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October 2021 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Welcome to our latest Newsletter for 2021. There is loads happening this time of year and lots of upcoming centre events also :)

Confirming enrolments for 2022

Thank you to everyone for completing this required task. If you have not already done so can you please contact me immediately as you will unfortunately not have a place currently secured for the year ahead. With all this information I will begin collating the classrooms for 2022 and offer any remaining places to our waitlist for the year ahead. We do have limited vacancies in all age group. If any families are considering to add extra days to your current booking let us know as soon as possible.

Termination of care

Please keep in mind that we require two weeks written notice via our Termination Request form if your child is finishing up. If you are wishing to change your booked days, we require two weeks written notice also. This is to assist with the roster allocations. Under government guidelines for receiving the Childcare Subsidy a child must attend on their last day when notice to cease care has been given by a parent or the subsidy will not be applied. This will result in the parent being liable for full fees for any absences during the notice period.

You will find these forms in the reception or previously e-mail to you. If you placed your last day in your confirmation of enrolment notice to us recently please note * This is not enough for us to end your care and you must complete a Termination form also.

End of Year Meetings

We will be setting dates in the coming weeks where you can schedule a meeting with your child's educators to discuss their journey through 2021.

School Transition Statements

The kindergarten children who will be attending Prep next year will have Transition Statements completed to assist with their transition to Prep in 2022. Once these are completed you will receive the draft via e-mail to then reply and confirm before we send it off to school.

You can expect to see these come through in the next month.

Connecting with our community – This year we will be taking donations of toys/gifts for the Kmart Giving Tree. A box will be set up in the reception where gifts can be dropped off before we take them down to Kmart. We ask that all gifts are new and not second hard. Gifts can be wrapped or unwrapped (just be sure to leave a note stating the age and gender it would be suitable for). The box will stay in reception until Friday 3rd December.

Absent for the day or arriving after 10.00am – If your child will be away for the day or will be coming in to the centre after 10.00am can you please let us know. This would be greatly appreciated to assist with meal preparations and also staffing allocations.

Sun safety –As it's getting warm outdoors we are asking families to follow the correct Slip, Slop, Slap guidelines and not send their children in singlets, tank tops, sleeveless tops or dresses as these are not considered sun safe. If your child does wear a singlet/tank top, sleeveless top/dress can you please pack a tee shirt in their bag to pop over this clothing to provide better sun protection in the outdoor environment. Our outdoor stations are topped up with supplies and sunscreen daily and we ask you to ensure sunscreen is placed on your child at arrival to the service and we will complete this multiple times throughout the days.

 Hayley Le | Centre Director | Kidz Magic - Capestone

  • 2 November – Melbourne Cup Day

Australia's most famous horse race held over a distance of 3200 metres at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne

  • 4 November – Diwali

Diwali is also known as Deepavali, Dipavali, Dewali, Deepawali, or the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated in October or November each year.

  • 8 – 14 November 2021 – National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week, established by Planet Ark in 1996, is held every year during the second week of November (8th to 14th of November 2021).

  • 11 November – Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day falls on the 11th of November each year. On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes' silence is observed and dedicated to those soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation.

Claudia Avila – 1 November 2021  

Danielle Runeback – 1 November 2021  

Sarah Brosnan – 1 November 2021  

  Swetha Math – 1 and 3 to 5 November 2021

  Olivia Kong – 2 November 2021

  Amy Chester – 3 to 5 November 2021

  Dishu Bath – 4 November 2021

  Raman Kaur – 4 to 5 November

  Priya Sharma – 4 to 5 and 15 November 2021

  Charmaine Weston – 9 and 30 November 2021

Ten tips to help you live greener:

- Turn lights of when you aren't using the room
- Run your air-conditioner on 22-24°c
- Turn appliances off at the wall when not in use
- Use fans and open windows when possible instead of using air-conditioning
- Dry your clothes on the line instead of in the dryer
- Plant an edible garden to use in your cooking
- Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth or shave
- Always sort you rubbish and recycling
- Store leftovers in reusable containers, bottles and bags
- Use natural or eco cleaning products instead of chemicals 

Miss Laura Chapman 

Welcome to October in Nursery 1.

To start off we just want to welcome Kora to Nursery 1, Kora is currently our youngest baby in the room and has settled in very well with the rest of our children we hope you are going to enjoy your stay with us and make lots of new friends.

What a busy month we have had, the children have settled in very well getting to know Miss Alida and I have personally been touched on how the children and our parents have responded in me stepping in for Miss Tracy.

It has been a great pleasure getting to know each individual child they have been communicating in their own little way if it is facial expressions, babbling sounds or verbal communication, it makes it all worthwhile watching these children grow and learn.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been exploring colours with the children, as this is one of the most noticeable attributes of the world around us. For babies and children, understanding colour is an essential building block they use for learning in all areas of their life. Additionally, as children learn to identify colours and use colour as language tool to describe things, it develops and strengthens their ability to communicate effectively. So, we will continue in supporting the children in this area of learning as some of our children have started verbally communicating with simple one, two or three words, this is very exciting to hear those first little words.

The end of the year is approaching very fast, and our weather is changing quickly, we are asking our parents in the morning to please apply sunscreen before leaving home as it takes approximately 20 minutes for sunscreen to start working and even under the covers where our babies/ children play it gets hot and sunny. We will continue applying sunscreen throughout the day when the children have outdoor play.

