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November 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Hi everyone,

What an exciting Month we have had as we celebrated our Kidz Magic Capestone's 2nd Birthday!   We can't believe how fast 2 years has gone and how much we've grown, adapted and changed over that time.  

With Christmas just around the corner we are getting ready for all the celebrations.  Save the dates for the following:

Family Photo Day - Sunday 6th December. 9am-4pm

Children's Christmas Party - Sunday 13th December. 2pm-5pm

Kindergarten Graduation - Thursday 14th January. 6:30pm

We have also finalised our classrooms for 2021 and will finalise our Educators for these classrooms in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for updates via Educa and within the reception area.  We can't wait for a fresh new year to start with all of you.

Transitions are well underway for our current children as they have started to explore their next age groups.  Gradual transitions are a great way to follow the children's lead in when they visit and how long they visit.

If you're taking any leave off over the Christmas Holiday period, please do let us know as soon as possible so that we can roster accordingly as well as give our team of Educators a well deserved break also.

If your little one is just about ready to start the big leap into Prep please remember to return your end of care form so that we can close off your bookings/account.  A very very special thank you to all our Kindergarten families!  It's been such a wonderful journey and we've all loved watching your children grow and learn along the way.  All the very best for your amazing future ahead.  We will miss you all.

Hayley & the team.

Hayley Le

Centre Director

Kidz Magic Capestone 

  • 13 December 2020  - Kidz Magic Christmas Party

Second year Kidz Magic Christmas Party with market stalls, face painting, Baby Animal Farm, drum show and sausage sizzle. 

Byo - picnic blanket, hats, sunscreen, and cash for food and stalls

Where : Kidz Magic Capestone

When : 13 December from 2 to 5 pm

Fee : $ 5 per family

  • 25 December 2020 - Christmast Day

One of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. Our service is closed on this day.

  • 26 December 2020 - Boxing Day

A holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day, thus being the second day of Christmastide. The official origin of the name has never been determined. There are, however, plenty of theories, which include:

  • The name is a reference to holiday gifts. A "Christmas Box" in Britain is a name for a Christmas present. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a gift from their employer. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give gifts to their families.
  • The name is a reference to charity drives. A box to collect money for the poor traditionally and placed in Churches on Christmas day and opened the next day, or Boxing Day.
  • The name refers to a nautical tradition. When setting sail, ships would carry a sealed box containing money for good luck. If the voyage was a success, the box was given to a priest, opened at Christmas, and the contents then given to the poor. 

 3 December 2020 and 24 December 2020 to 11 January 2021 : Maria Purnamadjaja

9 December 2021 : Danielle Runeback 

14 to 24 December 2021 : Swetha  

14 December 2020 : Olivia Kong 

18 to 21 December 2020 : Sarah Brosnan 

21 December 2020 to 3 January 2021 : Claudia Avila 

21 December 2020 to 6 January 2021 :  

23 to 24 December and 30-31 December 2020 : Ailish Maclaughlin 

29 December 2020 to 7 January 2021 :Tayebeh Habibi 

29 December 2020 to 8 January 2021 : Aida Fourie

 As we head into the festive season it can be easy to get caught up in the fun of it all and increase your waste. But with these 5 easy steps to keep in mind this year you will be rocking a more sustainable festive season like a pro.

1) if you are going to use disposable plates and cups during the festive season then opt for something that is made of recycled paper or better yet bamboo or plant fibre based

2) with wrapping paper aim for a non shiny brown or recycled paper wrap

3) Even better than wrapping paper is wrapping your presents with material. It may sound strange at first but many cultures wrap presents this way. The Japanese for example call this Furoshiki. Wrapping presents like this can save money in the long run and the material can be reused. You can use any sort or material but I personally prefer scarves as they are beautiful and can be reused easily.

4) don't forget that all your wrapping paper (except the glossy ones) can be put in the recycling bin even with the pieces of sticky tape on them. Just remember to simple empty it into the bin and not put it in plastic bags.

5) Finally, don't forget to check out small local businesses and op shops as they often have that perfectly unique little gift that you couldn't find anywhere. It is also nice to support our local community and economy during the festive season.

Have fun and enjoy the festive season!

Miss Laura

Welcome to Nursery magic news for November 2020. Another month passing by already so quick. When we are looking back when they were started until now it's so many developments been implemented so far.

Adopted new skills and interest has been place within their development for last month as well. From starting crawling, rolling over, climbing, using their sensory skills through their both hands and their imaginations, using more words, showing more emotions and needs and sharing their happiness and being fun surround between the peers as well.

We are would like to say thank you for our family who are continually to share each child's an achievements and special moments to us too.

So much appreciated to maintain each child belonging by name each item as well.

