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Edens Crossing May 2021 Newsletter

 Welcome to this month's newsletter, and welcome to our new children and their families.

Can you believe that we are more than half way through May already?

Dates to remember

25th May Dental2U visit

26th May National Sorry Day

27th May – National Reconciliation Week

1st to 30th June – Wear Pink for Go Pink month

6th June – Qld Day

23rd June – Pajama Day

Illness and Exclusion:

With winter almost upon us we would like to remind parents of our illness and exclusion requirements to help keep our centre infection free.

We ask that children are kept away from care if they have –

  • Been given Panadol or neurofen in the morning (both can mask symptoms but do not get rid of an infection that will spread)
  • Fever of 38 or above
  • Consistent cough
  • A continuous runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen glands
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Unusually tired & lethargic
  • Undiagnosed rash
  • Unusual skin colour

Once the above symptoms have been clear for a minimum of 24 hours, bring your child back to play, learn and investigate.

Please note that any contagious condition/illness may require a medical certificate for your child to return to care.

Refer to our Illness policy for more details

Policy login details:


Sign in – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password - KALv2_2021!

Absences: Children are allocated 42 allowable absences each financial year by the Department of Human Services, including public holidays. Once you have reached your 42 days cap, you must provide a medical certificate for each absence for the subsidy to be paid. (public holidays excluded). Used absences to date are indicated on the front page of your weekly statement.

Dressing for the cooler weather

With the cooler days on the way we ask that Parents ensure that their children have a jumper/jacket and shoes to wear. We know sometimes children do not feel the cold like we do and don't want to wear a jumper or shoes and some mornings or afternoons do really feel cold enough for snow to be falling. Going out and playing in the fresh air, even in the coldest weather, can help build our immunity, we just all need to dress appropriately for it. Staff have been asked to ensure children have their jumpers and shoes on in the colder parts of the wintery days.

Children belongings: We do ask that all children's belongings (clothes, hats, drink bottles, sheets, shoes etc) are named/labeled.   We have quite a few children with the same drink bottles or shoes so this will also assist in ensuring that they  can be returned to the correct child if misplaced.

Dental2You visit:

We have the Dental2You people vising us on 25th May. Consent forms are next to the sign in tablet in reception.

Centre photos:

Scotts Shotz were here this week doing the center's photos. From what we could see there are some really photogenic children in our midst. It is not too late to send an order as these will be open for the next couple of weeks, with orders expected back within the next 4 weeks or so. Order forms are next to the sign in tablet in reception.

Quality Improvement monthly focus:

To support Suzie during her cancer treatment we will be wearing Pink in June and participating in Go Pink Month. This aligns with area 6.2.3 of the National Quality Standards – "Community Engagement – the service builds relationships and engages with its community"

Feel welcome to wear pink on any day of the month or even every day if you wish.

A fundraising page has been set up to raise funds for breast cancer research and the link for donating is below. Every little bit helps. 

National Breast Cancer Foundation - Suzie Haywood (nbcf.org.au)

Oral Language Development

"Communication is crucial to belonging, being and becoming. From birth children communicate with others using gestures, sounds, language and assisted communication. Children are social beings who are intrinsically motivated to exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings, and to use a range of tools and media, including music, dance and drama, to express themselves, connect with others and extend their learning." (Early Years Learning Framework)

Generally, children will verbalize and want to discuss what they already know as well as what they are learning. A child's desire to talk, question and investigate occupies most of their day in our early childhood settings as they interact with others and their environment.

The use of physical and conceptual tools such as language, symbols and objects help children to engage in ideas and support their learning (Fleer, 2006). Once interest is stimulated, even the shyest child can become a willing, interactive participant in an interaction, regardless of cultural background and language accomplishment.

Interaction and discussion that engages both speaking and listening skills, assists children in satisfying their natural curiosity. A supportive environment and authentic engagement in discussions relevant to the child's interest can assist to develop their thoughts into meaningful sequences, prompt inquiries, generate interactions and develop language naturally.

Sourced from The Metropolitan ECEC Voice