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Family News june 2018

We are trialling a new frequent and easier newsletter service which is more respondent to each week, and provides important information in real time. Each week two class rooms will feature in a news, and we will highlight up and coming service events.

Service Events-

Mabo Day 3rd June

Pj Day 12th June- come wearing your warm PJ's

Centre Birthday Celebrations on 29th June-

Physikds 9am-10am

Yoga 10-11am

Jumping Castle

Activities and Giveaways

Lions coming in at 3.30pm-5 to cook BBQ

Please support the Lions Club, bring change to purchase from the BBQ

All monies raised will be going to the Lions Club to help promote youth, medical research, aid to people with disability, community service & disaster relief.

Please visit us on Facebook to see daily pictures and updates throughout our service!

Hair Cuts

Hair Cuts have returned to the service, from this Wednesday. $10 each, please either book in person, or in the foyer or on email!

Community English classes

We are hosting conversational english classes on Monday and Friday. Classes on Friday 8th with Amanda (Mandarin to English coversion), Monday is with Rashmi (Hindi to English conversion, writing also for children if wanted?) Both Classes commence at 9am to 10am. We are hoping our families will share this within the commmunity, grand parents and friends are welcome to attend also!

Service Reminders-

Please ensure your childs nails are kept short and curved, this will minimise scratches between children. Keep your childs bag free of medicines, chemicals, coins, ect, the bags that are brought into the service are to keep spare change of clothes, a hat, sheets, nappies or wipes if needed. Children have access to these bags and we have often found in recent weeks ipads, santiary items, money, medicines, kitchen utensils. This is not okay and we ask for your assistance to keep the bags safe and clear!

Sprouts 3 Families,

My name is Karman, I am the Lead Educator with Miss Sera caring for your children. Many of you already know me as I have been a familiar face around pip tree for 4 ½ years. I have been having a lovely time getting to know your children as their educator and we have been doing some exciting things: Teddy Bears picnic, Learning body parts, Making fresh bread, learning about various sea animals, Learning the Name of various musical instruments.

We have been busy doing many activities enhancing children's recognition of colour and numbers, sensory experience.This month our focus is still on sensory experience and let the children to participate and use the natural resources to explore new things.

Our Sprouts three toddlers are showing their sustainability skills by using leaves for group collage. Children learn from growing things like adults can enjoy gardening, but children in particular will have lots of fun and gain special benefits through the safe and pleasant environment. 

Recently our Pips have been enthusiastic about exploring the newly wall-mounted activities in the room.They especially enjoy playing with the caterpillar on a daily basis.Amanda, Melanie and Olivia like to move the coloured beads along the bent wires; Thomas and Hakim enjoy moving balls with the magnet to load and balance balls on the scales; while Oliver standing on his walker, concentrates to rotate the wheels with balls and experience with the magic of magnets.This learning experience promotes social and sensory skills for Pips' development and milestones, whilst providing fun ways to develop their STEM foundation - fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, visual and tactile perception, cause and effect etc.

Autumn is coming to an end, Pips have been very busy learning and exploring nature.'Look, it's a purple flower'.Oliver and Thomas like the carnation flower and its colours.They can't resist running their fingers through the flower, exploring the texture.Each taking turn to touch, squeeze and smell the flower.The sense of smell is just overwhelming for Thomas and soon he puts it in his mouth to taste it.While babies may not have the words to describe their experiences, the looks on their faces are just priceless.

Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage Pips to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.Sensory play helps them develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively.We will extend babies' interest in this area by planning more natural activities in a meaningful and creative way.

As our friends make a transition to the Sprouts room, we welcome Parker, Olivia and Nadasham who are adjusting quite comfortable with us.Thank you for allowing us to play and learn with your child.If you have any questions or concerns about our Pips routine or play, please feel free to contact Dolly or Sandra any time.



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