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April 2017 - Piptree Eight Mile Plains

Welcome :)

​ Welcome to all our families and thank you for your support during the recent state emergency, please find our Facebook page- Piptree Eight Mile Plains and welcome to our management company website. These two sites will provide communication when the centre can't!! 

Share the Dignity Program

Share the dignity program our Mother's Day collection has just begun! We love the support our families have provided for all our collections, we try to encourage the children to think about others rather than themselves. This in turn will support the future for our children, they will be supported to make the right choices, be humble and motivated to help others. Please bring in as much as you can, items that are required for healthy women's lifestyles so these can be donated.  

Sprouts 3 with Julia and Sera and Karman

Welcome to our new friend who has moved up from Nursery, Alex. He is settling well and enjoys our activities. Every day we do singing, and many other sensory activities that stimulate children's senses and enhance their social and emotional well being. At group time, our children sit on the mat and sing a hello song together. The Hello song is a great song to start the day. We try singing the song in a circle, so that everyone can see and greet each other. The children have been showing an amount of interest in chickens. We have learnt about a chicken's life cycle and we also have observed how an egg and baby chick looks. Over the next few months, some of the skills we will be focusing on include self-help skills such as toileting and other personal hygiene skills, communication such as simple words and phrases to assist children in relating to their peers and others. We wish all our families who are having holidays around the Easter period to be safe.

Important Dates

The Centre will be closed on the following days

​14 April 2017 ​Good Friday
​17 April 2017 ​Easter Monday
​25 April 2017​Anzac Day
1 May 2017Labour Day 

 Have safe holidays!!

Pips with Belinda and Manpreet

Thank you to all our new families who have joined along with our existing families. We have had a few new children come into our family, Kiyaan, Charlie, Claudia, Yousef and Harry. They are already settled very well and enjoying their days here at Piptree.

Children have really enjoyed the sensory experiences of painting, using their hands, feet and marbles in their play. The chickens brought in a new experience as well. Some children were a little unsure at first then came around and gave them a touch or even a cuddle.

Our room program is displayed on the wall as you enter our room, please take a look and let us know what you think, these activities are creative, stimulating and age appropriate and can be incorporated into home too!! We have the laptop running in the afternoons providing you with an overview of the many moments we were able to capture over the day!!

Thanks again Belinda and Manpreet

Holidays Coming Up

​14 April 2017 ​Good Friday
​17 April 2017 ​Easter Monday
​25 April 2017​Anzac Day
1 May 2017Labour Day 

Sprouts One (Faiqa and Carol and Karman) and Two with Bhupinder and Chamini

The month of February was full of fun for our Sprout children. On 8th February, we celebrated "Crazy Hair Day". We made crazy hair patterns on each and every child and took photos. All our children had great fun. The next event was 22nd February, we held Grandparents Afternoon Tea. On this day our Centre had organised the Ocean Life show where children had the opportunity to watch turtles, baby sharks and starfish.Children had the opportunity to touch and feel the turtles and starfish. The Grandparents were offered afternoon tea and snacks.These days, our children are learning about literacy, numeracy and recognition of different colours and shapes. We have been putting posters on the wall and during group time we teach about different colours and shapes. We also made alphabet letters using paddle pop sticks. The toddlers have been showing interest in different shapes and have been enjoying colouring and putting a collage together. We are encouraging self-help skills in our children. We are encouraging toilet training and other self-help skills such as drinking milk through sipper cups, packing their sheets by themselves and putting on their shoes by themselves. We have also been focusing on our hand washing at nappy change time and before and after meals. We are encouraging children to become more independent during the day. We are making a lot of progress with this as most of the children are able to pump the soap themselves or they wait for us to help them. We started with water bottles as a small task for the children to accomplish. When the children come inside for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, we ask the children to please get their water bottle from the tray and take them to the table. This is something we believe is important to teach the children and we will continue to promote these skills.

We are focusing on the overall development of the children by addressing cognitive skills, motor skills and sensory skills. Our children are doing a lot of art work and collage work. For fine motor skills we are providing activities including connecting construction blocks, threading and holding a pen and pencil, cutting with scissor etc. For the well-being of our children, we encourage our children to eat healthy food and wear sunscreen and a hat before going outside.

Buds One with Amanda and Ivy

We had a very busy January and February. We celebrated Chinese New Year, Australia Day, Valentine's Day and Grandparents day by doing many interesting activities.

