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Kidz Magic Edens Crossing June 2022

Hello and welcome to our wonderful fun filled month of learning at Edens Crossing Kidz Magic.

New Families and Staff:

Throughout the month of June we have welcomed 11 new families and we wish them all an amazing journey with our beautiful Kidz Magic Family. As we are increasing our family you would also notice we have got some new friendly faces around as we have new staff joining our team. All of our staff are vibrant and cheerful with the understanding that relationships with children, families and each other are what help our centre grow; so don't be afraid to say hello. We are working on updating our beautiful staff wall in the foyer, so parents and children are able to put a face to our staff name's.

Health in our Community:

As we all know COVID is something that is around our community and effects everyone involved. This is a very stressful time and if anyone in your household has tested positive please inform the centre as we can waive your child's fees during your isolation period when an isolation letter from the government is provided.

Eligible Subsidy Hours / Percentage:

Yes, it is that time of year again. As we are getting close to tax time you may see changes in your eligible subsidy hours and/or percentage. We ask that all families please keep an eye out for any changes in regards to your account via your statements that are sent out every Tuesday.

Your sessional care should be the same number of hours Centrelink is covering. If theses numbers are different then your child is exhausting their eligible subsidy hours and this will incur extra fees.

If there are any changes to either your subsidy percentage or eligible hours, please notify the centre as there will be changes to your accounts overall weekly fee.

New Resources:

Our centre has had the wonderful opportunity to purchase new resources for both our indoor and outdoor environment. The children are having a blast helping the educators unravel the packages and unveil all of our wonderful new resources. So keep an eye out for more exciting new resources to come.

Connecting with our Community:

June 8 was World Oceans Day, our Toddlers, Junior, and Senior Kindergarten classes, had some great fun learning about the amazing ocean life in our waters.
We had great time using our creative skills to create representations of jelly fish, Octopus, and fish, and were excited to display the children's artwork for all to see. The children loved getting their hands wet and sandy with some fun learning, sensory experiences, while they used their imaginations to create Sealife dramatic play. We also discussed how we can look after our oceans, by making sure we don't litter or throw things down our drains. World Oceans Day was a great community event to develop the children's understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

At Kidz Magic we all enjoy celebrating the wonderful diverse culture in our community. We all had a great time learning about the Philippines and their beautiful country. Miss Majanna proudly shared some stories about the Philippines culture and taught the children some simple greetings in the language of Tagalog. The children had a great time learning about the Philippines flag and what the colours represent.

The Preschool class has been having lots of fun creating a Pet Veterinary clinic in our room. The children have loved dressing up in their hospital scrubs and shown wonderful kindness and care to ensure all our soft toy animals are in great health. This has been a fun project in our class, to develop the children's understanding of the care and needs that each pet requires. They have loved looking after our pets, and sharing stories about their pets at home, or in their families and neighbourhoods. We continued the learning by using ICT and Literacy to investigate the different types and breeds of dogs, and how they can have different purposes. The children were amazed at the short guide dog film we engaged in at group time, and were so intrigued at how clever the dogs were to provide help for those who require it.