These are few images of our little friends during their group play activities.


Miss Yefi, Miss Inday, Miss Prema and Miss Swetha

Wunya from Nursery 2,

Another year almost gone before our eyes, after all the disruptions to this year I feel our children have achieved so much which we are all so proud of.We are going to start on some Christmas activities next week to get into the spirit and gradually finish off our learning journals so we can hand them out before Christmas.

As we get closer to Christmas week we may combine on some days with our Nursery 1 friends, however this will depend on how many families are away mainly on the Christmas/New year weeks.The children will still have familiar educators with them and we will keep to a similar routine.At this stage both Ms Sandra and I will be working throughout the Christmas period.

We would like to say goodbye and goodluck to Axel who will be leaving us the week before Christmas.I know all of his little friends will miss him.

As the weather has been quite hot we will try and have a few water play activities over the next few weeks so if you could pack some extra clothes just in case that would be great.

In closing we would like to say it's been a pleasure to care for your children this year, we have had such a lovely group this year and I know we will be sad to see them transition and move through to Toddlers but we know they will enjoy this next milestone.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Miss Liz, Miss Sandra, Miss Prema and Miss Swetha 

Welcome to November in the Toddlers Room. 

What a busy month we have had. I can't believe we are getting to the end of 2020, only 1 more month with our darling little Toddlers. I haven't quite accepted that they will all be growing up and leaving us to move up to the big Senior Toddlers rooms. We will miss them all so much, but will be great to see them grow and develop in the big rooms, and see them out in the big yard.

We had quite a few birthdays from the end of Oct, and in Nov. Big happy 2nd Birthdays to Elias, Leo B, Anika, Rayansh, Miller, Lois and Hudson C.

We have been lucky enough towards the end of Nov, to get a room makeover, with some new furniture, mats, and resources. I can't wait to see the children enjoying these new resources and spaces.

Its nearly Christmas woohoo, as you may have seen we have put our tree up in our room. It will not be decorated in the traditional way, it will only be decorated with the Children's decorations they make as it is their tree. These decorations will go home with the children just before Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, please remember to fill in the forms in reception if you are going to be away the week before, week of and week after Christmas so Hayley can organize staffing. This will also help us Educators in when to send home the children's end of year portfolio etc. Currently myself and Miss Claudia, will be away from the 20th December, I will be back on the 7th January, and Miss Claudia will be back on the 11th January. All our toddlers will technically be staying in our room until school resumes in 2021, but they will transition throughout this time so they are comfortable in their new rooms.

We have now started going out to the big yard at 4pm every afternoon which the children are loving, getting to explore the big yard, and meet all the other educators and children. I've been so proud too of how good our Toddlers are at keeping their hats on their heads. Advanced apologies for the struggles some of you may encounter trying to get them to go home of an afternoon haha.

Looking forward to the next month in our Toddlers room

Miss Tracy, Miss Tomomi, Miss Luna, Miss Claudia, Miss Salma and Miss Raman  

Wunya families! 

Welcome to another jam packed month here in the senior toddler 1 room.

This month we have been focusing on counting the numbers from 11 to 20. As we have been learning these numbers the childrens' confidence has grown with their counting and number sequence.

We have also been lucky enough to participate in NAIDOC week and Diwali this month. Over the past week we have been starting to get ready for the festive season and Christmas. 

Our tree is up and decorated and the Christmas art has begun.We can't wait to see what next month brings.

Miss Charmaine, Miss Laura, Miss Tabi, Miss Alida, Miss Mariela and Miss Swetha. 

Tis was a month before Christmas... And Senior Toddler 2's room is excited!

Wunya to the families in the Senior Toddlers 2 room!

This month we have embraced many amazing experiences.
We have many friends toilet training and they are all doing a fantastic job.
I've seen so much growth within our room this month, from counting, the alphabet, shapes, emotion recognition and most importantly the confidence and friendships formed.

We also have been excited to extend upon many things that are primarily based on our friends individual interests. Everyday the children continue to learn about the different sounds that each letter makes with phonics.

Following phonics, our friends have also been practicing their shapes, numbers and emotion recognition.

We said goodbye to Miss Irena this month as she completed study awhile ago now and changed into a new field. We wish her all the best in her new job role. We will surely miss her.

As it's heating up can we please ask that you check your child has plenty of spare clothes incase of water play or any accidents and that your child always has a water bottle clearly labeled.

Also if there's any Christmas supplies like wrapping paper etc that you want to donate that would be absolutely amazing.

Let's have a marvellous month, only 4 weeks before santa arrives.

