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Kidz Magic Edens Crossing June 2020 Newsletter

 Return to Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

As you would be aware, due to the impact of COVID-19 the Australian Government introduced the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package to support early learning services and allow them to remain operating whilst ensuring that, at a minimum, 'essential workers' were able to access quality education and care for their children during the pandemic. The package came into effect on Monday 6 April and during this time, families have not been charged any fees to access childcare. In effect families have received 'free childcare' during this time.

As you may have seen in the media, the arrangements under this Relief Package are now scheduled to conclude at midnight 12 July 2020.

We are therefore getting ready for the return of the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

Over the past few months, we have experienced numerous changes in terms of child attendance. We may have changed the timing of care sessions for your child or perhaps your child has not attended our service since the health crisis began to unfold.

To help us move beyond the current arrangements, we are asking all families to get in touch with Suzie Haywood, Centre Manager, by 29th June 2020 to discuss your ongoing attendance or waiting list needs (ie. number of days, hours, etc).

We will then be able to confirm bookings and enrolments and calculate an estimation of the gap fees payable each fortnight – this will include the latest CPI increase to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). In some cases, you may need to confirm this new enrolment through your MyGov account.

From 13 July onwards, our service will reintroduce fees. As per our Payment of Fees Policy, fees are payable in advance of your child's attendance. Weekly Invoices will therefore be sent out from 6th July 2020 with the week in advance calculated.

To ensure a smooth transition back to CCS, please do not hesitate to speak with me personally to discuss any of the above. I appreciate that the employment and income of some families has changed, and I encourage you to ensure that you are receiving all of the subsidies to which you are entitled, taking into considerations options such as the 'relaxed' Activity Test, as well as the Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) for Temporary Financial Hardship.

Prepare for flu season – it is here!

Every year, new strains of influenza ('the flu') virus circulate. Children under 5 years of age are at risk of serious illness and complications from the flu. Everyday prevention actions can help us all to slow the spread of germs that can cause illness. With the current situation with the COVID19 pandemic it is even more important that you ensure that you and your family are prepared.

Ways that we can keep you all safe include:

  1. encouraging staff influenza vaccination
  2. ensuring staff and children with flu-like symptoms to stay at home
  3. teaching children and staff to regularly wash their hands with liquid soap under running water or use an alcohol-based hand rub
  4. teaching children and staff to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, throw the tissue in the bin and then wash their hands
  5. regularly cleaning the facility, in particular commonly touched items and resources.

Remember, getting vaccinated each year is the best protection against the flu. 

All children aged 6 months to less than five years are eligible for free influenza vaccine ensuring young children have the opportunity to be better protected this winter.

For more information about flu symptoms, treatment, prevention, and the flu vaccine, see the Qld health website

Dressing for the cooler weather

With the cooler days well and truly here can we ask that Parents ensure that their children have a jumper/jacket and shoes to wear. We know sometimes children do not feel the cold like we do and don't want to wear a jumper or shoes and some mornings or afternoons do really feel cold enough for snow to be falling 😊 . Going out and playing in the fresh air, even in the coldest weather, can help build our immunity, we just all need to dress appropriately for it. Staff have been asked to ensure children have their jumpers and shoes on in the colder parts of the day.

Oral Language Development

"Communication is crucial to belonging, being and becoming. From birth children communicate with others using gestures, sounds, language and assisted communication. Children are social beings who are intrinsically motivated to exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings, and to use a range of tools and media, including music, dance and drama, to express themselves, connect with others and extend their learning." (Early Years Learning Framework)

Generally, children will verbalise and want to discuss what they already know as well as what they are learning. A child's desire to talk, question and investigate occupies most of their day in our early childhood settings as they interact with others and their environment.

The use of physical and conceptual tools such as language, symbols and objects help children to engage in ideas and support their learning (Fleer, 2006). Once interest is stimulated, even the shyest child can become a willing, interactive participant in an interaction, regardless of cultural background and language accomplishment.

Interaction and discussion that engages both speaking and listening skills, assists children in satisfying their natural curiosity. A supportive environment and authentic engagement in discussions relevant to the child's interest can assist to develop their thoughts into meaningful sequences, prompt inquiries, generate interactions and develop language naturally.

Sourced from The Metropolitan ECEC Voice

Current staffing:

Suzie Haywood – Centre Manager/Nominated Supervisor

Stacey Bishop – Lead Educator, 0-2 yrs

Leena Kaur - Educator 0-2 yrs and float

Chandell Clark – Lead Educator 15 mths – 2 yrs

Swati Patel – Educator 15 mths – 2 yrs and float

Amy Savage - Lead Educator 2-3 yrs

Kahu Tiananga - Educator 2-3 yrs

Harman Kaur -Educator 2-3 yrs

Tracey Taylor – Early Childhood Teacher 3-5's

Kc Rawlins - Educator 3-5 yrs

Pinky Kaur – Cook and Relief Educator 


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