We would like to thank all of our parents for their support over the month of October and if you have any suggestions on your child's learning or interest and feel you can contribute please let us know so we can achieve the best outcomes for our children.

Please could I ask our lovely parents to email Hayley a family photo, our family wall has currently got three family photos and we would like to expand and create a family wall for our children.

Thank you for all your support in October and looking forward to another busy month in November.

Miss Alida, Miss Hiro and Miss Raman. 

 Wunya, apa kabar semua nya (How are you) ….Yes its October already. So many exciting moments had been happening in Nursery 2 and so much development achievements has been reached so far too.

Firstly, we would like to give a warm welcome to Miguel, Abigail and Finn who joining with us in Nursery 2.

Wishing a happy birthday to Abigail and Finn who turned 1 (one) this month as well.

This month we were made few art work where display on our art wall. And including made Halloween art work as well.

As the weather starting getting warm but we are still having a cool morning or late afternoon so please do pack warm clothes (Jumper and socks).

Once again to labelling all your child belonging (drink bottle/milk, spare clothes, cot and blanket sheet, nappy cream and a hat)

Our little ones who develop their crawling skill, walking skills, stay sit on the chair, starting using few words, dancing along, running, climbing, recognizing their own name and their friend's name, starting counting 1 to 5, coloring recognizing, and so much more and we are so proud to each of our little friends with their achievements.

The animal shows were quite taken so much interest to our little friends where they were be able to see and touch the animals (Lizards, snake, bat and turtle).

When your child needs a medication, we had a medication form locate on top bench top (Medication folder) to fill. If you do need help, please ask one of the educators to assist you

We are so appreciated to all our parents for your support so far and keep our communication open at all time.

Please be safe and well.

Thank you,

Nursery 2

Miss Yefi, Miss Inday, Miss Shwetha and Miss Raman

Hello Families and friends and welcome to our October newsletter for 2021.

Rounding out this month with O, P, Q and R, we've been seeing much more understanding between each letter and it's sound with the children coming up with such great words that begin with each letter. My favourite was "perseverance". Miss Dani has been supplementing these activities that start with each letter, like rock painting and making playdo, while Miss Tabi has been offering tracing activities.

We have some wonderful new resources welcomed into our room to enhance the children's play, we have a knights and castles wooden set with the children defending the forts, and some fantasy creatures like unicorns, pegasii, elves and fairies. We also have these great alphabet magnetic puzzles that are just adored.

This month saw us work on kindness and bucket filling, with Have You Filled A Bucket Today being read and discussions being had at home around this subject. Other favourites included Wombat Stew, Possum Magic, There's a Possum in the House and Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake. The children especially like the latter book as we come up to storm season.

Thank you so much,

Miss Amy, Miss Dani, Miss Tabi, Miss Charmaine, Miss Dishu, Miss Ness, Miss Sushma and Miss Aparna. 

Wunya Kindergarten 1 Families,

Welcome to our October news for 2021.

As we reach towards the end of the Kindergarten year for our soon to be Prep children a few changes will be occurring within our routines to help prepare them a little bit more before the big move.

Lunch box weeks kick off from the 1st November onwards where we are encouraging parents to pack a lunch box from home so your little ones can practice opening and closing packaging, self-help skills and taking care of their own belongings and self-selection of foods for appropriate times e.g – yoghurt for morning tea. Please check out Educa for some ideas on what to pack if you're a little stuck or feel free to speak with us each day.

Encouraging shoes and socks to remain on for the day is also something the children will get used to once in Prep so we have been reminding them to do so during their play times. Hats are required each day to be able to participate in the outdoor play times. If your child forgets their hat we will be encouraging them to seek shade and play on the veranda area instead of out in the hot sun.

Rest times have stopped within our classrooms also however, if your child asks to rest/sleep or you wish them to please just let us know and we can facilitate with providing a safe, quiet space for them to rest. In lieu of set rest times we have adopted a 'quiet period' throughout each day where we practice some yoga and belly breathing to calm the mind and body. This has been lovely to observe the children being able to focus and slow their busy minds in preparation for the busy afternoon ahead.

This month's letter learning has been about the letter Zz, Bb and Jj. Our Kindergarten children have been doing a wonderful job of their letter writing and exploring all the sounds and words that connect to these focus letters. Our brainstorm sessions are a great opportunity for group interaction, shared thinking and learning opportunities.

Just a reminder to save the date for the following upcoming events:

Halloween Disco – Thursday 28th October @ 5:30pm

Children's Christmas Party – Saturday 11th December @ 9am

Kindergarten Graduation Party – Thursday 13th January @ 6pm

Thank you very much,

Miss Narelle, Miss Tahlia, Miss Ailish & Miss Ness

Wunya families

This month had summary weeks and school holidays so we covered all of term 3 letters. This term will have a strong focus on our name writing abilities, self help skills and prep readiness. 

We would love you to support and encourage the children to do this with you at home too! Please also don't forget the importance of show and share. It's a great opportunity for you to discuss our weekly letter with your child and brainstorm together what you have at home that starts with the correct letter of the week.

As the weather warms please ensure that you apply sunscreen on your child's arrival and that they ALWAYS have a hat as we have run out of our spares (we aren't sure if these are being taken home and not returned?) so please ensure you pack a hat everyday and place it on your child's head before leaving them in the playground.

Thanks for your support
Miss Sarah, Miss Claudia, Miss Maria and Miss Sophie