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September 2020 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

 Dear Parents & Guardians,

Welcome to yet another news update for our wonderful Kidz Magic Capestone.

I'd like to start by saying a really big thank you to all the amazing families for making our Educators Day so special for the team of dedicated Early Childhood Educators we have here at our service.  With your support and assistance I was able to make the day one to remember and I truly thank you for that.

The team were treated to a wonderful morning tea spread, personalised letters and cookies and even a massage as a massage therapist was organised for the morning to provide 5 minute neck and shoulder massages to the well deserving team.  What a treat!

A reminder to all our families of our upcoming Parent/Educator Evenings on the 13th October (Junior End) and 14th October (Senior End) at 6:15pm.  We look forward to seeing you on the evening.  Don't forget to RSVP at Reception prior to the evening.  If your unable to attend we also welcome you to discuss this with your child's Educators at any time and they can always arrange a one on one meeting with you.

Thank you to everyone for your school photo orders also.  Photo year was a little different this year with Covid-19 but we got through it and it's been so lovely to see the beautiful photos and especially memorable class photos for each of you.

If you are still waiting on anything from your order please e-mail us so we can follow this up for you - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hayley Le

Centre Director

Kidz Magic Capestone

  • 5 October 2020 - Queen's Birthday

This day is Queensland Public Holiday, The centre will be closed on this date. 

  • 4 to 10 October 2020 - World Space Week

World Space Week is officially defined as "an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition". The theme for 2020 will be "Satellites Improve Life,"

  • 13 October 2020 - Parent/Teacher Night Mid Year 2020

Mid year group catch up for the Junior Children(Nursery 1 and 2 and Toddler) parents and teacher.

6.15 to 7.15 pm , Please see the information sheet in the office

  • 14 October 2020 - Parent/Teacher Night Mid Year 2020

Mid year group catch up for the Senior Children(Senior Toddler 1 and 2) parents and teacher. 

6.15 to 7.15 pm , Please see the information sheet in the office

  • 15 October 2020 - Global Handwashing Day

A global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

  • 21 October 2020 - National Ride2Work Day

It is a commuter cycling social movement and participatory event that encourages commuters to bicycle to and from work.

  • 21 October 2020 - Book Week Celebration

Dress up as your favourite book character and bring your book to share.

'Curious Creatures, Wild Minds'.

  • 23 October 2020 - National Grandparents Day Celebration

The day to celebrates the contributions of grandparents and older people make to their families and communities.

  • 30 October 2020 - Day For Daniel 

Day for Daniel is Australia's largest day of action to raise awareness of child safety, protection, and harm prevention.

  • 30 October 2020 - Hallooween Celebration

Spooky dress up day

 1 to 2 October 2020 : Claudia Avila

1 to 2 October 2020 : Liz Kuhl 

2 October 2020 : Mariela Finnerty 

 6 to 7 October 2020 : Hayley Le

Reference : 

Reference : 

This month all the rooms have been looking at spring. They have been learning about how spring brings new flowers and why these flowers are important to the bees. We have also been enjoying our visits from all the different beetles, praying mantis, ladybugs, and grasshoppers. This month has seen all our flowers bloom and our tomatoes turn red. 

Miss Laura

 Welcome to Nursery 1 newsletter for September

Another month has been passing by so quickly from August 2020. It has been a lots of developments increase for each child now. By starting walking, using more language skills, getting more confidence with their environments, sharing their achievements and showing more love from them by sharing a lots of cuddles and giggle at play time as well.

Firstly we would like to welcome to our new family in Nursery 1 who recently joining in with us. Freyja is our new family and she is in her transition period at the moment.

Just a little reminder with formula bottle preparations. It is parents responsible to make sure filling up water into child's formula bottle as implemented Centre policy and procedure is follow.

Naming all items would be so much appreciated to avoid any misplaced for example.

Sometimes we do taking our little ones playing at the big playground for little bit when all the bigger children are in their room. Therefore a sun safety hat would be a must to have.

We would like to appreciate to all the parents who are taking onboardkeeping their child home when sickness arise and getting medical advise as well.

Here are our little ones interest for the moments:

Kayden: Improving much with his walking skill practising. He is using also practising his language skills by saying few words now.

Koda: He is enjoying more of any gross motor skills activities and explore more of few words as well

Valishka: She is starting to explore of her activities surround her which are available for indoor and outdoor play

Emilia: She is adjusting her new environments very well by enjoying her play and getting to know her educators more familiar as well

Penelope: She is has been showing her interest with other peers by joining to play with and using her knowledge and skills through her play on daily basis.

Geo: He is implemented walking more steady and more confidence know as well. Starting using his words more and share his happiness with other peers and educators.

Charlotte: She is transiting so well now. She is happy to explore between indoor and outdoor activities. Getting familiar with her routines and he educators as well.

Mason: He is development so much with his appearances. Now he is more enjoying his belly time and using his both hands to manipulated rattles and other resources.

Sonia: Sonia is still in her transitions period at the moment. She is enjoying more with an outdoor play where she is happy to explore what surround her. We will continuing to support Sonia in this period time until she is feeling more confidence with her new environment.