At the moment, we are creating a multicultural wall. If you go to Buds One room, you will find a world map on the wall. On the map, there are many small colourful flags stuck upon the county where your family is originally from. Besides the word map, there are some notes, with a couple of interesting information about the country. That information on the notes will be used for the weekly programs, group time and art activities throughout the year. In our room, we have a variety of children from different culture background, such as Australia, mainland of China, Hong Kong, India, Zimbabwe, etc. Every country has its own unique culture and interesting things we can learn from. For example, China, we can talk about panda, noodle, the Silk Road, silk warm, the Great Wall ,Han Fu (traditional clothes) etc. We are learning Australia culture at the moment, at group time, we talk about Australian animals, we did a group handprint Australia flag, a collage of the Opera House , a cooking experience of making lamington, and so on. In the future, we will learn about India, Zimbabwe and other countries as well.

You are also welcomed to share with us some interesting information about your culture. In another words, what would you expect your child to know about your culture.

P.S. If you have any unwanted toys or odds and ends, you can give them to us. These resources can be used for the children's imaginative play. Thanks heaps!

Buds Two with Anila and Denise and Shikha

Hello and Welcome to Buds Two :)

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Shikha and I am the educator filling in for Miss Anila while she is on 6 weeks leave, when Anila returns, Densie will go on holidays and i will replace her then too!!

Now we would like to welcome our new children to the room...Derrick, Vera, Samuel, Ned, Aavik, Joseph Izaiah, Charles, Luke and Oscar. We have been very busy getting to know each other and familiarising ourselves with the routine. But now children are settled very beautifully .They are building strong trusting relationship with peers and carers. We try to spend most of the time doing interacting play, observing and communicational and social skills.

I believe "let's get to know each other" by doing so many fun things. As the children are gaining in confidence, we discovered we have a very talented group, keen to play music and some very good dancers! So this month we have used musical instruments to further expand on their interest. And we did some shapes and colour activities in different ways.

We welcome parent input in many please feel free to communicate with us about your child.

Blossoms One with Rina and Joyce

Here we are again to mention some details of the month that have just passed. Firstly I would like to say a big welcome to Anna, Ivanto, Karen, Chase and Pranav who have recently joined Kindy 1 and I am pleased to say they are all getting accustomed to the different environment and routine.

These past weeks we have been focusing on building relationship with each other and learning to include new people in our circle of friends. To achieve this we have been doing lots of Group activities for example-Group games, Group construction, and working in groups.

We are also concentrating on learning our names and enhancing our fine motor skills. Children have been showing a lot of interest in listening to stories and learning new songs. Some of the stories they have been asking to read every day are "We are going on a bear hunt, The very hungry caterpillar And Tiddalik the frog"

Just a friendly reminder, please name all your child's belongings. Thank you for your help and cooperation. 

Blossoms Two with Rashmi and Khyati

They say that good time quickly passes by, which is true, the time which we spend with our children feel like runs in a blink of an eye. And at the end of the day we go home with our heart filled of happy moments.

Children is a treasured period of everyone's life, we all as educators and parents should invest quality time and love in it so that when they would turn into an adult, they would cherish these valuable memories which they had created with us.

I request all the parents to communicate and join me in this beautiful phase of your child's life, when we can sing together, share stories of our culture and document these valuable moments which are not going to stay forever.

As our children are still new to this environment we focus on their well being, we make sure that they feel safe secure and happy in the centre when they are with us.

                 Poppies with Aman, Jas, Eve and Dolly

Hello to all parents and carers,

The "Poppies" Kindergarten room children are learning to settle into the new routines. They are such a lovely group of children and parents might I add. For many of you, this year will mark a significant milestone in yours and your children's lives as it is the time for the children to get prepared for school. Therefore, we are working together to base our program for the year on the Kindergarten Guidelines. This program is a good balance of play-based, child- initiated activities, self-help skills, and family input and teacher supported learning.

During the course of the year, we will not only be practicing our letters and numbers, but also be developing an appreciation for art, music, science and history using various themed units based on children's interests. We encourage you to practice some of these skills with your child at home and help them develop their learning during these early years.

Please feel free to talk to us regarding any questions or concerns. We would be glad to hear you out. Your input in the form of ideas or suggestions is equally important and welcomed.

Once again we are really happy to have you all board and look forward to a wonderful year together.



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