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June 2022 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our latest newsletter for Kidz Magic Capestone.


Occasionally we are asked by parents around the differences of enrolling their child into a 'Long Day Care Kindergarten Program' or a 'stand-alone Kindergarten Program' and sometimes it may be due to parents feeling that the long day care environment may compromise the quality of learning that occurs.

For those of us working within the early learning sector and for parents who have experienced the difference first hand, nothing is further from the truth.

We are so lucky within our service to have not only one – but two Kindergarten Programs that run each day of the week with thanks for our three wonderful Early Childhood Teachers – Miss Narelle, Miss Erin and Miss Claudia.

Some of the benefits of choosing a 'Day Care Kindy' are:

-Children attending a daycare Kindy not only have access to Government Approved Kindergarten Programs but also get the benefit of long day care hours (6.15-6.15pm)

-We offer extra-curricular activities like Kinetic Kids, incursions and excursions

-Building a child's social and emotional competence is at the forefront of our curriculum

-Play based learning is the foundation on which so much learning occurs and this approach is key. Routine is still embedded into our daily practices but introduced to the children in such a progressive and respectful way to meet their individual needs

-We are able to communicate more regularly with parents through Educa and face to face

-All funding from delivering our Kindergarten Program comes directly to our service to purchase resources and materials to ensure our program is high quality

-Individual learning plans for each child is created and progress is documented and further planned to support children's growth and development

Current Vacancies:

We currently have some remaining vacancies within our service. If you're interested in picking up an additional day please reach out and we will try and support.

"It is vital that when educating our children's brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts" Dalai Lama

Until next time… 

Hayley Le | Centre Director | Kidz Magic - Capestone  

  • 3 to 10 July - NAIDOC Week
It is an Australian observance lasting from the first Sunday in July until the following Sunday. The acronym NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. This year theme is Get Up! Stand Up! 

  • 7 July 2022 - Tanabata 

Tanabata (七夕), also known as the "star festival", takes place on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year, when, according to a Chinese legend, the two stars Altair and Vega, which are usually separated from each other by the milky way, are able to meet.

  • 28 July 2022 - Peru Independence Day

The official main event of Peru Independence Day is the president's speech, which is delivered in the Plaza De Armas.

Sarah Brosnan - 1 to 4, 8 and 15 July 2022

Swetha - 1 to 8 July 2022

Chrystel Green - 4 to 8 July 2022 

Tomomi Martin - 5 July 2022 

Raman Kaur - 15 July 2022 

Amy Chester - 15 July 2022 

Priya Sharma - 18 July 2022 

The amazing Miss Chrystel along with her Senior Toddler 2 room have been working hard to set up and run a worm farm out in the yard. 

Did you know worms help to increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. They break down organic matter, like leaves and grass into things that plants can use. When they eat, they leave behind castings that are a very valuable type of fertilizer.

We have been learning about worms and how to care for them along with the things they like and don't like. We also have a range of vegetables planted in the garden to help keep the cycle going. Keep an eye out for these amazing little creatures.

 Miss Laura Chapman

Welcome to June in Nursery 1.

Hello to all our Nursery one families, it has been a busy month with all the children investigating and exploring the world around them, with the children settling in and with some of our children in the prosses of transitioning into the toddler room.  

All our children are already started to develop their language skills through facial expression, words and babbling sounds to express their feelings and emotions and will continue in supporting their language skills. Over the last couple of weeks, we have extended on the children's learning, love for reading and listening to stories, so we took the opportunity not just reading to them but playing CD stories to see how they would react looking and listening in a different kind of way. We were amazed by their reactions, their facial expressions first described confusion, but the concentration was very clearly visible.

It has also been a joyful time over the last couple of months, the children are all comfortable in their surroundings so has those little personalities started to become a lot stronger in the sense of "if I don't want to, I won't do it" which brings so much joy to watch each day. Some of our children have achieved milestones and will continue to do so as we still have many more to reach throughout the year.

We would like to thank all our parents for their support and if you have any suggestions on your child's development and learning and feel you can contribute, please let us know so we can achieve the best outcomes for our children.

As the weather has started to change can we please ask that our children have a jumper, socks, hat, and some spare clothing in their bags just in-case for those cold and messy days of food and soiling.

Miss Alida, Miss Sandra and Miss Inday

Wunya for all our fantastic families/guardians. It's our Junenewsletter and already half year went so fast.

Firstly, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Aura and Ivy which turn 1 (One) this month.

And a warm welcome to our new family Noah in Nursery 2 room.

A huge congratulations to Harris and Alina who were recently move to Toddler room and they are settling well.

It's so much achievements that our little friends have been develops until this month that we would like to share with Mum, Dad and grandparents.