Casper; Since he is implementing more of his walking skills he is now be able to explore more of gross motor skills activities which available for him. Mostly he is enjoying climbing the obstacles set and riding the bike.

Zara: She is more happier to interact with other peers now. She is more interest exploring with climbing and riding the bike as well.

Nursery 1 Team

Miss Yefi, Miss Inday, Miss Prema and Miss Swetha

Hello from Nursery 2 

As you can see from our photos we have been kept very busy during the month.Our interests have been varied such as the musical instruments especially the xylophone and tambourines.The musical tables and musical spinning tops have also been popular.We are starting to use more words in our everyday play and expressions such as peek a boo as we hide from our friends.A lot of the children have been keenly participatingin an art activity regularly.Last week we tried a glueing experience, previous to that we learnt about cause and effect when we used tennis balls in our painting.

The children had so much fun when we washed our blocks at the sensory table, there were soap suds and water everywhere, what child doesn't love to splash in water.As the weather becomes warmer we will try to have some more water type activities so it would be great if we could have a spare set of clothes in your childs bag just in case.

A couple of dates to keep in mind….. On Wednesday 21 October we are going to celebrate Book Week, so we would love to see the children dress up in their favourite character and on Friday 30 October we are having a spooky dress up day for Halloween, if you don't want your child to participate in Halloween activities could you let us know.We welcome any feedback or queries you may have, please feel free to speak to either myself or Sandra at any time.

Until next month

Ms Liz, Ms Sandra, Miss Prema and Miss Swetha

Welcome to another month in Toddlers. Where is this year going, its already October.

We have had so many birthdays recently (and a few more coming up), I can't believe so many of our Toddlers are turning 2. Congratulations to Leo and Miller on the birth of their baby sister and brother as well.

We have a heap of exciting things happening in October, with our afternoon transitions getting to go outside to the big yard instead of the nursery yard, our parent teacher night on the 13th Oct (remember its a child free event), our book week dress up celebration on the 21st and our spooky dress up day for halloween on the 30th. If you dont want your child to participate in halloween please let me know :).

The weather has taken a turn and its starting to get really warm again. Please dress your child accordingly. We can always change your child if its gets cold during the day. Please remember this when it comes to their sheets as well, it does stay warm in our room so they only need a light top sheet.

One major thing we have noticed this month is the childrens speech. Most of our children are coming out with so much now, and not just words but 3 or 4 word sentences. One huge bonus of having some older children and some younger, is the older ones demonstrate and role model language and the younger children pick up so much from them. Perfect instance of peer learning.

We have also been doing a role call and acknowledement to country this past month. Every morning at group time we go through our roll and ask if the children are there. They are brilliant at recognising their name and putting their hands up saying here. The pride on their faces when we say their name is just beautiful. Our acknowledgement to country is a way for us to teach the children from an early age about our indigenous heritage and the land owners. It also helps get them ready for Senior Toddler and the big yard where the acknowledgement is said every morning.

Thats all for now, as usual if you ever have any concerns or feedback, dont hesitate to have a chat to me.

Toddler Team

Miss Tracy, Miss Tomomi, Miss Luna, Miss Claudia, Miss Salma and Miss Raman

Wunya Families

Welcome to our September Newsletter

Spring has sprung and we are seeing some warmer days, it is nice to have the sun out for longer and to be able to play for longer periods in the afternoons. We are consistently sun safe her at Kidz magic but in the coming weeks we will be exploring this concept with the children, through songs rhymes and other experiences, this will allow the children to gain an awareness and understanding of why we need to be sun safe. 

Opportunities will be created that allow for the children to have a mirror and some sunscreen so they can apply the sunscreen themselves, reinforcing autonomy and independence. 

Miss Laura will be continuing to develop sign language with the group over the coming weeks and will have all been practicing how to sign the letters of our name as well as please and thank you.

Some other provocations happening in the room
 Colour and shape play
 Indigenous art celebrations
 Interactive technology play
 Cutting and fine motor skills

A few reminders for families
 hats are required each day for play, if you would like to leave a hat you definitely can
it can be left in our drink's troller or in your child's locker
 sheets for rest time and any items you bring to care each day need to be labelled, this
prevents confusion and allows us to be able to locate all items that belong to each
 your child has a locker with their name attached, please locate your child's locker
when dropping them of and place their bag in their allocated square

Miss Charmaine, Miss Laura , Miss Tabi, Miss Alida, Miss Mariela and Miss Swetha

 Wunya Families!

September is almost finished but our fun and creative learning program is still running!

This month we focus on Colours, Shapes with many different plays and activity. Our little kids shows to us high interest and more concentration.
We are repeat colour activity until end of this month. And in Octorber we are planing to learn about transport. If they have a favorite toy related on transport, please send to us with name on it. We can have more fun time with their favorite toys.

Our Learning progress activity with below teacher.

Monday - Miss Olivia
Tuesday - Miss Mel
Wednesday - Miss Alida
Thursday - Miss Irena
Friday- Miss Priya or Miss Dishu

Our teacher will do the children's learning progress through various creative and fun activities.

