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September News - Kidz Magic Edens Crossing

Let's welcome our beautiful Spring. Due to the changing weather, we ask that all parents allow for a mixture of clothing such as clothes for warmer and cooler weather. We also ask that all our parents ensure their child has sunscreen upon entering the centre. We do have sunscreen stations throughout the centre to assist in ensuring your child is sun safe.  


As you are all aware our older age groups are almost at full capacity. We are only accepting children on Monday's and Friday for 3yrs – 5yrs. The remaining age groups have vacancies so please contact the centre if you wish to make adjustments to your child's enrolment.

Account Information:

Please ensure your accounts are 1 week in advance as per our centre's policy. If a Direct Debit payment is unsuccessful, you will be required to make a payment via Bpay and send the receipt through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Parents we ask that all children have a water bottle, hat, shoes and blankets everyday. Please ensure your children's belongings are labelled to reduce the risk of items getting lost or confused for another child's. Blankets are to be taken home and washed at the end of the week. 

Wow! September has been a busy month here at Kidz Magic, Edens crossing, we have been lucky enough to have Henny Penny hatching program within our centre. Every child, and their families were able to engage and interact with baby chicks and observe the egg hatching procedure, we were all very excited that 22 chicks were hatched over the two-week period. This provided opportunity for some amazing play and learning experiences for all age groups and were based on the children's love and interest in our little friends.

The children in toddlers and junior Kindy learnt all about caring for living things, and the importance of kind and gentle hands. They focused play on creative arts, and exploration of creating chicks and eggs to extend their learning. This developed their language skills and increased their vocabulary, learning lots of new chicken words. m

They also have been having intentional learning experience to continue to positively develop their social and emotional skills, this was through games with simple rules, and turn taking activities.

Senior Kindy and Preschool have loved having the eggs and chicks in our rooms, we took the care of our new friends very seriously, by taking time to learn the correct safe handling procedure, and the chicks needs, such as food, water, heat and shelter. This has been a wonderful experience developing the children's knowledge of living things and the wonders of the world around them. To extend learning we explored and investigated chicken habitats, their life cycles, literacy engagement, songs and rhymes, and an ICT investigation of life on a chicken farm. Observing the eggs, provided the children with great opportunity to develop their numeracy skills, such as comparisons, and introduction to data collection, this was based on how many chicks were born each day.

When it was time for our chicks to leave our care, some went home to the farm to grow up to be nesting hens, and rosters, and some went to several of our Kidz magic families to live wonderful chicken lives.

The Nursery room has been full of smiles and laughter, while engaging in their interest in animals. The children have been very excited learning about snakes, tigers, and lots of other animals, this included the sounds and visual pictures to encourage learning. The children engaged in creative arts, making masks, listening to stories and singing lots of songs to extend their play experience.

Our preschool class has been very interested in investigating and exploring 'sea life', this month, to continue the learning, we had a fun 'under the sea, sea life' incursion. The children were able to connect to a variety of sea creatures through touch, sound, and sight. During this amazing experience the children learnt new sea facts and developed their understanding of the importance of keeping the ocean clean and safe for all. By having the children be able to interact with sea life in a safe and positive way, increases their interest and awareness of living creatures, and develops their knowledge and understanding of this topic.