Miss Mel, Miss Olivia, Miss Priya, Miss Alida and Miss Dani 

Wunya and welcome to Pre Kindergarten's November newsletter,

We it's almost the end of very crazy year! We have still chugged on and hit some goals- one being almost at the end of our weekly letter! This month's letters were R, S, T and U. The children discussed with us what the letters sound like and we discoved different words that started with those letters. 

The children's letter recognition is happening and lots of the children are incorporating letters or pre writing shapes into their art work. 

Miss Chrystel made equipment to make paper with the children! She experimented with the children paper/glue/water consistency, drying times and also what cool stuff to add to the paper to give it different textures and even smells! The items used were dried flowers, dried herbs, spices and oils. 

We have also been making our own playdoh and adding different oils and colours to enhance playdoh's already sensory experience. 

We celebrated Diwali, made our own diya's with a drying dough and gems. Another way we celebrated was to bring in the Goddess Lakshmi. In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi is regarded as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Wherever the Goddess resides, She brings wealth, good luck and prosperity along with Her. Drawing the Shripada or footprints of Lakshmi symbolises Goddess Lakshmi entering the house. It is one reason why the doors of the house are left open on the day of Lakshmi Puja so that the Goddess can enter without hindrance. It is believed that if these auspicious footprints are drawn at twilight then Goddess Lakshmi blesses the household with huge wealth and wisdom. A big thank you to Miss Manita for bringing these celebrations and stories to us. 

Finally, as it's been a long year, we put our Christmas decorations up a few days early, to help have the joy for longer. We started singing christmas songs, we have been reading Aussie Jingle Bells, and we put up the tree and the children decorated it. We also started making a giant paper chain!

Thank you, 

Miss Amy, Miss Chrystel, Miss Manita and Miss Dishu, Miss Ailish and Miss Dani also a big thank you to our Student, Miss Shushma.

Wunya Families,

One month to go for the end of the year.

During November, our learning program was focused on letters and numbers in preparation for the children to enter the Kindergarten. 

We have completed the basic letter formation and now we have been practicing to combine the shape on each letter formation for 2 weeks. We started to combine the long stick and the short stick to make the letter L. We also created the letter A by combining the "Open mouth" shape with a short stick. All the children practiced well and we endeavour this basic prewriting basic skill will support their higher level education. Counting from one to thirty is part of daily program to gain the children confidence in the letter recognition.

We introduced the children with Kindy environment during the month of December by giving the kindy room a visit and reading a book together to let the children to adapt with the new environment next year. 

Christmas is coming soon. We have been engaging the children with activities related with Christmas such as painting the Christmas cracker, reading Christmas theme books and did some Christmas crafts.

Please be informed that there would be a slightly program changes in the room during December as the room runs based on the children number. Therefore a combine room in some days maybe be occurred. Please discussed with Sarah if you have any concern related with the room changes. We will be happy to assist you and your child. 

Miss Sarah, Miss Maria, Miss Alida, Miss Ailish, Miss Dani and Miss Dishu 

Wunya Families,

This month Kindergarten has celebrated several celebrations and a birthday. On the 4th of November Paige turned the big five so happy birthday from us! This month we also came together with both pre kindy classes for Remembrance Day, where we explained the importance of the day and why we remembered our soldiers before we observed a minute's silence together.

That week was also NAIDOC week and we investigated the rainbow serpent by telling the tory together as a class, then retelling it over the week while the children painted their own impression of the rainbow serpent with a rain maker to add effect. We also explored Indigenous markings through a card matching game to help expand our knowledge of writing or mark making in indigenous Australian culture.

On Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 13th of November we celebrated the festival of Diwali. Kindergarten dressed in traditional Indian attire and we were involved in a party and shared food to celebrate two of the five-day festival.

In class we investigated Ww, VV, Yy and Xx including a review week which looked at both letters, fortnightly. On W week we made watermelon juice together with miss Tahlia where each child removed the seeds of the watermelon and cut them into chunks before the children placed them in the blender and poured them into glasses for the children to taste-it was well received by most.

For the letter V we made miniature volcanoes with bicarb soda and vinegar where the children eagerly dyed the soda before adding the vinegar to create colourful explosions!

The letter Y unlocked the children's imagination and for a day we researched Yeti's such as discovering together that they come from Nepal, India and Russia before diving into magazines to cut out pictures of Yeti food and sticking them onto paper plates. Noah had the most creative diet for a yeti as he pasted three bottles of hand sanitizer to his plate, leading me to dub his work as the diet of the 2020 yeti!

Today for the letter X we examined what X marks the spot meant and created our maps with an X on them. The map was then covered in tea and the ends were burned to create an authentic old-fashioned map where x marks the spot. We then went treasure hunting with those maps.

We look forward to another exciting month ahead,

Mister Regi, Miss Tahlia, Miss Ailish and Miss Dani  


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