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Edens Crossing April 2022 Newsletter

 Welcome to this month's newsletter and a big welcome to all of our new children and their families who have commenced with us the past month.

Many of you would be aware that I am retiring as from 14th April. It has been quite a journey with you all the past 2 ¼ years. There have been ups and downs, good days and bad days but also lots of love and laughter along the way.

I am so very honoured and proud to have worked alongside a wonderful team of educators, who support each other, laugh with each other and above all make sure what they do is for the best outcomes for the children. I feel equally honoured to have been a part of your child's learning journey.

I am not saying 'goodbye' but 'until we meet again'

Have a safe and happy easter - Stay well, be happy, be loved

Suzie xx

Staffing from 18th April 2022

  • Nominated Supervisor – Chandell

  • Joeys Room

Lead Educator – Moka

Assisting Educator – Harman

  • Bilbies Room

Lead Educator – Mandeep

Assisting Educator – Majanna

  • Koalas room

Lead Educator – Ann

Assisting Educator – Teagan

  • Wombats room

Lead Educator – Rachell

Assisting Educator – Emma

  • Goannas Room

Early Childhood Teacher – Angela

Assisting Educator – Sara

  • Cook – Portia

  • Float/Relief staff









Dates to remember

15th April – Good Friday-centre closed

18th April – Easter Monday – centre closed

25th April – ANZAC day – centre day

2nd May – Labour Day – centre closed

8th May – Mother's Day

10th-12th May - Centre Photos - Scotts Shotz will again be doing the centre photos this year. Parents were very happy with last year's results and order/payment information will be distributed shortly.

13th May – Ipswich Show Holiday – centre closed

24th May - Dental2U visit - the Dental2You people will be visiting us for their 6 monthly check up. Consent forms can be completed online or as hardcopy. Hardcopies will be placed next to the sign-in/out tablet in reception once we receive them.

26th May - National Sorry Day

27th May – National Reconciliation Week

Illness and Exclusion:

We would like to remind parents of our illness and exclusion requirements to help keep our children safe and well and the centre infection free.

We ask that children are kept away from care if they have –

  • Been given Panadol or neurofen in the morning (both can mask symptoms but do not get rid of an infection that will spread)
  • Fever of 37 or above
  • Consistent cough
  • A continuous runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen glands
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Unusually tired & lethargic
  • Undiagnosed rash/spots
  • Unusual skin colour
  • Discharge from eye/s

Once the above symptoms have gone and have been clear for a minimum of 24 hours, bring your child back to play, learn and investigate.

Please note that any contagious condition/illness may require a medical certificate for your child to return to care.

A child who displays any of the above symptoms may be sent home to seek medical advice.

Refer to our Illness policy for more details

Policy login details:


Sign in – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password - KALv2_2021!

Absences: Children are allocated 42 allowable absences each financial year by the Department of Human Services, including public holidays. This current financial year this was increased to 52 allowable absences due to Covid. Once you have reached your cap, you must provide a medical certificate for each absence for the subsidy to be applied (public holidays excluded). Used absences to date are indicated on the front page of your weekly statement so remember to keep an eye on this tally of absences for your own record.

Children belongings: We do ask that all children's belongings (clothes, hats, drink bottles, sheets, shoes etc) are named/labeled so that they can be returned to the correct child if misplaced. This also assists with identifying what items belongs to which child at a glance so that the correct drink bottle, dummy etc. are given to the correct child and preventing cross-contamination.

Children's Oral Language Development

"Communication is crucial to belonging, being and becoming. From birth children communicate with others using gestures, sounds, language and assisted communication. Children are social beings who are intrinsically motivated to exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings, and to use a range of tools and media, including music, dance and drama, to express themselves, connect with others and extend their learning." (Early Years Learning Framework)

Generally, children will verbalize and want to discuss what they already know as well as what they are learning. A child's desire to talk, question and investigate occupies most of their day in our early childhood settings as they interact with others and their environment.

The use of physical and conceptual tools such as language, symbols and objects help children to engage in ideas and support their learning (Fleer, 2006). Once interest is stimulated, even the shyest child can become a willing, interactive participant in an interaction, regardless of cultural background and language accomplishment.

Interaction and discussion that engages both speaking and listening skills, assists children in satisfying their natural curiosity. A supportive environment and authentic engagement in discussions relevant to the child's interest can assist to develop their thoughts into meaningful sequences, prompt inquiries, generate interactions and develop language naturally.

Sourced from The Metropolitan ECEC Voice