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Kidz Magic Edens Crossing November 2021 Newsletter

 Welcome to November's newsletter. Christmas will be upon us in just over five weeks and this year is too quickly drawing to a close.

Some of our families are moving on and relocating to new areas and we wish them all the best.

If any of our families are looking for additional days, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assist you as vacancies are filling for next year. Please keep in mind that we require 2 weeks written notice if your child is finishing up or you are changing your booked days.

Fee Payments –If your direct debit fails at any time, you will be expected to pay the missed payment via Bpay prior to your child's next day of attendance. In situations of difficulty paying your fees you may be able to enter into a Payment Plan Agreement, pending approval on a case-by-case basis by the service. If you are planning to take holiday's, you may be eligible for a holiday discount rate, and you will still be expected to keep your account in advance. This will ensure your continuity of enrolment.

Hats, drink bottles and sunscreen – Please remember to bring your child's hat and drink bottle in each day and apply sunscreen to your child's skin before or on arrival at the centre. This will ensure that your child is ready to play and explore when they arrive for the day.

Lost Property - We understand your frustration if your child's belongings go missing, this is the same frustration that we feel when items are not labeled and we cannot find a home for them. We have an area set up in the foyer for clothing and other items that have been left behind. Please have a look there if something of your child's goes missing. These items will be cleared each month and the contents given to charity.

Updating Details - It is extremely important that we are made aware of any changes to details that we currently have on file e.g. change of address, phone numbers, authorised pick-ups, current work details etc. If there is an emergency, we need to be able to contact families as quickly as possible. It would be appreciated if parents could possibly phone through if their child is being collected by persons other than themselves and if they could please remind the person to have their license or photo ID with them. It is our policy that we will only release children to authorised persons and all persons dropping children off and collecting children must be 18 years of age. This is a legal requirement, so please ensure that any adult dropping off/collecting your child is authorised and that we have their current contact details on file.

Immunisation - If you have updated Immunisation details for your child, please remember to provide us with a copy of their current Immunisation status letter from Medicare.

Medical Information – Please remember to inform us of any changes to medical or dietary information so we can keep the children's records up to date? Please note that asthma and medical management plans must be updated at least every 12 months.

Absent for the day or arriving after 10.00am – If your child will be away for the day or will be coming in to the centre after 10.00am can you please phone and let us know. This would be greatly appreciated to assist with meal preparations and staffing allocations.

Breakfast and late snacks –You are welcome to bring in a healthy breakfast or late snack for your child to have here. Please remember to not bring in sugary cereals, biscuits, chips, lollies, etc. We advocate for healthy, nutritious meals and snacks for the children as this assists them with sustaining energy throughout the day, which helps them to be able to better participate in and enjoy the day's program.

Dates to remember

24th November – African Drumming workshop -4-5 yr olds

3rd December – Preschool Graduation

8th December – Favourite movie dress up day

9th December – Dino Encounters show 4-5 yr olds

13th - 24th December - Christmas activities

15th December – Christmas Wonderland show 3-5 yr olds

16th December – Children's combined morning tea