With our morning tea session our little friend is knowledge and understand when the educator invites them to the bathroom to washing their hands. For the one be able to standing up themselves they were putting their hands under the tap ready for the water is running and for the one still learning to standing on their own received an assistant from the educator to help them washing their hands. We are so proud of them that they are all aware of the hygiene routines and to understand and follow the educator literacy skills as well.

Due this winter we have is little bit cooler as usually so we are encouraging to all parents and guardians to prepare a spare jumper/two, warm clothes, pants and shocks please.

If your little one is not feeling well and having cold symptoms is best to keep them home so they can recovery well.

Don't forget to see your child monthly solo and whole group play activity interest for the month at Educa and more than welcome to share your fun experiences on the weekend or at any special moment that you would like to share with us in Educa as well.

Here are few images that we share with you about your child's interest so far.

Happy Winter and keep warm and safe,

Nursery 2

Miss Yefi, Miss Luna and Miss Inday

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to the month of June! This month we have been brushing up on some winter self help skills, like keeping our shoes and jumpers on while we are outside (also practicing putting our shoes and socks on) drinking water and putting our winter items away in our lockers when we come inside. Also hygiene techniques like handwashing, nose wiping and cough etiquette.

This months letters were C, D, E and F. The children discussed what words started with the sound of each letter and we broke down the pre writing shapes that made up each letter.

We have some beautiful new resources for the room in a new art table, new books, a change around of home corner and amazing wooden houses. The home corner is much bigger than we originally had, with more room for big baskets to hold our resources. The children are really liking this and its easier for packing up too. 

Miss Tabi has been working on colours, shapes and numbers in Farsi! The children know all of their colours and its such a delight to hear. Thank you very much Miss Tabi for sharing your home language with us.
Finally, some cool, sensory artwork has been happening. The children have made playdo a few times with Miss Dani, have engaged in ice cube painting and cotton ball painting, and painting our planet Earth for the week we engaged with the letter E!

Thanks very much, 

Miss Amy, Miss Dani, Miss Tabi, Miss Ness, Miss Dishu and Miss Charmaine.

This month in Kindergarten 1 we have been busy building our names. What is name building you may wonder? Name building is focussing on the letters in our names. Identifying, sorting and ordering the letters from the alphabet box to make our name takes lots of brain power! We have been very proud of our efforts to also write our names independently using various pens, markers and colourful crayons for rainbow writing. These experiences give us hands on letter formation learning, particularly rainbow writing being very popular with the children! We have continued to explore our theme of Living things. We have looked at the life cycle of a plant, beginning with a seed, all the way to a fully grown plant. We discovered what we need to make this happen in real life, with some hands on planting in our side yard. It was fun getting our hands dirty to plant various seeds into pots. So far we have noticed Basil and sweet potato plants thriving with our tender loving care, as we water them, observe their growth and find sunny positions for them in our yard. Stay tuned for some other real life living things coming very soon to the kindergarten 1 classroom!
This month we continued our Teacher Pet Creatures, as part of our show and share sessions, encouraging expressive language and taking turns. As a group we have made a book all about us and the creatures filled with drawings, writing and photos. We love reading it together at group times.

Our numeracy focus this month has been patterns and spatial concepts. We looked at identifying and following basic patterns, both visual and auditory. We found that we can make recurring patterns with colour, size and shape using hands on materials from the environment. We discussed the patterns we can find in nature and even on animals too! Spatial concepts have been used in our music and movement sessions as we follow actions using left, right, up, down, back, front, high, low, during musical games and dances.
Our phonics focus so far this month have been letters and the sounds they make including C, U and D. We are continuing to learn to recognise and produce the sounds and beginning to blend sounds together to form some constantant vowel constantant words using rhymes and chants.

We embraced learning about Reconciliation week, Environment Day, National Gardening Week and World Oceans Day throughout June. We looked at the ways we can look after the environment around us and teach our friends and families to do the same. We also used art as a way to express our learning in these areas, producing some brilliant works of art displayed in our room. Our art work will be stored in our digital portfolios for the end of year instead of folders to save plastic and paper. The educators are busy putting these together for you to enjoy at the end of Term 4!Finally, a reminder our excursion is not far away on July 6th. Kindy 1 will be having an excursion to Maleny Dairy. Please remember to sign any permission forms if you haven't already.

Thank you 😊

Kindergarten One Team

 Wunya families,

This month we learned about the letter Rr and Mm. We also celebrated Reconciliation Week. We covered the topics of rainbows, relationships, music and monsters. We learnt more about the Gubbi Gubbi people who are the traditional custodians of our land. We looked at some beautiful Aboriginal books and learnt about Uluru, a sacred place to the Aboriginal people. We continued learning our Spanish and Auslan and made some beautiful art creations.

Don't forget with the weather cooling down, the children need to have jumpers and shoes everyday. Please also pack a hat every single day, sun safety is so important!

Kindy Two Team