We always welcome and value your feedback. Please see Above teacher and if you couldn't , please leave your message in our parent communication book on our bench top. We support each other, we learn together. Thank you.


Miss Mel, Miss Irena, Miss Olivia, Miss Priya, Miss Alida and Miss Dani

 Here's our September Newsletter!

With the changing of the seasons we have been talking a lot about the weather and what's going on in the environment with flowers blooming and bugs flying around. The children have been finding harlequin beetles around and ladybirds around the gardens. Miss Chrystel and the children made harlequin bugs with shiny paper and leaves, engaged in a little ladybug and aphid activity with cotton balls and pegs and some of the children even brought in bugs they found at home!

We spruced up the room for Spring and made our areas a little bigger to accommodate the wonderful collaborative play going in. The children have been using the puppets together, creating animal environments and making food in home corner. We've added a wooden stable for our new horses, a garage for our cars, lots of new finger puppets and made the art area more open. 

The children have been continuing with their letters and pre writing shapes. They have been recognising more and more letters and we are showing us drawings with re writing shapes and letters. The children are also bringing in their favourite books from home for us to read, the look of pride and excitement on their faces is magic.
Finishing up, this week we have been focusing on bees, talking about where they live, what they eat and harvest and how they make honey, how we harvest the honey etc. We did a honey and honeycomb taste testing, made honeycomb prints with bubble wrap and painted a bee using a visual provocation. 

Thanks so much,
Miss Amy, Miss Chrystel, Miss Manita and Miss Dishu, Miss Ailish and Miss Dani

Wunya Families,

Welcome to our September milestones story.

This month our room started to learn about the letter formation using the Casey Caterpillar methods. We began by making the twig shape and the open mouth(the letter C) to continue improving the children's grip on the markers. We provided the opportunity for the children to experience the first step in writing and promote the visual and fine motor skill. The children did well in making the shape and grip the marker.

We rotated our resources in the room as you may see the groceries shop is no longer in display. We returned our home corner with the new resources of porcelain tea set, cups and plates. Thank you very much for all families who donated our learning resources.

Our Bahasa lesson keep on going as the children improved their pronunciation and we learned to sing the complete song of Topi Saya Bundar(My Round Hat).

Our show and tell is also part of the activity that the children love. Despite of taking their favourite things from home is the most interesting part to do, the children also gain their confidence in sharing the stories in front of the peers. It requires a fair bit of courage and confidence to talk in front of a big audience.

We are very proud of our children in rising up to new challenges, respecting other cultures and their amazing support to diversity and how much their confidence grow since the show and tell was introduced in the last couple months. Great achievements!

Miss Sarah, Miss Maria, Miss Alida, Miss Ailish, Miss Dani and Miss Dishu 

INTRO: Month of September 2020

CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY: Rudra – 7th, Alam – 14th, Dylan – 25th,Noah – 30th



  • Brainstorming the letter B.
  • Research butterflies.
  • Discuss Birds.
  • Sang Bee Bee Bumble Bee.
  • Discuss Bugs.
  • Goldie Locks and 3 Bears Story.
  • Baby Video – Ultrasound.
  • How are you Brave?
  • How to care for a Baby
  • How do Birds make their nest?


  • Sorting colours -blue, brown & black.
  • Body parts – Heads, shoulders, knees song.
  • Bird Seed Feeder.
  • Roll Play- Goldie Locks and 3 Bears.
  • Bingo game.
  • Counting/Sorting Beads.
  • What objects are Big/small.
  • Fill your Bucket.


  • Painting formation of B.
  • Butterfly Painting.
  • How to draw a Bird.
  • Glue collage – Blue, Brown and Black.
  • Letter B poster.


  • Bean bag toss.
  • Ball Skills.
  • Crawl of Fly like a Bug.
  • Catching Bubbles.
  • Actions – Bend, Balance and Bounce.
  • Riding Bikes.
  • Roll the Ball game.



  • Brainstorming the letter F.
  • What do you do if there is a Fire?
  • Research about Fire.
  • Learn about Flags.
  • Research about Flags.
  • Favourite Fruit survey.
  • Brainstorming all about Farms.
  • What makes a good Friend?
  • Frog lifestyle.


  • Counting Fingers.
  • 5 Speckled Frogs.
  • Matching Flags.
  • Food sorting game.
  • Made Fruit kebabs.
  • Old McDonald had a Farm.
  • Counting Flowers.
  • How many Feet in the circle?
  • Dance game – Freeze.


  • Number 4 & 5 poster.
  • Finger painting.
  • Fire craft.
  • Painting Flags.
  • Making Forkie from toy story.
  • Drawing Farm animals.
  • Fork painting.
  • Drawing Faces.


  • Jump like Frogs.
  • Football skills.
  • Favourite circle game – Duck duck goose.
  • Finding F, 4, 5.



Book Week Celebration 21st, Grandparents day – 25th (23rd), Dashin (Tika) Festival 26th, World Children's Day 28th, Bandana Day and Day for Daniel 30th, Halloween 31st.

Thank you

Miss Tahlia, Miss Ailish and Miss Dani 



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