Welcome to the newsletter for July for Kindergarten, this month we celebrated one birthday - Harper turned 5, we hope you had a lovely special day. This month the Kindergarten children have been learning all about the letters G and O. 

Letter G -

  • Group time - During group time the children learnt all about Giraffes through watching videos - what they eat, fun facts and so on. We counted grapes and tasted them using our senses. Sorted colours that started with G - green, Grey, gold and learnt about light and dark colours. We have started practicing our graduation songs - we can't wait to surprise you with our special songs at Graduation. We had a directive drawing activity where the children had to listen to my instructions on how to draw a giraffe - can you draw green grass at the bottom of your paper. - Can you draw a small oval shape at the top of your page for the giraffe's head. They did such a great job
  • Art and craft - The children explored with the colours green, gold and grey using paint. We got very glittery shaking green glitter over our letter Gg's we painting using our casey Caterpillar language. They explored with glue and stuck collage items to their picture of their choice.
  • Activities - G is for gardening - the children made their own grass heads and helped water them daily until their grass hair grew long.
  • Physical - G is for GO movements we discussed what things Go - trains, balls, cars, airplanes, birds. We learnt how to move like gorilla, goat and giraffes.

Letter O -
  • Group time - The children have been learning all about opposites through action songs and matching pictures. We had a group directive drawing activity where the children made number one posters. They explored how to make the shapes ovals and Octagons through using loose parts play or tracing over templates.
  • Art and craft - The children looked at pictures of owls and used their creative imagination to draw their own. They used orange playdough and 8 straws to make 3D octopus.
  • Activities - We created a Ocean zone area where the children interacted with the ocean creatures on the blue material and looked at the pictures on the wall. They also had blue water in the trough and added the ocean animals and role played them swimming around.
  • Physical - Over the obstacle course.

Revise week
  • We had a dress up day 29th,30th and 31st where the children were encouraged to dress up in - green, gold, grey or orange clothes. We also found dress up clothes in these colours for the class in the same colours. They also painted using orange and green paint and drew pictures of grapes and oranges.

Next month in August we will be learning the letters U, L and B.
What a wonderful busy month we have had and we can't wait for more fun learning next month. 

From Miss Cathy, Miss Tahlia, Miss Ailish and Miss Dani



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